10 DIY Moonshine Still Plans Plus 6 Great Recipes To Try

10 DIY Moonshine Still Plans (and 6 Moonshine Recipes to Try)

Do you find the art of moonshining interesting? Have you ever wondered how moonshiners make their stills and delicious products?

Well, I’m going to bring you some of the internet’s options for moonshine still plans, ideas, and also a few moonshine recipes.

However, it’s important to remember, you must have a license to make moonshine. If you don’t, you could have serious legal troubles. If incorrectly prepared, it could be poisonous, so please see this article for informational purposes only.

With this in mind, here’s the information you’ve been looking for when admiring the art of moonshining:

1. How Moonshine Works


This is an informative article that gives you all the ins and outs of how to make moonshine and how the process works.

Though the graphic isn’t as detailed as some plans, it’ll give you a general idea of how a still can be put together to create the product.

2. Historical Moonshine Stills


Are you into the history of moonshining? You’ll find this article interesting. It shows you historical moonshine stills for different types of liquors.

It’s fascinating to see what the old-timers used to make their product. You can also see how the stills varied based upon whether you were making whiskey or vodka, rum, or gin. There’s a great deal of know-how which had to go into the process for producing each.

3. Popcorn Sutton’s Moonshine Still


If you’ve watched the show ‘Moonshiners’, you’ve probably heard the name, Popcorn Sutton. He was a backwoods celebrity known for the fantastic moonshine he created for many years.

Though this still doesn’t come with plans, you can have an up-close look at how he designed this still. The still pictured has since been sold for approximately $15,000.

4. The Reflux Still


If you’re looking for detailed still plans, this could be it. This still is known as a Boka Reflux still. According to public opinion, it’s a great still for beginners because it’s easy to build at home.

This tutorial gives a detailed materials list and instructions to walk you through each step of the process. If you’ve filed the proper paperwork and have the government’s permission to distill liquor, this could be your starting point.

5. The Pressure Cooker Rum Distillery


Do you enjoy rum? If the answer is yes, you’ll love the idea for this homemade still. It uses a pressure cooker.

Though the details are more on how to make rum, you can still get a good idea of how they make the still by all of the pictures posted in the process. It looks like a neat DIY option for making homemade beverages.

6. Thumper and Slobber Boxes


I love the television show ‘Moonshiners.’ If you’ve ever watched it, you’ve probably heard them talk about the thumper.

Well, this diagram shows you where a thumper or slobber box would go on your still. If you’re new to the idea of distilling spirits, these diagrams can be helpful.

7. Easy DIY Still


When learning to be self-reliant, making your own liquor could be something which would slip the list. Well, not in this case.

The person who created this DIY still design did it with the intentions of being more self-sustained. The plans have been clearly laid out with a materials list, and the still should be easy to build with only a few basic requirements.

8. Copper Pot Distiller


Not everyone who sees a still wants to build their own. If you fit in this category, here’s a copper pot still available for purchase through eBay.com.

This is a gorgeous still which would catch the eye of anyone visiting your distilling location. If you’d like a classier option, this could be what you’ve been searching for.

9. Tabletop Moonshine Still


This is another option where you can purchase a tabletop moonshine still. When some choose to distill alcohol, they don’t have a ton of working space.

In this case, you may choose to go with a moonshine still which will fit on a table. It’s easy to use and a good place for a beginner to start.

10. Pan Still


If you’re considering learning how to make your own beverages, you might be intimidated by some elaborate still plans.

Well, this plan is one which is beginner-friendly. The design is simple. There’s a pan at the top, a collector in the middle, and a bottom section for the mash. It’s an easy set-up that appears to be user-friendly.

Something Different: The Solar Still


Some people own a still for making their own distilled water. If this is why you’d like to have a still, this is a great option for you.

But if you’d like to focus on making your still more self-sufficient, a solar option could be a nice option. This walks you through everything you need to know to create the perfect solar still.

Bonus Section: Moonshine Recipes

1. Watermelon Moonshine


I promised delicious recipes to accompany the moonshine still plans. This is one of those recipes. If you’re someone who prefers a fruitier flavor in their moonshine, this could be for you.

Instead of fermenting corn, you make a mash from watermelon. From there, it’s distilled and makes a delicious and beautiful drink. There’s a video to walk you through the process as well.

2. Dandelion Moonshine


I bet you didn’t know the pesky weeds in your front yard could be turned into a delicious adult beverage, but they can.

In fact, this recipe will walk you through the process of making dandelion wine using a still. They show you how to age and even how to add a little honey to the mix for a sweeter flavor. If you like to use what you have to make anything you want or need, you’ll love this recipe.

3. Peach Moonshine

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As much as people love traditional corn whiskey, many people like to have some flavor variation in their whiskey.

This is where fruit-flavored moonshines begin to move in. If you have peaches, you can have a delicious flavored beverage to enjoy on hot summer nights.

4. Honey Moonshine


You’ll find when most people make moonshine; they like to stick with traditional recipes or recipes which involve quality products from the land.

Well, you don’t get much more ‘homegrown’ than sweet honey. If you’d like to indulge in a beverage which is all about honey, this could be the recipe for you.

5. Apple Pie Moonshine


When I first began watching the show ‘Moonshiners,’ I wasn’t convinced there was much there for me. I’m not someone who drinks much alcohol, but I thought I’d enjoy the history.

Well, I began hearing them talk about things like apple pie moonshine, and it caught my attention. Doesn’t it sound delicious? If you agree with my taste buds, here’s the recipe.

6. Corn Whiskey Recipe


Let’s say you enjoy the traditional flavor of moonshine, and you have all the credentials to homebrew your own spirits.

Well, this is the recipe for you. It’s for a traditional style corn whiskey. Try it and see what your opinion is of it. You may not purchase moonshine again.

Well, you now have a number of different options for stills plus a few interesting recipes! If nothing else, maybe you’ll gain some insight into how much work the generations before us put into making something which is now a common commodity.

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