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100 Hand-Picked Tutorials to Build a Beautiful DIY Bench

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    Looking for a weekend project to keep you busy? Needing a little place to sit as you put on your shoes to go out the front door? Or maybe you want an extra area for your clothes in the bedroom?

    No matter what your reason, building your bench is a fun, sometimes challenging, most-of-time easy, and rewarding experience. You will be proud of your result and want to show it off to your friends and family. Or, maybe, you want to build this bench as a gift to your friends and family!

    There are tons of ways to design your bench as you will see below. You can go for something more simple and minimal, or something vibrant and funky. Build something that takes up little space or something to hold the whole family.

    Take a look at the images below and pick your favorite tutorial and let’s start building!

    1. Hairpin Legs

    A very minimalistic bench with lovely metal hairpin legs and a beautiful board of wood.

    2. Upholstered

    Have a beautiful piece of fabric you’ve been waiting to use? Now is your chance!

    3. Shag Rug

    Oh so chic! I’m in love with this charming shag rug bench and the fact that it’s also a DIY project!

    4. Nightstand Bench

    Benches don’t always have to be used for sitting; you can make use of it as a nightstand and storage unit too!

    5. Garden Bench

    Every garden should have a bench so you can enjoy your hard work and the smell of the blooming flowers.

    6. Knock-Off

    You shouldn’t have to pay a ton of money for a stylish bench when you can make a knock-off one for cheaper.

    7. Modern

    A modern wooden bench that is minimalistic and could work delightfully indoors or outdoors.

    8. Shoe Storage

    A great way to keep your front hall from getting messy is to build a bench with built-in shoe storage crates!

    9. Convertible

    I am all for furniture with a multi-functional purpose, which is why I’m in love with this design that’s both a table and a bench!

    10. Farmhouse

    A great functional farmhouse bench to add to that rustic feeling you’re going for.

    11. Crates

    Make a bench out of recycled, handmade, or brand new crates for a unique look.

    12. Tufted

    This bench is gorgeous and would work lovely as a front entrance bench or piano bench.

    13. Two Chairs

    This bench is made out of two recycled chairs and transformed into a whole new piece of furniture.

    14. Weathered Storage Bench

    This farmhouse-styled bench has a cool weathered look to it with plenty of room for storage bins.

    15. Double X Bench Plans

    Give your house that rustic feeling with a DIY farmhouse-style bench on your front porch.

    16. Dresser Turned Bench

    How adorable is this tiny bench made out of an old dresser? I love that there’s is still a drawer for extra storage.

    17. Amazingly Simple

    For all you beginner carpenters out there you will surprise yourself with how easy of a build this rustic bench is.

    18. Outdoor Storage

    A charming outdoor bench with easy-to-follow building plans and pleasing result.

    19. L-Shaped

    Do you have a big family? You might need extra seating or an extra big bench like this one!

    20. Shoe Shelf

    This is a great bench project for those of you who may have a few too many pairs of shoes!

    21. Dresser to Bench

    What a transformation! From an old dresser to the perfect mudroom bench with lots of storage and even a mirror!

    22. Floating Geometry

    A floating bench with a handmade (and gorgeous) geometrical wall behind it will be sure to impress!

    23. End of Bed

    I love the soft and straightforward tones of this elegant bench, but you could customize it with your own fabrics.

    24. Leather

    So cute! This awesome DIY project is one that you’ll be bragging about when you’re finished.

    25. Repurposed Bed

    How adorable is this little white bench made using parts from a vintage bed?

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