18 Ingenious DIY Hot Tub Plans & Ideas Suitable For Any Budget -

18 Ingenious DIY Hot Tub Plans & Ideas Suitable for Any Budget

It’s been a long day. You need some way to relax but how?

Would a warm bath do the trick? Or would you prefer to be outdoors and taking in your glorious backyard views?

Well, in my case, I’d rather be outside. From my backyard, I have a splendid view of the mountains. It’s a gorgeous setting, and I love to take it in any chance I get.

But how can you relax outdoors while also taking in the scenery? A hot tub, of course! Don’t start counting the pennies in your bank account and thinking it isn’t a possibility for you until you take a look at some of these DIY hot tub options.

When you deliberate with yourself outside the preverbal box, the impossible can suddenly be possible for you. Here are the DIY hot tub plans and ideas which could make having a hot tub a reality on almost any budget:

1. DIY Cedar Hot Tub Video Series


This couple was working on a budget as I usually am. They wanted a cedar hot tub but didn’t want to purchase a kit.

Instead, they built their own cedar hot tub and created an entire video series to share each step of the process with you.

2. Japanese Soaking Hot Tub


This tub is a gorgeous sight. It’s circular but has a hexagon bench. It’s truly unique. There are also steps with a handrail to make it easy to get in and out.

The heating mechanism is in the box located behind the Japanese soaking tub. There aren’t plans for this tub, but it could be used to inspire your own build.

3. The Chofu Hot Tub


This is a unique hot tub set-up. The Chofu resembles a small wood stove. It can be heated outside of the tub and piped into it to keep the water warm.

You hook it up to a large galvanized tub, and you have an instantaneous hot tub with a smaller price tag attached to it, in most cases.

4. The Concrete Hot Tub


Would you like to have a sturdy DIY option for a hot tub? You can’t get much sturdier than concrete, I would think.

This tutorial walks you through each step of the building process and also shows you how to construct a roof over your hot tub too.

5. The Natural Hot Tub Design


What makes this idea for a DIY hot tub impressive is it’s a hot tub put into the ground and finished out with a waterfall and stonework.

Again, this isn’t a tutorial and would require quite a bit of carpentry skill, but if you have the skills, then put it to work on this beautiful project.

6. Hot Tub Solarium


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an enjoyable space with a hot tub which was also sheltered? However, you could still outdoors while in your tub!

Well, this idea incorporates all of those wishes. They placed a hot tub inside a greenhouse kit. This way, your tub is protected from the elements, but you can still enjoy the great outdoors.

7. DIY Pallet Hot Tub


This is such a cool idea for a hot tub. It requires mostly upcycled materials, and I love it when someone looks at a bunch of old items and has a plan to make it into something cool.

Well, this hot tub takes an old water tank and uses it as the base for the tub. You go around the outside with foam lining and pallets to help it hold its shape. By the end of it, the hot tub looks nice and costs almost no money to build.

8. An Inground Hot Tub


Let’s say your budget is larger than most. If you have the funds and want an inground hot tub but would like to do it yourself, this tutorial is for you.

It walks you through each step of building a quality, inground hot tub by yourself from start to finish. Again, it’s pricier than some of the other ideas shared here, but if you’re going to build a hot tub, might as well make it the hot tub of your dreams.

9. Stock Tank Pool


Some people want a hot tub because it’s a great place the whole family (young and old) can gather to splash around and have a good time.

Therefore, creating a tank pool has become a fun way to accomplish this only with less investment and not as much concern about the tub being too warm for little ones. This family created a tank pool out of a stock tank. It’s the right depth for young children, and you can hook a heating mechanism to it if you prefer the water to be warmer.

10. The $300 Solar Hot Tub


This hot tub is said to only cost around $300. If you’re working on a tight budget, this could be the hot tub you want.

They used a stock tank and raised it on a cinderblock foundation. A small firebox was placed beneath the tub to begin the warming process, and they let the sun do the rest of the work.

11. Salt Water Hot Tub


This method can be used with any of the mentioned DIY hot tub options, but it’s a vital piece of information to have.

When you have a hot tub, you must maintain the water. You can do this with chlorine or learn to be even more self-sufficient and care for the water via salt.

12. DIY Wood-Fired Hot Tub


If you’d like to build a hot tub entirely from scratch, this tutorial is for you. They show you how to create the entire tub out of pine, which is great because it’s usually a cheaper type of lumber.

Plus, you’re also shown how to build an attached firebox and pipe it into the water to keep the hot tub warm.

13. The Rubbermaid Hot Tub


If you’re working on a budget, creativity is your friend when you go to build anything. This is especially true when constructing a hot tub.

The individual who created this hot tub used a Rubbermaid stock tank he found at his local feed store. He shares the details of his build in this tutorial.

14. DIY Hot Tub Steps


If you’re going to build your own hot tub, you need to know how to build steps for it as well. This way you don’t hurt yourself trying to get in and out.

This tutorial shows you how to build steps which go from your deck to the hot tub. The steps will also keep your feet clean as you climb in and out of the tub.

15. The Inflatable Hot Tub


DIYing a hot tub doesn’t have to mean you build everything from scratch. It could mean you install the hot tub yourself.

Well, in this case, you can order an inflatable hot tub and set it up yourself. It still counts as a DIY project, and you have an easy to install hot tub.

16. Wood-Fired Stone Masonry Hot Tub


I’m sorry to say, this is only a picture and meant mainly for your inspiration. However, if you’re a mason, this could be no problem for you.

As you can see, they built the hot tub out of stone. It’s stunning and would look beautiful in most home settings. They keep the water warm via a firebox.

17. One Person Hot Tub for $100


We don’t usually associate hot tubs for only one person, but if you’re someone who enjoys the hot tub as a way to bathe outdoors, relax, and detox your body, this could be perfect for you.

The tutorial shows you how to build a wooden hot tub meant for one person easily. Because the hot tub is smaller, it can be done for approximately $100.

18. Restoring a Hot Tub


One of my favorite ways to DIY a project is to purchase something inexpensive which doesn’t work. I can fix the item and have a functioning item for little money.

Well, if you can find a steal on a hot tub which is in need of minor repair, use this tutorial to restore it. You can have a functioning hot tub for a fraction of the cost.

You now have 18 great options for a DIY hot tub. No matter what style you’re looking for, you should be able to find inspiration or a tutorial to build it here. You could also consider building your own sauna.

We wish you lots of luck on your build and hope you have many fond memories and fun times splashing around in your new hot tub!

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