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23 DIY Candle Holders for Added Homely Charm and Warmth

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    Do you ever browse through the home décor stores and consider how cute everything is? Yet, you check your wallet and know you can’t afford to splurge on décor?

    I get it! I see many people with gorgeously decorated homes, and I love looking at them, but I can’t bring myself to spend the money.

    Which is why I’m grateful for the internet. Trendy people create gorgeous DIY décor items and share them to help people (like me) to decorate their home on a budget.

    Therefore, we’re going to explore DIY candle holders. Candles make your home welcoming. Why not make a cute candle holder to accompany it and why spend a fortune on it?

    Here are some great ideas for DIY candle holders:


    1. DIY Laced Cement Votives

    diy candle holders

    diy candle holders

    Do you like having tea lights sitting around your home to add a romantic glow to a room? Well, you’ll love this idea.

    It doesn’t require fancy supplies. You’ll need paper cups, popsicle sticks, cement, sticker tape, and a few other items most will have on hand.

    2. Frame Lantern

    This is such a neat idea! The idea is to put four frames together to create a lantern where you can set a larger candle inside.

    It adds a touch of charm to a room, and I love the fact you can purchase the frames from the dollar store and paint them.

    3. Table Leg Candle Holders

    Do you ever shop at the Pottery Barn? They have amazingly cute décor items. This idea originated from one of their stores.

    However, the creator of this idea, decided to use old table legs as candle holders. It’s a unique way to add a little charm to your home for little money.

    4. Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder

    This is another adorable and frugal idea to create a candle holder. You use a mason jar as the base for the holder.

    From there, use real or fake leaves and Modge Podge. Place the leaves on the jar, and they create a luminary effect.

    5. Glass Bead Candle Holder

    If you’re working on a budget, you don’t get much cheaper than the dollar store. In this case, you can purchase all of your supplies from there (in most cases.)

    This candle holder requires a round vase and a bag of glass beads. The beads are attached to the vase, and you have a pretty display for a candle.

    6. Outdoor Terra Cotta Candle Holders

    This is a quick and easy project, perfect for displaying your candles outdoors. You need a terra cotta pot and the terra cotter holder which goes beneath the pot.

    From there, paint the pot the desired color, super glue the holder to the bottom of the terra cotta pot, and flip it upside down when dried to hold a candle.

    7. Cinnamon Stick Candle Holder

    Are you looking for a unique way to display your candle which won’t take a long time to create? Well, this is another fast and simple candle holder.

    Place cinnamon sticks around a candle. Use a piece of twine to secure the cinnamon sticks to the candle. This is all it takes.

    8. Concrete Tea Light Holder

    Do you need a centerpiece? Are you looking for something different but also cheap? Well, this could be your answer.

    The tutorial walks you through how to fill a butter tub with cement. From there, you create a place to hold three tea lights.

    9. Christmas Township Candle Jar

    This candle jar looks gorgeous. It appears to require a little more work than some other options shown here.

    However, if you’re someone who enjoys a good craft, you’ll like this. You spray snow on the jar, print a picture, cut it out, and attach it to the jar to complete the look.

    10. The Rock Candle Holder

    rocky diy candle holders

    rocky diy candle holders

    This candle holder will require some creativity on your part because it’s only an image without a tutorial. Obviously, you must begin with a large flat rock and multiple rounder rocks to go around the outside.

    The flatter rock will be where the candle is held. You’ll add the eyes to the round rocks and place them around the outside of the candle. It’s a cute idea!

    11. DIY Stained Glass Votive Holder

    Stained glass doesn’t get old in my eyes. There’s something charming about it. Which is why it doesn’t surprise me how much people love this DIY project.

    You use a glass vase and attach cut out pieces of tissue paper using Modge Podge. It creates a unique look and is quite gorgeous to look at.

    12. $2 DIY Candle Holders

    This is a great idea, and I was quite surprised at how it was put together after reading the tutorial. When first looking at it, you wouldn’t know the candle holder didn’t come this way.

    A straight vase has a shorter candlestick holder glued to the base. It begins to look like one piece. You pop your candle inside the holder, and you’re done.

    13. Recycled Can Tea Light Holders

    image credit: String Lights – Festoon House

    This is another easy DIY candle holders project. Save your tin cans when you’ve emptied and cleaned them. Use a drill to create decorative designs on the side of the cans.

    From there, spray paint the cans the desired color. Place a unique handle on the can and add the tea light.

    14. Large Driftwood Candle Holder

    I love rustic décor, and I also love using unique items I find along the way because it means no one will have a duplicate item.

    In this case, if you find a piece of drift wood, drill holes along the wood deep enough to hold a tea light. When the holes are deep enough, place the tea light inside the driftwood, and you have a frugal and attractive candle holder.

    15. Black Lace Votives

    This is another simple idea but is snazzy enough to be used for special occasions. Find cheap candle holders at the dollar store.

    Purchase a yard of black lace fabric and wrap the votives in the lace. Secure the lace to the holder with glue.

    16. Christmas Wine Glass Candle Holders

    This idea looks complicated from afar, but once you get into it, you realize it’s much easier than it seems.

    You decorate a wine glass (which would be the hardest part for me), turn it upside down, and place a candle on the base.

    17. Outdoor Candle Holder

    Do you eat a good amount of tuna? Don’t toss those cans. At least not until you see this idea. Clean a tuna can and paint it.

    Place the tuna can on a paint stick, place a cheap hurricane globe over the tuna can, and add a candle. You have a frugal outdoor candle holder.

    18. Votive Candle Holder

    If you have scrap wood you’d like to put to work, you must check out this neat tutorial. Drill small holes into the scrap wood large enough to hold a small candle.

    Once the holes have been drilled, add the candles to the holder. You can stain the wood to give it a more finished look.

    19. Taper Candle Holder

    This tutorial is similar to the one above. However, it’s meant for larger taper candles. You’ll need a piece of oak wood to drill holes into.

    Once the holes are drilled, you plug the candle into the wood. They should fit snuggly in place and work wonderfully as an inexpensive candle holder.

    20. Snow Covered Mason Jar Candle Holder

    People are extremely creative. Would you ever imagine Epsom salt could look as pretty as it does in this tutorial?

    Well, all you must do is coat the jar in Modge Podge and roll it in Epsom salt. It gives the jar a frosted look which can be finished with smaller Christmas décor at the top for a gorgeous candle holder.

    21. The Fork Candle Holder

    DIY Candle holders

    DIY Candle holders

    Are you looking for a unique way to add candles as a centerpiece for a special occasion or dinner? Consider this one.

    Though there’s no tutorial, the design seems simple enough. Bend forks to where the stems are the support and the spikey part of the fork is used to secure the candle.

    22. The Saucer and Teacup Candle Holder

    This is an idea which can utilize thrift store finds or old teacups which no longer have the accompanying dinnerware.

    You glue the saucer to the bottom of the teacup at each base. Turn the teacup on its top and use the saucer as the support for the candle.

    23. Rustic Wood Candle Holder

    diy candle holders

    diy candle holders

    Have you recently had to cut down an old tree and aren’t sure what to do with the smaller parts? Well, here’s an idea.

    Collect the smaller pieces of wood, drill holes in the centers, and use them as a unique candle holder. It’s a gorgeous idea too!

    Well, you now know how to make over 20 different DIY candle holders. They should work on almost any budget and also add a brightness to your home year-round. Read more about homemade candles too, for a complete DIY project.

    Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to get more creative in your home décor efforts and be able to utilize items you have on hand to stay within budget.


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