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112 Mason Jar Crafts That Will Spark a Creative Flair in You

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    I don't know about you but I am mason jar obsessed! I use them for their obvious use of storing things but also for mugs, for gifts, and I love to spend my weekend making mason jar crafts! They are easy to get your hands on, budget-friendly and super stylish. Mason jars come in all sizes and there are unique looks to each brand.

    Get your hands on as many mason jars as you can and have fun with your friends whipping up some of these impressive mason jar crafts as presents to others or to yourself!

    You can create new lamps or lanterns, a fun craft for kids, a vase for your Spring flowers, a beautiful new candle holder and so much more with something as simple as a glass mason jar. So let's get started!

    1. Hanging Succulent

    mason jar crafts

    mason jar crafts

    A perfect new way to display your obsession with succulents! This mason jar craft looks great hanging at the front door or by any window!

    2. Glow Jars

    Now here's a DIY project that your kids will want to get in on! These jars are so much fun to watch glow when the lights are off!

    3. Gold Painted

    Gilded mason jars can be a wonderful decor addition to your house! Use them for storing pens on your desk, flowers by the window or toothbrushes in the bathroom!

    4. Lamp

    Create a beautiful lamp out of materials as simple as a mason jar and sea shells that you've been collecting every time you visit the beach!

    5. Glittery Candle Holders

    Celebrate Valentine's Day the right way with beautiful homemade crafts! These glittery candle holders are a wonderful craft to do with your girlfriends!

    6. Copper Dipped

    Copper is seriously in style and that's why these copper dipped mason jars will look stunning on your dining room table as a chic centerpiece.

    7. Bug Repellent

    These summer luminaries don't just look gorgeous as a display for your backyard patio table, they are also working to repel insects as you enjoy your BBQ!

    8. Herb Garden

    Turn your used mason jars into a functional indoor herb garden so you can enjoy fresh aromas and flavors as you cook.

    9. Wall Vase

    A stylish way to display that bouquet of flowers that you picked from the garden or that your hubby gave you for Valentine's day!

    10. Jar Chandelier

    A chandelier of sparkling mason jars hanging elegantly and displaying brightly colored flowers that attract beautiful butterflies to your front door!

    11. Pin Cushion

    Okay crafters here's a DIY for your crafting materials! A clever way to transform a mason jar into a pincushion for your sewing materials!

    12. Rustic Centerpiece

    Looking for a pretty DIY centerpiece for your dinner party that will look great on your farmhouse dining table? Look no further!

    13. Tissue Holders

    Blow your nose in style! These painted mason jars no longer store your peaches they now hold your tissues!

    14. Twine Dispenser

    Wow! What an original idea! Make your life just a little simpler with a homemade twine dispenser! This is perfect for the serious crafter!

    15. Hanging Garden

    Another adorable example of how you can use recycled mason jars to house your succulents, cacti, herbs and more!

    16. Bathroom Storage

    Keep your bathroom organized and clean with a homemade bathroom organizer made from recycled pallet wood and recycled mason jars!

    17. Salt and Pepper

    Needing some new salt and pepper shakers? Well, don't go out and buy them! Make them yourself with recycled mason jars!

    18. Photo Frame

    A stunning way to store memories in a jar. Display your nostalgic moments in little nooks around the house by using mason jars.

    19. Lava Lamp

    I was obsessed with lava lamps as a kid which is why when I saw this super awesome mason jar lava lamp craft I just knew I had to try it out!

    20. Soap Dispenser

    There are so many clever ways to use mason jars in your house! Just look at how this mason jar got transformed into a stylish soap dispenser for the kitchen!

    21. Spice Jars

    Bring some order to your spice drawer with chalkboard mason jars so you can label and relabel your spices!

    22. Log Bird Feeder

    Enjoy bird watching by luring the birds right to your front porch! This is a fun mason jar craft that looks wonderful when finished!

    23. Light a Fire

    Cleverly store your matches in a mason jar. Poke a hole in the lid for easy access and add sandpaper so you can strike away!

    24. Beachy Terrarium

    Bring your vacation home with you by storing some of that golden sand and those beautiful seashells you found in a mason jar terrarium display!

    25. Squirrel Feeder

    Squirrels need to eat too! Especially before the long winter months. While you're busy feeding the birds you might as well feed the squirrels too!

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