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101 DIY Coat Rack Projects for Heartwarming Inspirational Ideas

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    Looking for a new piece to display in your entryway? Something unique, stylish, functional, and handmade by you? Creating a DIY coat rack can be an excellent project to take on with a gratifying and useful result. Depending on your style (and the style of your home) you may want to create a wall coat rack, a standing coat rack, or maybe something completely different!

    Well, whatever your desires, we've got you covered in this article! With over 100 different DIY coat rack projects to choose from, you will easily find that new perfect piece for your mudroom. So, let's start crafting!

    Inspirational Ideas for a DIY Coat Rack

    1. Pallets Coat Rack

    Make this easy and budget-friendly coat rack using repurposed pallet wood! It has a warm and rustic feeling and does a great job holding all your keys, leashes, and coats.

    2. Rustic Coat Rack

    As simple as screwing some rustic hooks onto a beautiful piece of scrap wood. In no time you too can have an eye-catching coat rack for your front door.

    3. Shabby-Chic Entryway Coat Rack

    I think we can all agree that not only is this coat rack functional but it's gorgeous as well!

    4. Scrap Wood Standing Coat Rack

    Here's a fairly easy project that will help you use up some of that scrap wood you have lying around.

    5. Wood Pallets

    Another pallet project this time using a more abstract form and a lot more hooks. Perfect for the household with a lot of people.

    6. Standing Coat Rack

    A chic and simple way to hang your coats. This is a fun woodworking project to do with your spouse or friends!

    7. Wall Mounted Coat Rack

    A similar design to ones we've seen before. By using different sized hooks, and painting the board the color of your choice, you can customize this coat rack to fit your own home.

    8. Minimalist Coat Rack

    This coat rack is nothing but a board with some slots on the side, but it still gives off a cool and chic vibe.

    9. Wooden Dowels

    Wooden Dowels to form a tee-pee makes a perfect and super stylish coat rack. Get creative with the paint colors you use!

    10. Entryway Storage

    This entryway coat rack has room for all your shoes, coats, scarves, and mittens. A rustic and functional piece.

    11. Farmhouse Rack

    This farmhouse style rack is described as a towel rack but could just as easily be used to hang up your coats.

    12. Folding Coat Rack

    Small heads fold out to give you more options for hanging items. A unique design for a coat rack!

    13. Animal Coat Rack

    How cute! This is the perfect coat rack for the kid's room. Hopefully, it will inspire them to hang their coats up.

    14. Branch Coat Rack

    I love how this natural coat rack looks. Plus, the materials should cost next to nothing if you have a good backyard or park near-by!

    15. Broomstick Coat Rack

    This modern and chic coat rack is made using old broom handles believe it or not! Very creative idea!

    16. Reclaimed Rainbow Rack

    Made with reclaimed wood and some of your favorite paint colors. A simple project with a great result.

    17. Pallet Coat Rack

    Another take on a pallet coat rack. I like that this one is using the “imperfect” pieces of the pallet. It gives it a unique form and texture.

    18. Shutter Coat Rack

    Another great idea for a coat rack is to repurpose an old and beaten-up shutter. It gives a rustic and vintage feel that could look wonderful in your home!

    19. Lock and Key Coat Rack

    This coat rack is brilliant! Never lose your keys again, because there is the perfect place for you to hang them; a lock!

    20. Railway Spike Coat Rack

    Repurposed railway spikes on a beautiful piece of driftwood. Vintage, rustic, and wonderfully useful!

    21. Spoon Hooks

    A lovely idea for a different kind of hook. Old spoons that have been altered to hold your coats! This would look lovely if your entryway led into the kitchen!

    22. Insulator Coat Rack

    My mom has these vintage insulators as decorations all over the house. I'll definitely have to show her this DIY insulator coat rack!

    23. Headboard Coat Rack

    You can repurpose an old headboard from a bed and salvage it by creating this elegant coat rack.

    24. Geometric Coat Rack

    Using some painters tape and a paint stain or color you can have fun making this fun geometric design on your new coat rack.

    25. Lego Coat Rack

    Your kids are going to love you for this one! It will look awesome in their bedrooms to keep their coats off the floor! A fun woodworking project with a totally cool result.

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