22 Chaos-Eliminating DIY Shoe Rack Ideas -

22 Chaos-Eliminating DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

Is your closet overrun with shoes? Is it as though you can’t find what you’re looking for in the rush of the morning because you have to dig through a mountain of shoes, right?

Well, it sounds as though you need a shoe rack. I know we avoid shoe racks at times because we go under the assumption most are either the plastic bags which hang over our closet doors or the plastic floor models which are flimsy and cause frustration.

But did you know there is a great deal of alternative shoe rack designs? Some are DIY and some you can purchase.

Here I will be sharing these alternative ideas; all hand picked to make sure I give you only the very best, practical shoe rack ideas and designs.

1. DIY Industrial Shoe Rack


Industrial décor is becoming all the rage. It has a way of adding a rustic touch and a bit of class simultaneously.

If your closet needs both organization and design, consider building this shoe rack. There’s a step-by-step tutorial. Plus, a materials list to make the build much more manageable.

2. Steel Open Shelving Grid Cubbies


This is an excellent shelf. You can purchase it, or you could create your own by using old cattle panels as a place to store your shoes.

The idea is to lean it up against your wall (securing it with a few screws is a good idea too!) and hang your shoes from it.

3. PVC Shoe Rack


If you’re working on a budget, this shoe rack could be precisely what you need. This tutorial walks you through how to cut PVC pipes into perfect sizes.

Once they’re resized, you stack and connect them. They will be transformed into compact shoe cubbies which don’t cost much to create.

4. Built-In Shelves on Closet Door


Do you live in a smaller home? I do! We downsized last year. It is fantastic to be able to live in less space and require less to be happy.

However, you do have to get creative when it comes to storage ideas. Building shoe shelves directly on your closet door is a great way to keep shoes organized without taking up additional space.

5. DIY Floating Shoe Rack


I don’t like storing my shoes on the floor. It’s difficult to find matches if the shoes get tossed in the wrong location.

Plus, they take up a great deal of space when stored on the floor. This is why you need these DIY floating shoe shelves. They get your shoes off the floor and can be easily created.

6. The Large DIY Shoe Lazy Susan

I’m a shoe person. I have been for as long as I can remember. Which is why I love the idea of this lazy Susan shoe storage.

They create a large cabinet which can be rotated. It allows you to display your shoes as needed and keeps everything organized.

7. Wood Crate Storage Shelf


This idea is one which can be purchased or used to inspire your own creativity. They used crates, which can be purchased at most big box stores, and connected them.

From there, they placed shoes inside each crate. This would be a great way to catch shoes at your entry way or in your closet.

8. Crown Molding Shoe Racks


Do you wear a ton of high heels? Are you tired of them being scattered across your closet floor? You need to zoom into this idea.

If you have a blank wall in your closet, hang pieces of crown molding there. Hang the shoes by their heels on the crown molding. It’s simple and inexpensive too.

9. The Ikea DIY Shoe Racksr9

Ikea is well known for producing crafty furniture. Yet, their furniture is regularly used to create something new.

Well, this shoe rack is no exception. An Ikea desk has been turned into a shoe rack. The idea is the shoe rack pulls in and out to keep from taking up space unless in use.

10. Shoe Bench

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This shoe rack is meant to inspire you. They built a bench and intended for it to fit inside a walk in closet, but they didn’t stop there.

Instead, they created pop-out shoe storage within the bench to easily store shoes without taking up any additional closet space.

11. Easy DIY Shoe Rack


Do you have a ton of shoes but nowhere to properly store them? Are you appalled by the price of some of the shoe racks you’ve seen for purchase?

Well, check out this DIY shoe rack. It’s easy to build, will help with organization, and should be more cost effective than some other options available.

12. The Oak Welly Rack


If you wear lots of boots around your homestead, you need to check out this idea. Whether you choose to purchase this rack or use it as inspiration, it’s brilliant.

You have pegs hanging on a wall. You hang the boots upside down to allow them to dry but without bringing a ton of mess to your home. It’s simple, won’t take up much space, and is functional too.

13. The Coat Hook Shoe Rack


I’m all about storage which doesn’t take up a ton of space. This idea is practical and is great for a minimalist household.

Hang coat hooks at the doorway towards the baseboards in your home. Slip your shoes off and hang them by the loops found on a variety of shoes.

14. DIY Shoe Storage Cabinet


I’m a fan of Shanty-2-Chic. They create the most impressive and functional pieces while keeping the budget low, and the glam-level high.

Well, this shoe storage cabinet is no different. It has a beautiful rustic appearance but also has ample room for shoes of all shapes and sizes.

15. Planter Shoe Racks


If you find a deal on window planters, or if you have some left over, consider this idea for a shoe rack.

The idea is simple. You hang planters on the wall at your entry way or inside your closet. Tuck shoes into planters in pairs. How many shoes you can fit in one planter will depend upon size and style of the shoe.

16. The Stand-Alone Lazy Susan Shoe Rack


The previous lazy Susan presented was taller and meant to be built where it appeared to be in the wall. This lazy Susan idea is a stand-alone option.

There’s a thorough tutorial to walk you through the building process. This shoe rack can be placed in a corner or middle of a walk-in closet, entryway, or a bedroom to quickly access any shoes you’d like.

17. DIY Entryway Storage Bench


I love this shoe storage bench. It’s a perfect idea for any foyer or entry way. You have a bench to sit on to take your shoes off and on.

Plus, you’re able to store the shoes under the bench. It keeps them out of the way of the door and organized, to keep your home looking tidy while also keeping shoes in a convenient location.

18. DIY Shoe Shelf


Would you like to store your shoes in an organized fashion which also appears modern? Then this is the design for you.

You build an a-frame ladder (using the tutorial.) The ladder can be left out or stored in a closet. Either way, you can easily see your shoes and access them.

19. The Pallet Shoe Rack


There’s no tutorial to walk you through how to build this shoe rack. Yet, after studying the picture, it seems simple.

It should take a few discarded pallets, which can be torn apart, and put together to form a basic rectangular frame and shelves which hang on the wall. Depending on where you get your pallets, this shoe rack could be free.

20. The Sturdy Shoe Rack


If you’re into the industrial style shoe rack, you’re going to love this idea. Unfortunately, there’s no tutorial to show you how to build it.

But the picture could still be used as inspiration. It has industrial pipes as the frame of the shoe rack and beautiful wooden shelves to hold your shoes.

21. Shoe Cubby


If you have a larger family (and the room for this cubby), it would be a great idea for storing shoes. I love the cubby idea because even small children can store their shoes using this method.

Plus, there are plans to build the shoe cubby yourself. This should make it a more feasible idea for those working on a tighter budget yet still in need of a creative way to store shoes.

22. California Shoe Closet


This shoe closet is a combination of different inserts purchased to form the perfect shoe closet. Whether you have sneakers, stilettos, or flip flops this closet has a place for them.

You can purchase the different pieces to recreate this closet style in your home. Or you could use it as inspiration to build your own custom closet.

23. DIY Woodworking Shoe Rack


Are you in need of a simple shoe rack? This is a great idea for one. Though there are no plans, it could be used for inspiration.

From the comments, this shoe rack was built from pallets and other recycled wood. If you have either hanging around your property, you could create a functional and cheap shoe rack.

Well, this brings us to the end of our tour of shoe racks. You now have over 20 different ways to store your shoes.

Some are more elaborate styles which allow you to quickly access your shoes. While other ideas are for the minimalist looking for functional shoe storage.

Whatever you choose, we hope you find a shoe rack which will help keep your shoe chaos to a minimum.

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