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20 Charming DIY Indoor Hanging Planters to Display Your Greenery

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    I am such a massive fan of indoor plants. From tiny cacti to long drooping and leafy ones, I am at my happiest when people could mistake my living room for a greenhouse.

    Having plants and greenery in a room just totally brightens it up in my opinion. It brings life, quite literally. Plants can also be so easily adjusted as seasonal decor, with brighter greens and flowers in summer and darker colors and firs in winter.

    Using hanging planters is a great way of displaying indoor plants, as they become more of a feature piece in a room as opposed to a simple pot sitting on a side table. I love that with these DIYs you can cater to the sizes of any plants you might have, and they are also adjustable in height to enable you to perfectly fit them into any space. Of course, there are hundreds of beautiful hanging planters available in stores, but there really is always something special about making one yourself.

    Making your own DIY Indoor Hanging Planters

    1. Wooden Hanging Plant Shelf

    This wooden hanging plant shelf is not only incredibly minimal and pretty but also incredibly versatile. Although it is intended for displaying plants, you really could use it for anything you wanted, like photo frames or small memorabilia.

    It looks incredibly simple and quick to make, and requires very few materials. Because it is sturdy too, you wouldn't have to worry about using it to display a slightly bigger pot. You could adapt it to fit any space you wanted by adjusting the length of the ropes, or even take that further by experimenting with painting the wood to match whatever room you are using it in.

    2. Painted Hanging Planter

    You could adapt this DIY and use it with many different hanging planters. This is a perfect example of the fact that if you see an inexpensive planter in a store, you shouldn't easily discount it as useless. There are many ways to give them a new lease of life and turn them into something you will love.

    These painted hanging planters will turn out to be a fraction of the price of what you would pay for something like this in a store, all you need is a coat of paint, which you probably have lying around in the garage anyway. By transforming any dull planters yourself, you have instant free creative reign, and you can go as over the top as you want with patterns, colors, and decorations.

    3. Knotted Rope Hanging Planter

    The effect achieved through the use of the glass mason jar in this knotted rope hanging planter DIY is really cool and unique in my opinion, I like that you can see both the plant and the soil.

    This article includes step by step pictures of the DIY, which I always find incredibly helpful when making something I haven't attempted before. I think these planters would look really cool with a few lined up together, maybe even in different shapes and sizes of jars. Different colors of rope could also be used to jazz it up a little bit if you so wished.

    4. Embroidery Hoop Hanging Planter

    Before recently, I had never thought to use embroidery hoops for any other purpose other than that for which they are named, but I have seen a whole load of really cool and creative DIYs using them. This embroidery hoop hanging planter is a perfect example of that.

    The bowl holding the plant in this DIY looks like it is close to falling off the hoop, which of course it is not, and I really like the effect this gives. It looks delicate and very well put together. This is incredibly inexpensive to make, and so easily customizable. If I were making this, I'd love to try it out with some really zany and colorful bowls.

    5. Nesting Bird Hanging Planter

    I challenge anyone to truthfully say that these little nesting bird hanging planters aren't just the sweetest things ever. These look so cool in a little cluster together, and knowing me I would probably go over the top and make hundreds.

    The idea of the nesting birds is really cute to me, but you could definitely use different shaped planters and colors, although I am a bit obsessed with the leather lace colors they have used in this example. I've got quite a few animal shaped egg cups at home, and I am starting to wonder whether they too would do the trick. I am definitely going to have to try it to find out.

    6. Plastic Fishbowl Hanging Planter

    I cannot get over how cool these look, and I am already desperate to have one in every room of my house despite having just discovered them.

    They look like they hold their own little world inside of them, and come to think of it these could make really effective little fairy garden bases for kids. There is such a wide range of possibilities for these fishbowl hanging planters. You could go fully succulent based, brighten things up with some flowers or even have draping plants spilling out of the front. These are definitely a conversation piece, and I can guarantee guests will be asking very mysteriously specific details on how you made them.

    7. Tiered Hanging Pots

    The color contrast between the black rope and the terracotta colored plant pots in these tiered hanging pots is really appealing to me. This could be a really great standout piece in an otherwise neutrally colored room.

    Four is a good number of pots in my opinion, but you would easily adjust this and have anything from one to a whole string reaching the floor. The effect this gives is a little bit rustic, while still being incredibly clean cut and stylish, and you could use it for a very wide variety of household plants. If all these plants were laid out they would take up a whole lot of surface space, so if that's something you're running a little low on then this will be the perfect solution.

    8. Beaded Hanging Planters

    From wacky colored pots with sparkly beads to plain white pots with metallic detailing, I think you would struggle to find a hanging planter DIY which caters to as many styles and preferences like this one does.

    One of my favorite ways to style rooms in my home is to keep everything really minimal and basic, but then add unique little pieces and pops of color. These beaded hanging planters would be just perfect for that, and far less expensive than something I might buy in a store. You could even use this DIY for simple pots without plants in them, and use them to store stationary in an office or keys by a door.

    9. Marbled Hanging Planter

    Marbling is a classic DIY, and a great way or personalizing pretty much any crockery or plastic. It is a perfect technique to use to brighten up plant pots you already have and looks just as good, if not better than something store bought.

    I've always wanted to try adding some marbling to mugs but had never thought to make marbled hanging planters. You get nail polishes in pretty much every color imaginable, so you really could let your imagination run wild. From neutrals to neons, there is bound to be a color that works for you and your space, I also love that in this example they have a little cluster of different colors.

    10. Lightbulb Hanging Planter

    DIYs in which you take something old and give it a new lease of life by turning it into something new are by far my favorites. It's 2017 now, we need to be resourceful.

