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12 DIY Coat Tutorials to Keep the Whole Family Warm This Winter

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    I’m a firm believer that if you need something, you should learn how to create it on your own. I’m sure not everyone will agree with this statement.

    However, if you know how to make what you need instead of buying it, not only does it save you money, but it also means you’ll be able to make exactly what you need when the money isn’t available to purchase something new, or you aren’t able to go to the store.

    Therefore, if you’re in need of a winter coat this year, check out the information I’m sharing with you. I’m going to give you multiple tutorials on how to make your own winter coat. There are some options for kids and dogs as well.

    Take the time to learn this skill because you’ll need a coat each winter, but you may not always have the option to buy it.

    Here are the DIY winter coat ideas which could help keep you and your loved ones warm this winter:

    1. The Winter Coat How-To

    This article is extremely detailed. She covers most of what you’ll need to be able to create many different styles of winter coats.

    If you’re new to sewing or only new to sewing a coat, this tutorial could be beneficial for you.

    2. The Crocheted Coat

    Are you wonderful at crochet? Why not consider crocheting your own winter coat? You can make it as heavy or light as you need.

    But instead of paying a fortune for a winter coat from department stores, use your skill to meet your need.

    3. Winter Coat Refashion #1

    You’re in need of a winter coat, but you don’t want to purchase the material. Instead, you head to the local thrift store.

    They don’t have the coat you want, but you find one in the wrong size. Well, purchase it and see what this woman did to create her perfect winter coat for a bargain price.

    4. Winter Coat Kit

    I bet you wouldn’t guess you can purchase a winter coat kit. It isn’t the most budget-friendly concept, but if you’re someone wanting to make a coat simply to say that you made it yourself, this could be a good idea.

    You order which coat you’d like, and they ship you all the items you need to make the coat. It’s a simple way to craft.

    5. The Poodle Winter Coat

    Some people assume you’re a little coo-coo over your dog if you give them a winter coat, but there are some breeds of dogs which appreciate the extra layer.

    If you have a dog which would enjoy a little more warmth this winter, check out this tutorial for making them their own winter coat.

    6. Fleece Lined Hooded Poncho

    Do you have an adorable little one in your life who doesn’t care much for a typical winter coat? Keep the bulkiness at bay with this warm fleece hooded poncho.

    It’ll slide easily on and off but will also provide an extra layer of warmth. It goes well with play clothes or dress clothes too. It fits over a car seat too.

    7. No-Sew Two Layer Fleece Car Seat Poncho

    diy poncho

    diy poncho

    Would you love to make your child a warm item for outerwear they’ll love, and you won’t dread making?

    Well, even if you’re new to sewing, give this tutorial a shot. There are lots of pictures to help you through the process.

    8. Faux Fur Coat DIY

    Do you have a child who would like a fur coat? Whether you can’t afford a real fur coat or are simply against wearing animal fur as a coat, this could be your tutorial.

    They walk you through the few items you need to make the coat. The instructions are simple, and the pictures are helpful too.

    9. Colorful Cute Crocheted Kids Coat

    If you have the gift for crochet, be sure to check out this idea. It’s a colorful kids coat or oversized cardigan.

    You can use colorful yarn and also incorporate different flowers to make this coat a unique fit perfect for your child.

    10. DIY Cozy Fleece Dog Coat

    I’m not sure about you all, but I want a coat like this for myself. If you have a furry friend who could use a little extra warmth this year, this tutorial is what you need.

    It’s perfect for those experienced with sewing and for beginners as well. There are detailed pictures and a pattern to help you create this winter coat for your furry pal.

    11. Car Seat Poncho Tutorial

    Car seat ponchos are becoming all the rage because they keep your kids warm while also keeping them safe inside their car seats.

    Here is a tutorial for a different style car seat poncho. It does require sewing, but would be a great fit for any small child.

    12. Baby Wearing Winter Coat

    Free Diy Coat Tutorials

    Free Diy Coat Tutorials

    Do you like to ‘wear’ your child? It can be difficult to do this when wintertime rolls around, and you’re both wearing a bulky coat.

    This person transformed a parka into a winter coat where she and her baby were able to stay warm while also being able to stay connected. It’s a neat tutorial and could be beneficial for parents who prefer to carry their children around in this way.

    Well, you now have 12 different free DIY coat tutorials for yourself, the kids, and the family pet. They will help everyone stay warm and save some money in the process.

    Also, remember, though winter coats may be more challenging to create, it’s another skillset you’re developing which should make you proud!

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