20 Budget-Friendly DIY Boat Plans For Loads Of Water Fun -

20 Budget-Friendly DIY Boat Plans for Loads of Water Fun

Do you enjoy spending a day out on the water every now and again? But does your budget allow you to purchase a new boat?

Well, even if you’re working on a meager budget, you could still own a boat. “How?” you might ask.

Rather simply in fact… make your own. I probably wouldn’t have thought of this idea either until a few months ago when my husband developed the itch for a boat.

He traded for a boat with a title, but it didn’t run. We’ve spent quite a few dollars and hours into making it work, and now we have a decent boat to enjoy on the water.

If you aren’t into fixing something up, I’m going to bring you some of the internet’s best ideas for making your own DIY boat. Here they are:

20 Budget Friendly DIY Boat Ideas and Plans for Loads of Water Fun PIN

1. The DIY Tiny House Boat


We’re going to jump right in with a doozy to choose from. If you’re in the market for not only a boat but a houseboat, you may be wondering if this could ever fit in your budget.

Well, when you see this wood framed pontoon tiny houseboat, you’ll soon learn it can become a reality for you with a little hard work.

2. Basic Wooden Boat


Whether you need a small fishing boat or a smaller boat to paddle around a pond, these plans are great for either.

The plans for this boat walk you through each step of the process. If you’re a beginner in the world of carpentry, this boat could still be feasible for you.

3. PVC DIY Kayak



I wasn’t aware of how expensive kayaks could be until our oldest recently caught the urge to purchase one. Suddenly, I realized how much money a person could invest in one.

However, this kayak appears to be quite buoyant and should be quite a bit cheaper because it’s constructed from PVC pipes. How neat does it look?

4. Recumbent Pontoon Pedal Boat


Do you enjoy renting a paddle boat and heading out on the water? Then you’ll love this boat. It’s a DIY version of a paddle boat.

However, it has large floats on the side which makes it a smaller version of a pontoon boat. Also, it’s made to recline for a more relaxing ride.

5. Plywood Canoe


Canoes are a fun way to go up and down a river or other smaller bodies of water. If you’d like to have one, consider building it.

You can use these plans which show you how to construct a canoe out of plywood. This should make it more affordable yet functional too.

6. DIY Pontoon Boat


Pontoon boats are amazing boats to own. They’re great for fishing and luxurious enough to be a comforting way to cruise the water on a gorgeous day.

If you’d like to own one but can’t afford to buy, consider using these tips to help you build a pontoon boat all on your own.

7. Flat Bottom Boat Plans


One thing I’ve learned over the past few months of renovating a boat, is you don’t need anything fancy for a fishing boat – unless you want it to be fancy.

However, if you’re in the market for something simple and functional, the plans for this flat-bottomed boat should do it.

8. PVC Johnboat


A Johnboat is a great way to get out on the water and have lots of fun. They’re also functional enough to make a nice fishing boat too.

Either way, if you’re in the market for a fishing boat, consider building your own johnboat with these plans.

9. DIY Simple Wooden Boat


This option doesn’t come with plans which I could find. However, it could still be used as inspiration for building your boat.

Again, these boats would be good options if you’re someone looking for an inexpensive way to go fishing.

10. Homemade PVC Raft


This PVC raft is another option which doesn’t come with plans, but it looks simple enough to build. If you have experience in carpentry, you should be able to figure it out rather quickly.

However, this looks like a fun way to get the whole family out on the water uniquely and cost-effectively.

11. The DIY Pontoon Double Hulled Kayak


This pontoon boat is built in an abnormal but intriguing way. Instead of having typical floaters on the bottom of the boat, they used kayaks.

From there, the rest of the boat was built of foam insulation and PVC pipe. When you get creative, you can build a boat with little expense.

12. The Fishing Punt


This is another cost-effective option for a fishing boat. However, there’s no guesswork on this one. The plans are laid out and easy to read.

Whether you’re an experienced carpenter or someone who has recently begun to build things, this could be a viable option for you.

13. Inflatable Raft Fishing Boat


Are you struggling to come up with enough room in your budget to build a new fishing boat? What if you could use your inflatable raft as a boat?

Well, thanks to this idea, you can. The person who created this put a plywood bottom in a raft and turned it into an amazing little fishing boat for little money.

14. Single Plywood Boat


If you don’t need a larger boat, this could be the answer for you. It’s cost-effective because the whole thing is built from one sheet of plywood.

Even though this boat isn’t the biggest, it would make a great fishing boat for a one-person fishing trip.

15. Zip Tie and Ply Mini Boat


If you’d like to get out on the water for a fun day of fishing or sight-seeing, consider building this unique mini-boat.

It’s made from zip ties and plywood. Though it may sound a little sketchy on the surface, it seems quite buoyant and inexpensive too.

16. The Homemade Pontoon


When I saw this boat, I instantly sent it to my husband and said, “Can you build this? I may need it a little bigger to fit the kids and dog on board.” This should tell you; I love it!

But it actually is a cool idea. It looks comfortable for both cruising and fishing. Plus, it should be possible for most budgets.

17. PVC Pontoon Boat

Pontoon Boat

Pontoon Boat

Some of you may be looking at these ideas and saying, “This is great, but I’d prefer to have a motor attached to my boat.”

Well, you’re in luck. This pontoon boat is easy to build and also shows you how to attach a motor to keep you from having to paddle everywhere you go.

18. The Micro Houseboat


If you’ve ever searched for a houseboat, you know how expensive they can be. But don’t give up on your dream yet.

Instead, look into building this tiny houseboat. It has a gorgeous interior and would make a great full-time home or a small vacation home.

19. DIY River Raft


Who says you have to build something overly complicated to enjoy a day out on the river? Well, you don’t.

Instead, build this simple raft. It’s constructed from PVC pipe and has a few seats add onto it. It looks buoyant and can help you to have many enjoyable days out on the water.

20. Seafoam Kayak


Would you like a light-weight kayak you can build yourself? Consider creating this kayak made from sea foam.

It only weighs 16 pounds and is built to be eight feet long. This could be a great way to enjoy many days out on the water without much fuss.

Now you have 20 different options for a DIY boat. You can choose between kayaks, johnboats, houseboats, tiny homes, pontoons, and much more.

We hope you’ll find something on this list to inspire you and be able to create something you can enjoy all summer long.

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