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100 Succulent Garden Ideas for Uniqueness and Intrigue in Your Garden

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    Wanting to add some magic to your garden? Something unique and different to add a touch of intrigue? Well, I don't know about you, but I have completely jumped on board of the succulent craze! These plants are so diverse in color, shape, and size, they can be used in an incredible amount of ways. Not to mention, they survive most climates and can go a long time without water.

    This also calls attention to the fact that you won't have to be watering them often and therefore you can save some extra coin with your water bill. There are so many ways to decorate your home with the beautiful blues, the vibrant greens, and the gorgeous purples of these geometrical plants.

    Below we have gathered 100 unique and stunning ideas on how you can get started with your own succulent garden, no matter how big or small you want!

    Intriguing Succulent Garden Ideas

    1. Tree Stump Garden

    Plant your succulents in an old tree stump for a very natural look. The piercing blues against the soft browns of the wood is a striking look that is sure to draw attention.

    2. Bowl

    A garden can be created in something as simple as an unused bowl that you have stored in your house. Although I absolutely adore the look and style of the one in this photo! So cute with the little plants inside!

    3. Berry Basket

    Check out this idea of reusing a berry basket to create something new! With a fresh coat of paint and some creativity, your succulents will be happy in their new home.

    4. Birdcage

    I am in love with this birdcage! It has a whimsical and magical feeling that looks absolutely stunning anywhere you hang it. Oh so creative!

    5. Succulent Monogram

    This monogram letter garden could be a wonderful gift for somebody! Just pick the letter of their name and add the succulents of your choice. It could also be a lovely gift just for yourself!

    6. Cigar Box

    A cool way to reuse an old cigar box is to create a cute little garden inside. Succulents, twigs, rocks, whatever you want to decorate it, and in no time you can have your own miniature succulent garden!

    7. Cheese Box

    A cheese box from France, just another example of how to create a garden of colors in something that's no longer used. I particularly enjoy the variety of succulents used in this garden!

    8. Fountain of Succulents

    Wow! How stunning is this magical fountain of succulents? This is an idea I will definitely be trying! If you have a fountain in your yard that you can never seem to keep topped up with water, top it up with succulents instead!

    9. Vintage Feel

    Check out your local thrift store and give your garden a vintage feel. There are so many cool items that you can refurbish to become a home for succulents.

    10. Vertical & Framed

    Change your garden to a vertical garden for when you're short on space. Succulents are so beautiful they deserve to be framed!

    11. Pouring Succulents

    As if the pot was knocked over and instead of losing water it's pouring out succulents! A magical idea that has a wonderful image.

    12. Pumpkins

    Perfect for Autumn! These pumpkin gardens will look amazing decorating the inside and outside of your house during the fall season.

    13. Wreath

    Try something unique and different with a succulent wreath. This wreath is so beautiful it can be hung up all year around, not just the holiday season.

    14. Along the Trim

    Spruce up the awkward crevasses of your home like the trim of the house with the bright colors and shapes of succulents.

    15. Succulent Ball

    A ball of joy! This succulent ball is so creative and would look amazing hanging on your patio, your front entrance, or anywhere really!

    16. Succulent Chair

    More magic, and more creativity with this succulent chair that might not be comfortable to sit on but is stunning to look at.

    17. Monogram LOVE

    Monogram LOVE, this garden just screams happiness, fun, and radiates color. This succulent garden is a must-have to brighten up your space!

    18. Half Mandala

    Geometry within geometry. A lot of the beauty of succulents come from their symmetrical appearances and their beautiful mandala shapes. This garden displays that beauty in its own half mandala form.

    19. Cinder Tower

    Using cinder blocks is one way to create depth and layers in your garden and therefore have more space for more succulents!

    20. Classy Cement

    Keep it classy with a cement structure and beautiful statues. A vintage feeling that brings calmness to your courtyard.

    21. Big and Beautiful

    Playing with the contrast of large succulents amongst smaller ones gives diversity and uniqueness to a garden. Succulents are so amazing because of their diversity in shape, size, and color, so show off all their different forms in one single garden!

    22. Artistic

    Create a unique design to bring creativity and an artistic touch to your front entrance or garden space. I love this green gecko made from beautiful succulents!

    23. Stairway of Succulents

    A stairway of succulents leading the way to the front door. Make every time you come home a magical moment by decorating your pathway with the amazing beauty of succulents!

    24. Succulent Wall

    If you are short on space, go vertical! Succulents have an amazing power of being able to grow in the most awkward of places. Line your walls with their beautiful colors and shapes!

    25. Old Boots

    How cute are these old boots turned into a succulent garden? This photo is just proof that you can make a garden out of nearly anything!

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