100 DIY Backyard Outdoor Bar Ideas to Inspire Your Next Project

Looking for a way to really impress your guests? That extra special something that will make a summer night BBQ a night to remember? Need that little backyard paradise where you can escape and forget your worries? Well, maybe it's time to join the latest trend… outdoor bars!

Who says you have to leave the comfort of your home to have a drink with friends or to enjoy a fresh beer while watching the football game? Not us! We believe you don't even have to change out of your pajamas if you don't want to.

Bring the pub to your house and build it right in your backyard. To get you inspired we've come up with a list of 100 unique outdoor backyard bar ideas that you're going to love.

Unique Outdoor Bar Ideas

1. Potting Bench

An inexpensive idea on how you can turn something as simple as a potting bench into a functional outdoor bar.

2. Murphy Bar

Fold your bar away when you're done serving up cocktails with this clever Murphy bar design.

3. L-Shaped Pallets

More of a traditional-looking bar in an L-shape but made out of recycled pallets! Fabulous!

4. Vintage Door

This outdoor bar has been made using an old vintage door with some added shelves and chalkboard.

5. Open for Business

Really digging this design with windows that open up so it's functional when there's rain or shine!

6. Tiki Fun

A fun tiki bar design to fulfill your vacation fantasies in your very own backyard!

7. Little Red Wagon

This bar cart really hits the nostalgia button! First a toy for kids and then a toy for adults!

8. With Mini Fridge

An outside bar complete with its own mini-fridge? Talk about awesome!

9. Gazebo Bar

A circular gazebo bar is a perfect addition to hosting memorable outdoor parties.

10. Built-In Bar

No need to even leave the bar with this cool design! The ice-boxes are built right into the patio table!

11. Swim Up

Do you have a pool? Put your bar right on the edge so you never have to leave!

12. Side Table

A bar built right into your side table, complete with wine bucket and wine glass holders.

13. Pallet Wine Rack

Maybe all you need for your outdoor bar is a wine rack! That's great too!

14. Upcycled Hutch

Upcycle an old hutch into a totally stylish and very functional outdoor bar with mini-fridge and bar menu!

15. Microwave Cart

Upcycle an old microwave cart into a fun and vibrant outdoor bar with a fresh coat of paint.

16. Rustic

A rustic bar you can put together for hosting events in your backyard that will definitely be remembered.

17. Grain Bin

A refurbished grain bin becomes a bar! A great addition to your farmhouse patio.

18. Sewing Cabinet

Another way you can take an old piece of furniture and turn it into a serving station is with a sewing cabinet!

19. Cinderblocks and Pallets

Materials that you have laying around the property can be used to make a wonderful bar area.

20. Vintage Chair

Turn an old vintage chair into a functional and unique ice bucket stand so your drinks always stay cold!

21. Fancy

Go big or go home! Or I guess in this example… go big AT home! This outdoor bar is absolutely luxurious.

22. Garden Shed

Make use of your garden shed again by transforming it into a functional bar equipped with TV and everything!

23. Quick and Easy

All you really need for an outdoor bar is a place to mix the cocktails and a couple of bar stools.

24. Pallet Wood and Sheet Metal

Made from scrap pallet wood and sheet metal as the sides this DIY bar is stylish and supportive!

25. Industrial

This outdoor bar has an industrial feel to it from using dark metal pipes and beautiful stained wood.

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