    Emptying out the lightbulb to begin with might look a bit fiddly, but it really isn't too difficult, and so incredibly worth it for this lightbulb hanging planter. You get so many different shapes and even colors of lightbulbs that I think it could be so cool to make a little feature wall of them, all hanging at different heights with different plants inside.

    11. Birdcage Hanging Planter

    This DIY for birdcage hanging planters is so informative and has so many tips and tricks for making a wide range of different styles.

    You can find old birdcages either at thrift stores or cheaply online, you might even have one of your own. They are easy to spruce up with a quick spray of paint. I really like the look of the examples in which the plants and leaves are spilling out of every gap between the bars, it gives it a kind of abandoned and mythical look while still being incredibly pretty. This would be easy to keep adding different plants to, and play about with until you're totally happy with it.

    12. Ice Cream Cone Hanging Planter

    As much as these ice cream cone hanging planters do look a bit like the dessert which is pretty cute, they don't look so close to it that you wouldn't be able to have them around your house without thinking of ice cream.

    You could have a lot of fun with them by painting them orange or yellow and putting a little round cactus in the top so that it really liked like a full ice cream cone. On the other hand, you could keep it really simple, and I think the shapes of these are really cool and unique despite the fact that they could be mistaken to be a sweet treat.

    13. Golden Rope Hanging Planter

    As much as I am often a fan of simplistic things, I really like how much this DIY has covered these rope hanging planters with gold and tassels. It's like the perfect mix of toned down and over the top.

    With that said, you could definitely decide which end of the scale you would rather veer towards. You could completely cover the sides of the pots in huge tassels and wrap all the rope with gold, or you could wrap your pots with plain rope and leave it at that. Either would look great in my opinion, and you could even have a cluster of a few, all with different designs and levels of extravagance.

    14. Palm Leaf Hanging Planter

    This one might be a little more difficult to make if you don't have a surplus of discarded palm leaves around where you live, but if you do then please consider yourself lucky and make one of these palm leaf hanging planters.

    If you don't have palm leaves available to you then I am pretty sure you could make the little cone part of this DIY without it, or be creative and use something else as the kind of backboard for it. The way the greens of the plants shines out against the browns is really attractive, and it all looks so incredibly natural and sleek.

    15. Mason Jar Wall Planter

    I am not one hundred percent sure if this counts as a hanging planter because it isn't actually hanging, but the plants are suspended and it is always nice to have options so I feel it necessary to share.

    Flowers are used in the example for this mason jar wall planter, but you could just as easily fill the jars with succulents and other plants. This makes such a beautiful piece of wall art, and I love the way how they have assembled four together in this diamond formation in this photo. A little bit of empty wall space could be completely brightened by this DIY.

    16. Clay Air Plant Hanging Planter

    Air plants are my favorite thing, and I cannot recommend them enough for busy people. As much as I love my plants, I do forget to water them, and it's not like they can remind me no matter how useful it would be if they could.

    I really love that this clay hanging planter isn't perfect. The edges aren't one hundred perfect smooth, the paint isn't perfectly applied, and that gives it a really nice relaxed and homemade vibe. It makes me feel a lot better about my lack of skills knowing that it can look so beautiful without being perfect. I really like the base color of this clay and the simple white rim, but you could paint and experiment to your heart's content with the appearance of your hanging planter.

    17. Geometric Metal Tubing Hanging Planter

    You see so many things like this in stores at the moment, from candle holders to bedside tables. I think both geometric designs and metallic materials must be ‘in', but that is as much as a trend novice like myself is able to conclude.

    I would love to have something like this geometric metal tubing hanging planter in my house, I have a room which is dark grey and white so I think it would look so stylish in there. I expected the method for making this to be far more difficult than it is. As much as it might require a bit of elbow grease and patience, it is most definitely achievable, and I am ready to knuckle down.

    18. Leather Sling Hanging Planter

    These leather sling hanging planters are so effortlessly beautiful. They aren't perfectly fitted or fancy or brightly colored, they just look great. All the little details like the cut edges and loose strings make them look even better when in many cases this would make them look messy. I wish I myself could achieve that.

    They're really simple to make, and pretty inexpensive too. I don't think there is a specific room in which you would have to hang these, they really would work anywhere. You can cater these to any size of plant, and if you did want to leave a bit of that effortless look behind you could go for a smarter looking leather.

    19. Indoor Hanging Garden Planters

    I would have one of these in quite literally every room of my house. This is the perfect way of having many different plants, but keeping them all in one place if you don't have the space or desire to fill your entire house with them.

    The choices of what you could hang along this hanging planter are endless, from succulents and flowers to even non-living things. You could easily hang jewelry or decorations from the main bar too, which could look really cool mixed in amongst the green plants. This DIY could be used in conjunction with another one from this list, so you could have many different shapes and materials of planters hanging all together.

    20. Diamond Shaped Hanging Planter

    I had never seen a diamond shaped planter before this one, which can often be a good thing as it means you will have something a little bit different to what others have.

    When I first had a scroll through this DIY I saw stencils and instantly thought it would be complicated, but don't make the same mistake that I made. It looks really easy in fact, and even though there might be some precise cutting and folding involved it would be totally worth it. I like the pastel colors used in this example, but I think I would maybe go for a plain white planter, as it would look so cool with the brown leather and green plant.

    Conclusion to DIY Indoor Hanging Planters

    I have lived in some pretty small spaces with pretty limited budgets, and I wish I had known more about DIY indoor hanging planters back then. Instead of taking up vital surface space you can display your plants by hanging them, and in my opinion, they look even prettier this way.

    The hanging indoor garden is really doing it for me, simply because the variety of plants you could have hanging from it and how effective that would look. I really like the little nesting bird hanging planters too, and would love to experiment with different shapes on that one.

    Are you someone who always has to have plants in their house? Have you ever owned a hanging planter, and if not are you now sold?

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