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100 Functional DIY Nightstand Builds to Instantly Impress your Guests

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    Looking for a fun DIY project? Wanting to change up the look of your bedroom a little? Did you move and are lacking furniture? Or are you looking for a wow factor in your guest bedroom? If the answer is yes to any of the above, then you're in the right place!

    Making your own furniture can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding. However, designing your furniture can be challenging. Luckily, the internet has provided us with a lot of information and building plans so we can get right to the construction!

    Below is a list of 100 tutorials and building plans for creating your very own nightstand! Or, even better, building one for your guest room, a friend, family member, or someone in need. Now all you have to do is choose one! Good luck!

    1. Mid-century

    An easy-to-make nightstand with that stunning ‘turn of the century look' that's so popular!

    2. Concrete Walnut

    A little bit more of an advanced project, but the instructions walk you through step-by-step, and you get to play with Lego!

    3. Simple and Square

    A simple and rustic nightstand that is perfect for newbie DIYers and can be built for under $25!

    4. Wire Basket

    This nightstand is way too easy to make, looks great, and is budget-friendly! Perfect!

    5. Exotic Red

    Ikea doesn't always have what you're looking for, so that's why it's still best to make it yourself!

    6. Small X

    This classy “small x” nightstand works wonderfully as an end table as well!

    7. Barstool

    Now here's an easy transformation; from bar stool to nightstand in no time!

    8. Bun Feet

    A rustic and chic nightstand with little round bun feet for an extra special touch.

    9. Bent Plywood

    A little bit advanced, and requires some specific tools, but the result is definitely worth it if you put the effort in!

    10. Sliding Barn Door

    Such a great idea! A perfect way to have one messy part of your nightstand that you can hide.

    11. Vintage Suitcases

    This one doesn't even need plans; it's as simple as stacking your favorite vintage suitcases and voila!

    12. Floating

    So useful, so trendy, and just so easy! The cell phone holder is an extra special touch.

    13. Simply Nice

    Looking for something that's easy and budget-friendly but still beautiful? Here you go!

    14. Scrap Wood Slices

    Spice up an old and boring nightstand with some pieces of scrap wood!

    15. Criss Cross

    This nightstand is super trendy, and the white criss-cross legs combine charmingly with the stained wood.

    16. Hanging Sliced Wood

    Super cute! Make use of that verticle space by hanging your nightstand.

    17. Retro

    Retro but still in style! A radical pattern on fabric for the drawer and some funky legs!

    18. Floating Rustic

    A floating nightstand build with small x's that detail the sides to give a rustic feel.

    19. Cheese Box

    Yes! I love how clever this is! An old cheese box revamped into a stunning nightstand.

    20. Industrial Rustic

    I'm in love! This combination of a natural wood slice with an industrial pipe is excellent!

    21. Soft and Pretty

    This nightstand is fresh, pretty, and functional. A small drawer for hiding cables and electronics, and covered shelves.

    22. Suitcase

    Get that excellent vintage look by refurbishing an old suitcase! It also functions as extra storage!

    23. Pallet

    A lovely nightstand made out of scrap pallet wood and detailed with a small heart handle.

    24. Pottery Barn Inspired

    Can you believe this is a DIY project? Well, you better believe it! So start building!

    25. Robot Lego

    This project uses Lego to form a concrete mold and results by making this impressive robot nightstand.

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