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22 DIY Birthday Card Ideas to Help You Be Festive on the Cheap

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    Are you tired of shopping the birthday card aisle only to spend a fortune and not end up with the card you want?

    I have given up purchasing birthday cards almost a decade ago. I was tired of spending the money on something most people toss in the garbage.

    But since Pinterest talented people are now able to share their ideas, and now we have the luxury of saving money while making cards our loved ones would want to keep around.

    Want to see some amazingly awesome ideas for DIY birthday cards? You’re in luck because I’ll be bringing you a variety of options for making adorable DIY birthday cards.

    Here are some options:

    1. Easy Pop-Up DIY Birthday Card

    I’m not even going to lie when you shop the card aisle for a pop-up card, you know you’re going to spend a fortune.

    Why not make this pop-up DIY card and only make people assume you spent a good deal on it? They know they’re on your mind, and you save a bundle. Everyone wins with this birthday card.

    2. Paper Candle Card

    If you’re like me and didn’t have the ‘craft gene,’ this should be a card which will still work for you. You roll up scrapbooking paper as the candles.

    From there, use pieces of twine as the wicks. You can make a card from cardstock and print any words on it you choose. It’s easy but looks great.

    3. Quick and Easy Balloon Cards

    I’m in love with these birthday cards. They’re easy to make and look great too. You begin by cutting a half circle which will be the balloon at the top corner.

    She walks you through how to make the base of the balloon and attach the string of the balloon as well. It’s a thorough and interesting video tutorial which should make this an easy card for anyone to make.

    4. Washi Tape Cards

    This is a card which would work well for a birthday card or various other occasions. You could buy different colors of tape for holidays or other celebrations.

    Either way, she walks you through each item you need, how to create the card, and shares how to make a matching envelope too.

    5. Happy Birthday Button Card

    This card doesn’t come with a tutorial, but it’s such a simple idea, you should be able to figure out how to recreate it relatively quickly.

    You can use card stock to write or stamp happy birthday on the card. From there, attach the buttons and draw lines for the balloon strings.

    6. Exploding Love Birthday Jar

    This is another birthday card idea which unfortunately doesn’t come with a tutorial. However, after studying it for a moment, it appears easy to figure out.

    You’ll begin with cardstock and draw a jar. From there, stamp your message in the middle and draw hearts. Use other pieces of cardstock to make hearts and a lid which will pop out.

    7. Harry Potter Birthday Card

    Harry Potter has been all the rage for almost a decade. If you have a Harry Potter fan in your life, consider making them this card.

    The creator of this idea shares the template on her website for cutting each piece out using paper scraps. Glue the pieces together and paste on cardstock, and you have a great card.

    8. Simple Birthday Card

    Simple Birthday Card

    Simple Birthday Card
    This card is super simple to make, and it doesn’t even require a tutorial. By looking at it, you can tell how it was constructed.

    Use cardstock to print or stamp a message on the card. Tie a bow around a birthday candle and attach it using adhesive. It’s simplistic yet a cute idea.

    9. The Owl and Balloons

    The idea for this birthday card is perfect if you have anyone in your life who adores owls. If you have the ability to cut straight and be slightly crafty, you should be able to create this card.

    There’s no tutorial, but again, it seems pretty straightforward to construct an owl, a branch, and balloons with actual string.

    10. The Birthday Banner Card

    This card shows how you can use a piece of cardstock and transform it into a gorgeous work of art with a little effort.

    Inside the card, there’s a happy birthday banner. On the outside, there’s a simple balloon. It has no fancy stamping, but it says it all.

    11. A Simple Flower Birthday Card

    This tutorial uses fancier equipment many people may not have. If you don’t, it’s okay. The machine makes it easier to have uniform pieces.

    However, you can still cut out hearts by hand and fold them in half for flower petals. You could paint the stem on the card, and also use your own stamps for the birthday message.

    12. Aged to Perfection

    Birthday cards are a great way to let your friends know you’re thinking of them on their special day. Therefore, consider this card if you have any wine enthusiast in your life.

    There isn’t a tutorial for this card, but hopefully it can be used as inspiration. The creator used stamps to make a gorgeous and funny card.

    13. Birthday Balloons Card

    This is a beautiful card for someone who is looking to make a gorgeous card but is new to the process.

    There’s a tutorial, a video, and also a supplies list. Therefore, this should make this project a little easier while also producing a gorgeous card with unique balloons.

    14. Star Wars Birthday Card

    star wars DIY birthday card

    star wars DIY birthday card
    Do you have a Star Wars fan in your life? Don’t miss out on their birthday. Instead, incorporate their interests into your DIY card.

    They walk you through each step of the process, but you can create your own unique message if you wish. It is a fun and simple birthday card any Star Wars enthusiast would be grateful to receive.

    15. The Oldometer

    This card is a fun way to spread a little birthday cheer. There’s no tutorial on how they constructed the card, but it seems straightforward.

    You can use any color cardstock you’d like. Print an odometer reading with the person’s age on it and label the card. It’ll be a card most would hang on to for a long time because of the humor and realizing it was made especially for them.

    16. Inside Tunnel Card

    There is a thorough tutorial with a video which shares how to make this unique card which would be perfect for a birthday card.

    The card looks basic from the outside, but when opened, it’s a DIY pop up card with a message and picture on the inside.

    17. Pop-Up Birthday Cake Card

    Did you assume you had to stick with flat cards because they were DIY? Well, this tutorial will show you otherwise.

    The card itself looks like a typical card, but when it opens, a unique cardboard birthday cake pops out.

    18. Printable Happy Birthday Card

    Were you struggling with time and don’t have the time left to be as crafty as you’d hoped in making a birthday card?

    Don’t panic. You can print this birthday card out on cardstock and color it. Your friend will know you still put effort into their card, and you won’t have to pay a fortune for a store-bought card.

    19. Printable Watercolor Birthday Cards

    You want to make your friend a special card, but you aren’t super crafty and are feeling a little self-conscious?

    Don’t worry; you can still be reasonably crafty with this printable birthday card. When it’s printed, use watercolors to paint it.

    20. Printable Candy Gram

    birthday card ideas

    birthday card ideas

    This is a new fun idea to replace birthday cards. Instead of making a basic card, print out a large candy gram saying and attach it to a poster board.

    You use different types of candy to fill in the spaces on the candy gram. This would equate to a card and gift in one and is guaranteed to get many laughs.

    21. The Shopping Candy Gram

    diy birthday cards

    diy birthday cards

    This is another printable candy gram option. You print out the words (which pertain to shopping and your friendship) and place it on a poster board.

    Fill in each of the blanks with a candy option which makes sense. Get creative because your candy gram can be as unique as you are.

    22. 41st Birthday

    diy birthday card

    diy birthday card

    This candy gram is meant especially for those who are turning 41. You can obviously change the number around, but it’s for people who are considered ‘over the hill.’

    But thanks to this candy gram, they don’t have to feel bad about gaining another year. They’ll get a good laugh and lots of chocolate.

    Well, you now have over 20 different options for DIY birthday cards. Some require special equipment, some can be made from scratch, and some give edible options with the card.

    These cards can be as unique as your relationships with those you love. This is what makes homemade cards such a fantastic gift.

    Hopefully you’ll find the card which best represents your relationships, and we hope they inspire you to be creative and put your own spin on them.

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