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21 Interesting Gun Cabinet and Rack Plans to Securely Store Your Guns

Do you have a few guns that you need to store in a secure place?

Well, then it sounds like you need a gun cabinet or gun rack. But if you try to purchase one they can be quite expensive.

So I’m going to bring you some plans that I’ve found on the internet. Then you can save yourself a few dollars and build your own.

Not to mention, there are various styles too. That way if you want something to really show off your gun collection, then you can create that.

But if you’d like something that is a little more plain to just store your guns securely, then you can have that option as well.

Gun Cabinet and Gun Rack Plans:

1. The Cedar Gun Cabinet


If you love a rustic charm, then you’ll love this gun cabinet. I personally love it because of the gorgeous wood choice.

But as beautiful as it is, it seems very functional too. So if you are looking for a charming gun cabinet, then you may have found what you’ve been looking for in this one.

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2. Pallet Gun Rack


Do you consider yourself someone who struggles with carpentry skills? Or maybe you are someone that just needs a simple storage solution without a lot of investment.

Well, either way, this option might work quite well for you. Basically, you hang a pallet on the wall and slide your guns or bows down inside of it. It is that simple.

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3. The Simple Gun Cabinet


This gun cabinet is one that is basic yet pretty too. It will securely store your guns, but will also allow you to showcase them as well.

So if you’d like to have a traditional gun cabinet that can be built with your own hands and provide security for your guns while also showing them off, then this could be the gun cabinet you’ve been looking for.

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4. Picture Frame Secret Gun Safe


Do you like the idea of storing your guns secretly but in plain sight? I actually love that idea because if I ever need to reach for my gun in a hurry, then I know it is right there.

But if someone is trying to harm me where I need to get to it in a hurry, they won’t have a clue where to look. If you feel the same, then check out these plans to build a basic picture frame that also can be a secret hiding place for your handgun.

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5. Gun Cabinet with a Secret


This gun cabinet is so cool. By the looks of it, it is just a typical gun cabinet with a cupboard at the bottom to store your handguns or ammo.

Then you have the top part where you can showcase your larger guns. But this one actually has a secret compartment behind the top section where you can store even more guns. Pretty neat, huh?

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6. Concealed Gun Coffee Table


This coffee table is actually a really cool idea. You have what looks like a normal coffee table, but then you lift the lid and there is your stash of guns.

However, you may want to consider putting a lock or safety mechanism on the table for safety purposes. But if you ever need your guns in a hurry, you’ll be able to access them with no problem.

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7. The Filing Gun Cabinet


Do you have an old filing cabinet that you aren’t using anymore? Well, don’t toss it. Instead, you can upcycle it into something useful like a gun cabinet.

Basically, you just need to remove the drawers, build the rack inside, then use the drawer fronts to create one solid door that looks like multiple drawers. It is a really neat idea.

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8. Ana White’s Gun Cabinet


Okay, if you have been hanging around the blog for long, then you know how much we love to share Ana White’s ideas. The reason: she makes beautiful projects with easy to follow plans.

So why would this gun cabinet be any different? It is a gorgeous wooden cabinet that has lots of storage for multiple guns. If you need something pretty and functional, then this could be a solid option.

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9. Pallet Gun Rack


This gun rack is absolutely gorgeous. I love the designs on the wood, but I also love the fact that it is made from repurposed pallets.

So if you love to work with pallets (as you know I do), then you might be really interested in this gun rack.

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10. Hidden Gun Cabinet


I love this idea because we actually did this in our previous home. It was functional because it didn’t take up any extra space. Plus, you got a good sized mirror out of the deal.

But I loved it because the guns were easily accessible, and they were kept securely so I didn’t have to worry about a child accidentally finding them. If you like this idea, then follow the detailed instructions at the link below.

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11. Hideaway Gun Safe Headboard


This idea is actually linked back to where you can purchase this headboard. There aren’t any sites that I could find that had details on how to DIY it.

But if you like the idea of storing your guns right where you sleep, then you may want to consider building a headboard with a secret compartment or buying one.

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12. Hidden Dresser Gun Cabinet


This is another idea that I love because I love hiding things in plain sight. If you are concerned about children stumbling across your guns, then not drawing attention to them while storing them securely is a great idea.

So if you have an old dresser, you basically rework it like you would the file cabinet idea. You just frame out the inside and create one solid door. Then put the draw facings on the door to make it look like a regular dresser.

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13. Secret Floating Shelf Gun Safe


This is another idea that I really love. You hang a shelf on the wall. It looks like a typical shelf that you could store pictures on.

But when you fold it open, there is actually a rack inside that is meant to store a larger gun. That way it is stored out of the way, but also is easily accessible if ever needed.

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14. Wayne of the Woods Basic Gun Rack


This gun rack is one that is rather traditional. It is made from all wood but has places to store multiple larger guns.

But I love it because the plans are so detailed. So if you are a little leery of taking on this task, then you’ll definitely want to check out these plans.

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15. Knotty Pine Gun Cabinet


This is another really traditional style gun cabinet, but it is also very gorgeous. It is constructed from knotty pine.

But it has storage in the bottom for handguns and ammo. Yet, in the upper compartment, there is room to showcase your larger guns as well.

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16. The Showcase Cabinet


This gun cabinet is one that would work for storing your guns securely. There are multiple locks on the cabinet itself.

But it is really meant to show off your guns. There is a glass storage at the top to show off your larger guns. While in the middle there is a glass area with a light to show off your handguns or knife collection.

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17. American Flag Gun Storage


This idea does not come with instructions, but if you are a crafty person then you may figure out how to recreate it on your own.

Basically, it is a pallet American flag that can be opened. On the inside, there is space to store both large and small guns. Then you hang it in plain sight, yet no one knows what is on the inside.

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18. Simple Gun Rack with Shelf


This gun rack is one that is rather traditional, but it would certainly do the job you need it to do. It also has a nice shelf for storage.

So if you’d like to build a simple gun rack and have detailed plans to help you along, then this gun rack could be right up your alley.

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19. Basic Wooden Gun Cabinet


When you think of a gun cabinet, this is probably what you think of. There is a glass storage space in the top for larger guns.

Then there is a small cupboard in the bottom that can be used to store smaller guns or ammo as well. This idea does have plans to help you along with the build too.

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20. The Firearm Display Cabinet


If you don’t just want to store your guns, but instead you want to display all of the guns you have, then you’ll want to tune into these plans.

Basically, they offer a very detailed set of plans that walks you through each step of the process of building a gorgeous display case for all size guns in your collection.

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21. Simple Wooden Gun Cabinet


This gun cabinet has detailed instructions and pictures for each step of the building process. It has room to hold a few of your larger guns and maybe a few small ones as well.

But keep in mind, this cabinet is more for storage. It is all wood so there is no way to display your guns in this cabinet.

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So you now have over 20 options for building or creating your own gun storage solutions. Some are great for simple storage, and others are great for displaying your guns while storing them. It is all about personal preference.

But I’m curious, with all of the styles of gun cabinets, which is your favorite? Why?

We love hearing from you so please leave us your thoughts in the comment section provided below.

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