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100 Splendid DIY Cake Stand Ideas to Make Your Baked Creations Shine

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    Are you looking for an artful way to display birthday cakes, tiny tarts, and colorful cupcakes? Well, don't worry about going out and buying an expensive stand to show off your baked creations. Use that same creativity to make your own one!

    Get the cake stand to match the cake by choosing your colors, your size, and your design. It's not only cheaper to make it yourself, but you will feel proud over and over again everytime you use it.

    Can you believe there are more than a hundred designs for making your own cake stand? Well, you better believe it! Here we have the ultimate list of unique, chic, and functional cake stands for you to choose from.

    Brilliant DIY Cake Stand Ideas

    1. Tin Cake Stand

    diy cake stand

    diy cake stand

    An old tin baking sheet flipped upside down is a smart way to make a simple cake stand quickly.

    2. Recycled Plates

    cake stand ideas

    cake stand ideas

    Do you have some beautiful plates that your mom passed down to you? Or that you couldn't resist from the thrift store? Here's how you can put them to use.

    3. Wooden

    A stylish cake plate that you can use as decoration even when the cake is all gone!

    4. Cupcake Unicorn Stand

    Any unicorn believers out there? This darling pink cupcake holder is perfect for a birthday party or baby shower!

    5. Glitter and Gleam

    Bring some sparkle and shine to your DIY cakestand with glitter galore!

    6. Rustic

    A rustic design that works great for holding birthday cakes, cupcakes to share, or any dessert you want to display.

    7. Tutu Stand

    Give your little princess the cake she deserves with a perfectly pink and frilly tutu cake stand.

    8. Cute and Colorful

    Choose bright, funky, and fun colors to add some vibrant pieces to your kitchen!

    9. Picture Frames

    Not all cakes are round! Here's a rectangle-shaped DIY cake stand made out of reused picture frames.

    10. Budget-Friendly

    This budget-friendly project uses cheap plastic plates and even cheaper candlesticks.

    11. Geometric

    I'm in love with these super trendy geometric cake stands! A gorgeous way to display your hard work! (The instructions are not in English – Use Google Translate if necessary.)

    12. Shanty

    This cupcake stand is all too charming made of wood, but still with a frilly feeling to it.

    13. Clay Pot

    A terracotta pot turned upside down with the draining saucer placed on top to cleverly create a cake stand.

    14. Acrylic

    Have fun with funky patterns and bright colors while designing your DIY cake stand.

    15. Vintage

    Vintage plates are an elegant way to DIY a charming cake stand for the next picnic or baby shower.

    16. Sprinkle

    SO cute! This cake stand is easy-to-make and looks adorable!

    17. Wedding Stands

    Elegant cake stands built out of plywood and painted to match the color scheme of your wedding.

    18. Tin Can

    Now here's an incredibly cheap way to whip up a DIY cake stand when you're in a rush!

    19. Wine Glass

    Start with a wine glass, add a glass plate and voila! You have yourself a functional new cake stand.

    20. Halloween

    Celebrate the Halloween season with a spooky cakestand to support your creepy cake!

    21. Gold

    Looking for something classy that stands out? This golden DIY cake stand is the project for you!

    22. Wild Cats

    Let's get wild! These cake stands are so much fun, and your kiddos are going to love them!

    23. Pretty Pastel

    These pretty pastel cake stands almost look good enough to eat themselves! Perfect for a baby shower.

    24. Cardboard and Paper

    A fun craft to do with the kids is to make this adorable cake stand for their next birthday party!

    25. Individual Cupcakes

    A cupcake is just a mini cake. So, why not make a mini cake stand?

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