22 Spacious DIY Platform Bed Plans Suited To Any Cramped Budget -

22 Spacious DIY Platform Bed Plans Suited to Any Cramped Budget

It was almost three years ago.

My husband came home one day and declared we needed a new bed. We didn’t have much money in the budget for a new one, but he told me not to worry because he was going to build us one.

He researched for weeks and decided to go with a platform bed. We’ve been sleeping on it for roughly three years, and we probably won’t ever need to purchase another bed again in our lifetime because of how sturdy it is.

If you’re in the market for a new bed, before you rush out to buy one, let me share some ideas from all around the internet for platform beds. They’re easy to build and come in all shapes and sizes.

Here are DIY platform bed ideas you’re going to love:

22 Spacious DIY Platform Bed Plans Suited to Any Cramped Budget PIN

1. Wood Raised Platform Bed


Many people stray away from the idea of a platform bed because they’re under the impression they must sleep low to the ground.

This isn’t the case. In our first platform bed idea, the bed is a standard height and looks like a typical bed thanks to the gorgeous wooden legs beneath it.

2. Platform Bed with Bookshelves Underneath


If you live in a smaller home, making the most of storage with every opportunity is extremely important. This bed is one more way to accomplish this.

The bed is a platform bed, but the platform is a bookshelf which is wider than the bed itself. For this reason, if you’re a bookworm in search of ways to store your many books, you’ll love this bed.

3. Easy DIY Platform Bed



Would you like to have a platform bed, but you’re intimidated by taking on such a project? Thanks to this tutorial, you no longer have to be.

Instead, you can download the plans and follow the tutorial for an easier build. They include many pictures too.

4. DIY Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Bed


This is such a neat idea. This person wanted to build a platform bed with storage. They went to Ikea and purchased kitchen cabinets as the base of the bed.

But if this doesn’t sell you initially, you’ll love the fact the tutorial is in video form to make it easier throughout the DIY process.

5. Strong and Tough Platform Bed


Do you have rambunctious little ones which can be tough on regular beds? Well, you should tune into this tutorial.

They show you how to build a durable platform bed step by step. There’s a materials list, videos, and pictures to walk you through each step of the process.

6. DIY King Size Platform Bed


This king-sized bed is a perfect addition to many master bedrooms. My husband and I had a king sized bed for many years and downsized.

The downsize didn’t last long before he built a king-sized bed. If you desire a king-sized bed, consider this platform bed.

7. Platform Bed with Floating Nightstands


Some people don’t have a ton of space in their bedrooms. Fitting a bed and nightstands into a smaller room is difficult.

But nightstands make life much easier when holding lamps or charging your cell phone. This tutorial for a platform bed can help you incorporate both needs into a smaller room.

8. DIY Shanty-2-Chic Queen Platform Bed


This is a gorgeous bed. Unlike some platform beds, this platform has legs underneath the bed to make it a regular height.

Plus, the woodworking is impressive. It looks like a country farm bed, but you made it yourself, and it’s a platform which saves you the purchase of a box spring.

9. Platform Bed with Drawers


Platform beds are great for saving on space or for adding extra storage. This platform bed is not only a place to sleep but also a place to store things.

You could have a dresser and a bed in one with this design. This style of platform bed is an excellent choice for a smaller bedroom.

10. Low-Waste Platform Bed Plans


Are you working with limited carpentry skills, limited time, and on a limited budget? You came to the right place.

This platform bed is said to be quickly built within an hour and for only $30. If you need a bed, this could be the solution.

11. Platform Bed with Added Storage


Here’s another platform bed with storage areas provided underneath the bed itself. This bed doesn’t provide storage in drawers.

Instead, you’d need to put baskets under the bed to hold any excess goodies you’re struggling to find a proper storage area for.

12. Easy King DIY Platform Bed


Are you in the market for an easy king-sized platform bed? Have you considered building one yourself?

With this tutorial, you should be able to do it. It’s a gorgeous bed with a detailed tutorial to make the build easier.

13. $80 DIY Platform Bed


This platform bed is meant mainly to inspire. There’s no tutorial to accompany it, unfortunately. The caption stated it could be built for approximately $80.

After I did a little further research, some people have built this bed from this idea and have used old pallets and barn wood to accomplish the look for the right price.

14. $30 Twin Platform Bed


Do you need a twin sized bed? I had to purchase one a while ago, and I was shocked at how expensive these beds can be.

Well, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Instead, use this tutorial and build a twin-sized platform bed for around $30.

15. Platform Bed on Wheels


If we ever build another platform bed, this will be the one I would suggest to my husband. The reason is it’s easy to put together.

But I also love the rustic appearance of it. Plus, the bed is on wheels. If you have laminate or hardwood flooring, rearranging your bedroom could be a breeze.

16. The Toddler House Bed


When kids are little, enjoy building them any cute thing they wish for because the time will come when they no longer want a bed which looks like a playhouse.

Therefore, if you have a child wanting a playhouse bed, use this tutorial to build them a platform bed which should cost less money, theoretically.

17. DIY Platform Bed for Under $200


When my husband and I were first married, we purchased a unique king-sized modern canopy bed. It didn’t have an actual canopy over it but a cool design made from metal.

Well, this bed is similar and can be built thanks to this wonderful tutorial which does a thorough job of explaining the build.

18. DIY Modern Wood Platform Bed


This platform bed appears to be unique in its appearance from some of the other beds on this list. However, the tutorial makes it easy to build.

If you’d like a bed which has a headrest as part of the build, this could be the bed you’ve been searching for. It has a modern feel, which would be great if your home décor theme is more modern as well.

19. Our King-Sized Platform Bed with Storage


I couldn’t complete this list without including my own bed. The bed is a king-sized platform bed with ample storage.

There are six drawers per side of the bed. Plus, there’s a large storage drawer under the bed as well. If you need storage and a large bed, this could be the bed you’ve been searching for.

20. Ana White’s Platform Twin-Sized Beds


Ana White has a beautiful site filled with lots of DIY building plans and projects. She also shares the projects she does around her home.

These twin-sized platform beds were beds she built for her kids. The tutorials are thorough and show how to make firm beds with ample storage beneath them.

21. Simple Queen Bed Frame Plans


Are you someone looking for plans to build a simple queen-sized bed?

These plans are thorough and easy to understand. The bed is a basic platform style bed on legs. It should be easy enough to build and shouldn’t cost much either.

22. DIY Pallet Platform Bed


If you’re working on a meager budget or if you’re someone who loves the look of pallets (like myself) you’re going to want to tune into this plan.

It is constructed from pallets and nothing else. This should make the bed frame free (as long as you find pallets in good shape for free.)


Now you have over 20 different DIY options for constructing a platform bed. There are various sizes and designs which should fit almost any need you might have.

Hopefully, you can meet a need you have and add a décor change to your home with little cost to you.

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