100 DIY Landscaping Ideas to Spruce Up Your Yard and Add Curb Appeal

Do you have big plans for your front or back yard? Want to create the outdoor space you always dreamed about? Well, you don't need to hire a fancy landscaper or a designer, and you don't always have to buy all your items. With some effort, some time, and a positive attitude, you yourself can be your garden's landscaper, designer, and crafter!

Maybe you're looking for ways to spruce things up around the yard with good lighting, comfortable seating, or shady places to rest. Or maybe you want to take things a bit further and get out the old shovel to create new pathways or a beautiful new pond! Or perhaps you want to get out some hammer and nails and build yourself a whole new pagoda amongst the trees! Whatever your goal is, there is an instructional DIY project perfect for you!

This list has a variety of 100 unique, functional, and entirely DIY-able projects that will help spruce up your land and add curb appeal to your house. Let's take a look!

DIY Landscaping Ideas

1. Grapevine Lighting

A statement that will bring a beautiful ambiance to your yard. This DIY project is a very bright idea indeed.

2. Indoors Outdoors

Enjoy the outside by bringing your inside activities with you! This is a crazy awesome DIY project for an outdoor theatre.

3. Spilt Flower Pot

How creative is this “spilled flower pot” design? I love the beautiful little purple flowers too!

4. Reclaimed Wood Path

Create a shabby-chic pathway using nothing but old reclaimed wood planks and a bit of imagination.

5. Brick Pathway

Cover up that ugly dirt walkway up with something classic, artistic, and functional; a brick pathway!

6. Hose Holder

Keep your lawn looking tidy by DIYing a home for your garden hose! Cheap, simple, and looks great!

7. Hide Your AC

Have a chunky air-conditioning unit? Hide it using pallet wood or whatever you have laying around.

8. Lace Stepping Stones

An elegant way to saunter through your garden. Plus, it's a cheap DIY project that you can enjoy doing!

9. Pallet Flower Box

This DIY flower box will eventually look like a massive ball of flowers with four wooden legs… Stunning!

10. $60 Fire Pit

For only $60 you can create a warm place where you will undoubtedly share (and create) many memories.

11. Water Garden

Enjoy this soothing, relaxing, and zen water garden as you stroll around your radiant property.

12. Pallet Patio

Not sure what to do with your land? Don't want to spend a lot of money? Here's an idea just for you!

13. Tree Bench

You can build a comfortable tree bench out of pallet wood or any scrap wood you have laying around. It's the perfect place to read your book!

14. Stick Raised Bed

Raised beds don't just look great; they are also a lot easier on your back. This DIY twig bed is gorgeous!

15. Sweet Pea Arch

A natural living arch might be just what you need to add a bit of whimsical magic to your yard.

16. Stenciled Walkway

I bet you never thought about this crafty idea! A bright and artistic way to add some fun to your home!

17. Garden Swing

When you've finished all your DIY landscaping projects, you're going to need to DIY yourself a place to sit and enjoy it.

18. Chess

This DIY chess table is EXACTLY what you need to add to your landscaping design right now! So cool!

19. Tree Wrapping Deck

Don't worry about removing those beautiful trees in your yard, work around them!

20. Container Evergreens

Plant evergreens in containers to enjoy the beautiful trees on your cemented patio.

21. Pergola

After you finish building your pergola, I suggest growing some climbing vines on it to add a bit of shade.

22. Stone Path

A delicate stone path which larger cement stepping stones. For a clean and tidy look to your yard.

23. Circular Firepit Area

Just imagine it! You and your favorite people hanging around the fire on a warm summers night.

24. Curved Bench

A charming hang-out area complete with a DIY curved bench, fireplace, and bright, beautiful flowers.

25. Stone Fountain

Now here's a conversation starter! Impress your guests with this DIY rock fountain built right into your patio!

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