15 Beautiful Makeover Ideas For A Snazzy DIY Bathroom Vanity -

15 Beautiful Makeover Ideas for a Snazzy DIY Bathroom Vanity

If I could change the interior design of every single room in my house whenever I wanted – it would be happening at least once a week. I am so fascinated by the way different colors, styles, and materials can entirely change a space.

Sadly, I have neither the time nor the money for this dream to be a reality, even though it is highly impractical. To satisfy my constant desire for a home makeover, I like to spend my weekend doing little homeware DIYs, whether it be something small like repainting a photo frame or something more significant like reupholstering my sofa.

My bathroom is currently needing a bit of love, and I have decided that a new bathroom vanity would do the trick. There are multiple different ways of both making a modern bathroom vanity or giving current ones a new lease of life, so have a play around, be inspired by these examples and see where your creativity takes you.

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1. Small Bathroom Vanity

Vanity Ready for Text 4

We aren't all lucky enough to have huge bathrooms with enough space for a dreamy wall to wall vanity. If you're looking for something to suit a smaller area that will still look chic and stylish, this Small Bathroom Vanity could be perfect for you.

Even though it's not massive, the depth of this vanity means it will still have enough room to store all your bits and bobs. I love the look of the basket below as it gives the vanity a kind of rustic look and stops it from looking cluttered. I'd likely use it to store rolled up hand towels, but if you'd instead use this shelf as an open space without the basket, you could easily do so.

2. Wooden Double Bathroom Vanity

diy wood vanity 3

For as long as I can remember it has been my household dream to have a double his and hers bathroom vanity. It probably spurs from watching too many romantic comedies in my time, but the idea of my husband and I brushing our teeth at our twin sinks is dreamy.

With a large storage unit like this Wooden Double Bathroom Vanity, it can be challenging to make sure it doesn't look busy, especially when the shelves are exposed like they are here. As in the previous example, you can use pretty baskets and boxes to avoid a mess. Because this vanity is so large, you would have space to keep all your things as well as display a couple of pretty vases or bowls, transforming this from a simple storage unit into a feature piece.

3. Dining Table Vanity

Modern Vintage Eclectic Bathroom Living With Lindsay4 1

This Dining Table Vanity is both unique and practical. Again, this would fit perfectly into a smaller space and would be a great way to bring some character to a small bathroom.

Something I love about this idea of transforming a dining table into a vanity is how easily you can personalize it to suit your particular taste and style. The table in this example has somewhat decorative legs, but you could stick to a simple box table if you would rather. Color is also entirely up to you; I like to stick to white in the bathroom as it keeps everything looking crisp and clean. There isn't much space for storage in this vanity, but there's room under the table for a decorative box or basket if this is what you need.

4. Bicycle Vanity

bat ecl bicycle

It won't be to everyone's taste to have a Bicycle Vanity in the bathroom, but I love the idea of it. Especially if you have a larger bathroom space which can handle something a little more out-there, I think you should seriously consider giving this a go.

Using the bicycle basket as storage is a genius idea, and filling it with towels stops it from looking too full or untidy. Once you'd found a vintage bicycle you like, which shouldn't be too tricky or pricey, the assembling of the vanity won't take long. My dad takes great pride in his bikes so I can imagine him loving this – if my mom would allow him to make it that is…

5. Marble Topped Wooden Vanity

IMG 0496

This marble top vanity is amongst my favorites of all the vanity DIYs I found. It doesn't look like an easy task, but if you got someone to help you out and worked hard at it for a couple of days, you'd never regret the time it took.

If you'd rather keep it simple, you could choose a different material for the top, but I think the marble looks incredibly stylish and expensive. This Marble Topped Wooden Vanity is something you could keep forever and then even pass on, as long as you use high-quality wood. As a bit of an organization fiend, I love the fact that it has multiple drawers and cupboards so I could keep everything in its rightful place.

6. Butcher Block Vanity

cupcake vanity 031 thumb

The instructions for this DIY are incredibly informative and easy to follow, and having the photos of the process along with them will ensure you stay on the right track. This is another vanity perfect for a little bathroom nook, although you could adjust the measurements in this tutorial to make it as long or as large as you wanted.

I love the contrast between the bright white and the dark wood; it makes this Butcher Block Vanity look elegant and clean cut. Again there isn't too much storage, but the lower shelf could be well utilized and, if you're a DIY pro, you could even add in a drawer below the sink.

7. Old Dresser Vanity


I am a massive up-cycling fan. Whenever I can I try my best to create something new from something old, be it on a large or small scale, giving it a new lease of life.

It's just my luck that we've just bought a new dresser and have an old one kicking around, what a perfect time to have found this Old Dresser Vanity DIY. I don't know why I've never thought to take a dresser and turn it into a vanity because they are mostly the same thing, minus the sink of course. By giving it a new lick of paint and some jazzy handles, your old dresser will be unrecognizable, and your bathroom will get a makeover in the process.

