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17 Unique DIY Daybed Ideas Perfect for a Multipurpose Space

A DIY daybed can be the perfect solution for any ‘space' issues you have in your home. If you need a unique space to sleep or for a guest to sleep, and you need a couch during the day in the same space, but you'd also love some extra storage space, then a daybed is your perfect solution.

Daybeds are great because they can work as both a sleeping area and a couch.

Some daybeds even have a trundle bed which fits beneath it to create even more sleeping space. The best way to have a daybed on a budget is to make your own.

I’m going to share ideas and tutorials for building a daybed. Here are the options available to you:

1. DIY Plywood Daybed

DIY daybed made from plywoodDIY daybed made from plywood

Do you love the functionality of a daybed, but they seem rather old-fashioned in most of their designs? You don’t have to worry about this with this daybed design.

Not only is it inexpensive because it’s made from plywood, but it’s also simple and rather hip in its design.

2. DIY Midcentury Daybed

I love this daybed! It would work in a small bedroom where you need a place to sleep and recline when hanging out.

But it would also work wonderfully for a small studio apartment. You could have a modern couch and comfortable bed all in one.

3. Stacy Daybed

The Stacey Design DIY daybedThe Stacey Design DIY daybed

Are you looking for an artistic design to go along with a more modern daybed option? This one sure fits the bill.

The daybed can double as a sitting area or a bed, but the arms of the bed have a unique wooden design. It adds more appeal to a basic DIY daybed.

4. Pallet Daybed

Who says a daybed can only be used indoors? This design idea could work both indoors and outdoors if you desire a fun place to nap.

But what puts this option over the top is it’s on wheels and constructed from pallets. The pallets make it an inexpensive build and durable too.

5. DIY Storage Daybed

Storage DIY daybedStorage DIY daybed

Do you need a sleeping area, sitting area, and a storage area? This bed has everything you need in one unique daybed design.

Underneath the bed, there are doors which flip up. You can store anything you need right beneath the bed. It’ll be hidden in plain sight.

6. The Easiest Daybed Ever

Easiest DIY daybed everEasiest DIY daybed ever

You need a place to sleep, but you aren’t the craftiest person on the planet. What should you do? You should check out this awesome tutorial for an easy DIY daybed you can create yourself.

The bed consists of a basic platform with legs attached. When the platform is built, add a mattress, and the bed is done.

7. Plywood Midcentury Double Daybed

I live in a smaller home. It’s challenging to find a place for guests to sleep when you don’t have a lot of square footage to work with.

This plywood midcentury daybed looks great, but it has enough room so you could sleep two guests on one couch.

8. Outdoor Daybed with Canopy

Would you like a fun and creative space to hang out when you’re outdoors? This daybed could be an inexpensive solution.

You’re walked through each step of constructing the bed. It’s meant to fit a standard twin mattress and includes a unique canopy which is great for blocking the sun.

9. Farmhouse Daybed

Farmhouse style DIY daybedFarmhouse style DIY daybed

This option is meant more for inspiration, but you can view the picture and have a good idea of how this daybed was pieced together.

It has a farmhouse feel because it’s constructed from pallets. They used an old door as the backside of the bed to finish the look.

10. Playroom Daybed

Playroom DIY daybedPlayroom DIY daybed

If you have kids and enough room, chances are, you have a playroom. Have you ever considered having a built-in napping area in the playroom?

This daybed is an easy design idea. Though a tutorial isn’t offered, they were able to bolt a basic platform to the wall and add a mattress for a fun and functional space.

11. DIY Minimalist Daybed with Storage

If you need a multipurpose bed to go with a multipurpose space, this is the bed for you. It’s built from plywood and has a nice sleeping space.

However, the bed has a built-in table which is great for sitting drinks on when being used as a sitting area. But they took it one step further by creating storage space beneath the table.

12. Ana White Simple Daybed

A simple DIY daybedA simple DIY daybed

Ana White has some awesome design ideas, and she’s great at coming up with plans for smaller budgets. This daybed is no exception.

If you’re in need of a basic slatted daybed, use her design to create a functional sleeping space perfect for a guest bedroom or use in a multipurpose space.

13. $200 Outdoor Daybed

Would you like to have a nice outdoor couch where you could lounge and take in the beauty of your property?

This daybed is a great option, and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There’s a great tutorial which walks you through each step and includes pictures too.

14. The Door and 2×4’s Daybed

DIY daybed from a doorDIY daybed from a door

Are you working on a remodel project and have an old door which is going to head to the dump if you don’t find a practical use for it?

You could easily make this daybed out of the door and a few 2×4’s. The tutorial is easy to follow, and the bed would be a cute addition to any number of spaces.

15. DIY Daybed with Storage Drawers

We live in a small house, as I mentioned earlier. It’s vital we be able to incorporate multipurpose furniture throughout our home.

If you’re in a similar situation, this daybed would be a great choice. The sleeping area could also serve as a dresser and take up less room in a smaller space.

16. No Woodworking Daybed

Easy assembly DIY daybedEasy assembly DIY daybed

Do you like the idea of having a unique style in your home, but you don’t want to pull out the power tools to make it happen?

This idea is a great way to take a traditional twin bed, add a headboard to the middle section, and transform it into a daybed.

17. DIY Daybed Mattress

We’ve covered quite a few ideas for a DIY daybed, but what if you can’t afford to purchase a mattress for your new creation?

No worries. We have you covered for this as well. This tutorial walks you through the simple process of sewing your own mattress for your new daybed.

You now have 16 different ideas for making your own daybed and one idea for creating your own mattress to accompany the new daybed.

If you have a space where you need storage, a hangout spot, and sleeping quarters all-in-one, a daybed is a great option. Thanks to these DIY ideas, you can create a unique space on a smaller budget.

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