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105 Cleverly Creative DIY Planters to Showcase Your Plants

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    Are you a plant hoarder? It's okay! Me too! I can't get enough of those tall tropical beauties, the tiny succulent amigos or the beautiful colors of spring flowers! While some people spend their money on new clothes or going out to the cinema, I seem to come home with another cactus every week! My only problem is I've run out of places to put all these gorgeous greens! Do you have the same problem? Likely!

    It's time for that problem to come to an end. Stop spending your plant money on planters and save a few bucks by making your own. Sometimes you just can't seem to find the right planter for that specific plant but when you DIY planters, you can customize and design it exactly to your liking.

    There are seriously a ton of DIY planters on the internet, and it can be a little overwhelming having to try and search for a tutorial on the type of planter you want. That's why we've put together a comprehensive list of no less than 105 DIY planters that your plants will love. Check it out!

    1. Marbled Ombre Concrete

    diy planters

    diy planters

    The cutest most stylish little planters around! You will be so proud to say that you made these little plant homes to all your friends!

    2. Repurposed Baking Tin

    Repurpose old baking tins into something fresh, something new! A perfect item to design an indoor herb garden!

    3. Pallet Planter

    Turn an old pallet into a charming vertical flower garden filled with bright colors and fresh aromas.

    4. Cute Concrete

    Bring a smile to your face and spend your weekend creating cute concrete planters to decorate your windowsills.

    5. Hose Hiding

    This DIY planter doesn't just look pretty, it also has a second purpose. It's the perfect hiding spot for that ugly garden hose!

    6. Upcycled Tire

    Upcycle your old tire into a beautiful new planter to display your colorful flowers out on your backyard patio.

    7. Birdcage

    Add some magic to your secret garden with whimsical additions like a homemade birdcage planter.

    8. Polish Chandelier

    I am obsessed with this impressive colorful chandelier with fluffy pom poms, fun tassels and interesting beads!

    9. Pretty Face Planters

    Bring a smile to your plant's face (and to yours too!) Your plants will look pretty and happy!

    10. Privacy Screen Planter

    Looking for a bit of privacy from your curious neighbors? This is a wonderful way to add some privacy while keeping things beautiful.

    11. Stepped Planter

    Layer your planter boxes in stepped tiers to have more flowers in less space. A staircase shaped planter is what you need.

    12. Hanging Copper

    Copper is definitely trending, and there's a reason why! It looks stunning in a boho chic room or a minimalist house.

    13. Dark Marble

    Add some dark paint to your cement mix to get a cool marbled look in your stylish DIY planters.

    14. Hanging Birch

    Hang some birch branches from a delicate rope and add some adorable air plants to finish it off! Voila!

    15. Soda Bottle Kitty Planters

    Don't throw away your plastic bottles! They can be reused for an adorable weekend project that your guests are going to love!

    16. Plank

    This planter is simple but looks fantastic and takes up very little space. So get out your hammer and nails and let's build!

    17. Air Dry Clay

    Have you ever experimented with air dry clay? Well, here's your chance! A simple project that will look awesome on a bathroom wall.

    18. Book Planter

    This is such a clever idea! A story comes to life with special planters made out of old story books.

    19. Recycled Wood Chevron

    Design a cool chevron planter box with your favorite colors of wood for your favorite lemon tree or even for a small Christmas tree.

    20. Wooden Geometric

    Cute and colorful little wooden geometric shapes designed to be the perfect home for interesting air plants.

    21. Cinder Blocks

    Repurpose those cinderblocks by painting them with a cool two-toned geometric design and adding some plant life.

    22. Modern

    A sleek, modern and pretty planter box that your friends won't believe that you built! Best part? It's easy!

    23. $10 Tiered Planter Box

    Can you believe that this charming 3-tiered planter box can cost you only 10 dollars to build? Amazing!

    24. Address Plaque Planter

    Welcome your guests with beautiful flowers and a bit of handmade love. They'll be asking you where you bought your address plaque planter!

    25. Add Wheels

    Add wheels to your planter box to make it easy transport so you can switch things up and keep your flowers in the sunshine.

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