8. Floating Wood Vanity

floatingwoodvanityDIY thumb

The industrial interior design is everywhere at the moment, and this Floating Wood Vanity is a perfect example of that done well. It isn't overly showy. Instead, it's subtle with exposed silver piping and slightly distressed wood.

The downside to this DIY is that you need a little alcove for it to work, but if you do have one, then you're in luck as it's simple to make. Again, there is space below for storage or a handy trash can. I believe you could easily make this over the course of a day if you had all your materials prepped and got your head down.

9. Painted Vanity

paint a bath vanity 102395932 hero

I like to think of myself as a bit of a DIY fiend, when in fact all I tend to do is reach for a pot of paint and give things a bit of a touch-up. There is nothing wrong with it, of course. In fact, you'll make something old look completely new and save yourself a pretty penny in the process.

Whether you have an old bathroom vanity that's looking like it needs a bit of love or you've inherited one that doesn't quite fit in with your style, this Painted Vanity DIY will do the trick. You could be as plain and simple or as bold and daring as you like, it could be fun if you have an all-white bathroom to paint the doors or drawers of your vanity bright colors.

10. Desk Vanity

Screen Shot 2018 06 01 at 11.39.18

I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous blue color of this Desk Vanity, never mind how unique the idea itself is. Being a budding writer, I am a fan of a good desk and would be quite happy to demonstrate this in every possible room in my house.

You can buy desks of all different shapes and sizes, at various price points, so take the time to find one you truly want. This also applies to storage; you can base the number of drawers in your desk on what you're hoping to store there. There are no doubt guests would compliment you on this vanity after using the bathroom in your house, I wouldn't be surprised if they made themselves one afterward too.

11. Vanity From Scratch

Lavender master bathroom makeover Thrift Diving 9583 1

This Vanity From Scratch is one of the DIYs people would see in your house and refuse to believe you made it yourself. Despite it being a rather large task, the tutorial is incredibly easy to follow and goes through each step in detail with pictures to help guide you through.

You'd never be short on bathroom storage space again as this has two huge cupboards and four deep drawers. The marble top makes it look chic and expensive, yet another reason why it seems store bought. You could change the color of the wood and marble to suit your bathroom to make it fit in perfectly.

12. Kitchen Cart Vanity

IMG 3275

I often forget that I can use furniture whichever way I want. This Kitchen Cart Vanity is a perfect example of thinking outside the box, completely ignoring the intended use for something.

I love the entirely exposed bright white sink which looks incredibly sleek but still unique and different. Because each component of this vanity could be stylized, it can be made very personal. You have free reign over what wood, sink and tap you want to use, all you need to do is bring them all together and create a vanity as beautiful as this one.

13. Copper Sink Vanity

diy copper sink15 001

Copper seems to be everywhere in the interior design world recently, and I have no problem with that whatsoever. I love how copper details can bring a little shine to a room without being as overly showy as gold, and I particularly like how good it looks against deeper tones like greys.

That said, if copper isn't your thing, you could make this Copper Sink Vanity but with a material of your choice. Also, if you don't want your vanity to be an overly eye-catching piece of furniture then take a leaf from this DIYer's book and use a darker wood closer to copper. This way the copper isn't too noticeable and you can have a little bit of shine without it looking over the top. If you're feeling bolder – go ahead and paint the wood white and let that sink stand out.

14. Chest of Drawers Vanity

13843566 10157237575865338 792579659 o

I didn't realize how badly I needed a pale pink vanity in my bathroom until I saw this, now I can't stop thinking about it. This Chest of Drawers vanity is so incredibly simple, both in how the materials used and how easy it is to make, but it still undeniably delivers on appearance and style.

The fact that the sink is placed on top means there will be more space in the drawers, perfect for storage. Not everyone loves the distressed paint look, but I do. If you'd rather avoid this, be sure to use many coats of good quality paint. If you're not a fan of the pink, which would be surprising, you could use any color you want, or even stick to plain white.

15. Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

Free Bathroom Vanity Plans DIY

I quite like the fact that the top sink area of this Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity has no space around it. In my house, the area around our sink gets completely covered in half-empty bottles, toothpaste, and various toothbrushes, but the lack of space here forces you to keep it tidy.

The box shape of this vanity means there will be lots of space inside, and you could decide whether or not to install shelves dependant on what you plan to store in it. The dark grey color of the vanity in this example makes it look far more expensive than it is, as well as chic in a light colored bathroom.


I now wish I had numerous bathrooms in my house so I could try out as many of these DIY vanities as possible, but I'll have to make do with only two. I have a couple of old pieces of furniture that I've inherited from my parents which I think could be used to create something unique.

It's mostly the pink color that drew me to the Chest of Drawers Vanity, but after looking through the tutorial, I think it could be perfect for both my skill set and available space. The Bicycle Vanity is very out there, but that's sometimes fun and can bring a room to life.

Have you ever tried making your own bathroom vanity? Do you think you would stick to something white or neutral or go for a bright pop of color?

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