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16 DIY Salad Table Ideas to Get Fresh Salad With Little Garden Space

Do you live in a smaller area and assume you can’t grow much (if any) type of garden? You may not be able to grow large quantities or even larger vegetables, but you should be able to produce something.

Salad tables are becoming quite the rage. They allow people to have a little garden – on legs – in a small yet sunny area.

This would work well on a front porch, back porch, deck, or even on a sunny balcony. Not only does it have a very convenient height, but you can move it, and it produces just enough for a constant supply of salad when applying salad gardening techniques.

I’m going to share a few neat ideas to inspire you to create a salad table around your home.

Here are a few design ideas to inspire your future gardening adventure:

1. The Lettuce Table

lettuce tablelettuce table

This is a DIY option which is perfect for growing lettuce and other shallow-rooted crops. It’s constructed from an old table.

From there, they built up the sides to be able to hold dirt. The dirt was added, leaf seeds were planted, and a lettuce garden was born.

2. The DIY Salad Table

growing tablegrowing table

If you’re interested in growing shallow-rooted vegetables, this DIY salad table could certainly work for you.

There’s a great visual to show you how the table can be easily built, and it includes a mesh bottom which will help keep the soil properly draining and the crops growing.

3. Strawberry Raised Grow Table

Are you interested in raising your own strawberry crop this year? You could raise them in a hanging basket or even a window box.

However, if you’d prefer having them on an easily accessible growing table, you could order this style or use it to inspire your own build.

4. The Double Decker Salad Bench

salad benchsalad bench

This salad bench is constructed from wood and has a mesh bottom. This allows the plants to drain properly.

The great thing about this design is you have more growing space because of the bottom layer – the lettuce grows in containers sitting on top of the bench.

5. DIY Salad Bench

veggie tableveggie table

I love the design of this salad bench. It’s a single layer raised bench which makes tending to your lettuce crop much easier.

From there, small drawers with mesh bottoms are built. Handles are attached to make maneuvering the drawers easier. This is where the lettuce will grow.

6. The Waist High Planter Box

salad tablesalad table

Would you like to grow a little more than lettuce? This waist high planter box could be exactly what you need.

The height makes it simpler to care for your crops, and it’s a little deeper than some of the other salad tables mentioned above. The tutorial and pictures are detailed and should make for a smooth build.

7. The Built-In Salad Bar

growing tablegrowing table

This image is meant for inspiration purposes only as there is no tutorial to help you along. However, it’s a neat idea.

If you’d love to have a growing space and a dining space, the built-in salad bar dining table could be the right fit for you.

8. The Hydroponic Lettuce Table

grow hydroponic tablegrow hydroponic table

This lettuce table, set at a manageable height where you don’t strain your back, take things a step further. You can skip having to water it because it also has a built-in hydroponic system.

9. Lettuce and Herb Table

veggie benchveggie bench

Would you like to plant lettuce and herbs but there’s no room in your garden area? You could create a small growing table specifically for them.

This salad or growing table is an easy set-up. It’s basically a potting bench where you can grow a small container garden, perfect for lettuce or herbs.

10. Patio Lettuce Table

salad tablesalad table

I love this simple and sleek design for a lettuce table. It would fit in perfectly with most patio or porch settings.

If you’d like a basic wooden salad table with a flat edge and plenty of room for two rows of small veggies, this could be your growing table.

11. The Gutter Garden

If you’d like to grow lettuce but feel as though the grow table is rather boring, and you don’t want to take up space with an entire table consider the gutter garden.

This is a vertical option for growing lettuce in gutters. It can be pushed flat against a balcony wall and be a compact version of the salad table.

12. Self-Watering Veggie Table

growing tablegrowing table

Growing your own lettuce may sound like a great idea, but what if you have a demanding schedule and fear you won’t have time to care for it?

Consider this veggie table as a viable option as it allows you to grow your crops but includes a self-watering option for less maintenance.

13. Tabletop Salad Picnic Table

Many people don’t have much room to grow crops. In these situations, it’s wise to be able to combine growing space with living space.

Above is a great idea which allows you to do this. There’s no tutorial, but this idea can be used to inspire you. Create a picnic table with an area in the center to raise flowers, herbs, or lettuce.

14. The Divided Grow Table

veggie tableveggie table

Are you interested in having a wooden veggie table which will allow you to raise as many varieties of lettuce as your heart desires?

When growing different varieties, it’s nice to be able to divide them out. This table is divided into three different sections and allows for a nice layout when growing a variety of crops.

15 & 16. Purchasable Options

If DIY is not quite your thing, but you are eager to have your own raised table planter, have a look at this solid fir wood option from Amazon, as well as this quality plastic lettuce table, highly recommended from Amazon.

You now have 16 different options for awesome salad tables, which will make gardening convenient and a realistic possibility regardless of growing limitations or physical limitations you may be experiencing.

Again, most of these tables are meant for shallow-rooted crops such as lettuce. However, there are a few which can sustain larger crops.

It could make gardening a reality for those who feared it couldn’t be. Use these ideas to grow your own veggies and your dreams.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 16-DIY-Salad-Table-Ideas-to-Get-Fresh-Salad-With-Little-Garden-Space-PIN-470x800.jpgThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 16-DIY-Salad-Table-Ideas-to-Get-Fresh-Salad-With-Little-Garden-Space-PIN-470x800.jpg

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