23 Fantastic Gift Basket Ideas To Make Any Recipient Smile -

23 Fantastic Gift Basket Ideas to Make Any Recipient Smile

Gift baskets and hampers are an absolutely genius idea. The best thing about them is how easily they can be personalized, for anyone from little girls who love sleepovers to men who are coffee obsessed.

You can make gift baskets to match any price point too. If you really want to spoil a special someone you could spend hundreds on a fancy basket and pile it high with all their favorite luxuries, but a simple small hamper filled with a couple of special treats is equally as thoughtful.

Of course, you can fill a gift basket with anything and everything at once, but I personally love it when they have a theme. This not only makes it easier to shop for, sometimes having too many options and ideas makes it impossible, but also lets the recipient know that you created their perfect gift basket with only them in mind.

Fantastic Gift Basket Ideas

1. For a Snowy Day

Snow Day Survival Kit Gift by The DIY Mommy

Even in the festive season of joy, it is sometimes difficult not to feel entirely miserable when you are cooped up inside, unable to leave the house for fear of freezing your limbs off. These days are however a perfect excuse to spend some good quality time together.

Whether you have this made up just ready to bring out on a homebound day, or you give it to someone to prepare them in advance, this snowy day gift basket would shin a light on any gloomy day. You could add in your own favorite games to play together, but I personally love the idea of it being full of baking and hot cocoa themed goodies, everything you need for a good old tummy warming.

2. For Breakfast in Bed

breakfast basket gift 1.1

I think this breakfast in bed gift basket would be a perfect gift to give to couples, and an easy go-to if you don't know them too well.

The jar of pancake mix is a genius idea and something that anyone would appreciate. Who wouldn't love easy homemade pancakes? This example features a sweet breakfast with pastries and pancakes, but you could definitely adapt it to any breakfast theme you want, like a full cooked breakfast with hash browns and bacon. If you are doing this though, bear in mind that some of the items might not be able to be left out of the fridge for too long.

3. For Someone Who Loves Ice Cream

6a010536fe5b48970c014e897e6a6b970d 500wi

It is true that one doesn't always crave ice cream in the colder months, but in the summer this would be the most amazing gift.

I think that kids would love this ice cream sundae gift basket, and it would be great for them when they are with friends. This could even be a fun activity at a birthday party. This DIY includes an easy chocolate sauce recipe which is extremely handy, and you could adjust the sauces and toppings that you include in your gift basket to suit the preferences and tastes of whoever you are giving it to.

4. For a College Newbie

collegesurvivalkit30daysblog 1

Moving to college for the first time isn't easy, and it is always incredibly difficult to know what to bring with you. I remember when I first moved out, my little car was absolutely full to the brim with anything and everything I owned. Of course, I only ever used about a third of it.

This college survival kit gift basket is such a lovely idea, especially for someone who might be nervous about leaving home for the first time. Make sure to fill it with all their favorite things, as well as useful things they might not have thought to buy for themselves. I always think it is so important to bring lots of photos and decorations to a college dorm, it makes it feel so much more like your own, so make sure to add some of those in if you can.

5. For the Manicure Maniac

DIY Manicure

My younger sister has always been obsessed with having her nails done all fancy, ever since she was little and would always have hands covered in nail stickers from magazines. I just know she would absolutely love to receive this manicure gift basket.

You could give this to a friend who you feel is in need of a little TLC, and give her an excuse to sit down and take a little time to herself every once in a while. If you're lucky, she might even invite you to join her in doing so.

6. For the Hot Cocoa Enthusiast

Hot Chocolate Basket 1

The way this hot cocoa gift basket is presented in this DIY is enough to make me want to give one to everyone I know this Christmas. The pine decorations and added candy canes make it look so full of festive cheer, and this would definitely be well received by anyone who loves their hot cocoa.

Most people will have their own hot cocoa powder in their house around this time of year, so really try and change it up a bit with what you put in this gift basket. Try some interesting new flavor of hot chocolate that you think sounds delicious, and don't hold back one bit when it comes to marshmallows, syrups, whipped cream and of course all the sprinkles.

7. For Someone in Love With Their Car

car wash bundle

We've all got someone in our lives who is utterly obsessed with their car, I swear one of my friends washes his car more often than he washes himself, and that's daily.

This car care themed gift basket would be perfect for car lovers and new drivers alike. I remember when I bought my first car, my parents bought me something very similar to this and I am still working my way through all the goodies. The smart thing about this as a gift is that the container itself is a bucket, perfect for washing your car, so there really isn't one aspect of this gift basket that will go unused.

8. For Someone Who Deserves To Be Pampered

methodfearnomess 8

I can think of so many people in my life who I wish would relax more, and who deserve so much more time off than they give themselves. I am hoping that giving them this spa gift basket might make them take the hint.

You could adapt this pamper gift basket to the needs of the recipient, like massage oils for someone who is always very tense, or bubble bath for someone who could benefit from just soaking in the warm water for hours. I love that they have suggested adding lovely towels to this DIY, it is little details like that which will make the gift even more special.

9. For Your Green Fingered Friend

GardenGiftBasket2pp w730 h887

This gardeners gift basket is not only cute, but also very useful for anyone who likes getting their hands dirty out in the garden. Many people in my family love gardening, but something I have noticed is that they never buy themselves pretty or more expensive gardening tools and accessories. That is why I think it would be so lovely to do that for them.

There are so many options for things you could put in this gift basket, whether it be books with tips for gardening, patterned gardening gloves or exciting seeds to try planting, and this specific gift basket has so many exciting ideas.

10. For Helping Someone Get Well

Get Well Kit1pp w730 h887

My family seems to always get hit hard with the coughs and sniffles around this time of year, and if one of us has it, the rest of us are pretty much doomed.

This get well soon gift basket would be such a thoughtful gift for anyone feeling the cold this season. Fill it up with both the practical – throat soothers and tissues, and the personal – a DVD of their favorite movie or a flask of homemade soup. They are bound to get better in no time, and you will know that you did something to really brighten their day.

11. For Welcoming a Little One Into the World

Screen Shot 2017 11 21 at 14.45.50

Most first time parents will undeniably be bombarded with new clothes and toys for their little bundle of joy, so why not use this new baby gift basket as inspiration to get them something a little different, that they will undoubtedly use.

Think of practical things, like wipes, pacifiers, and diapers, things that you really can't get enough of when adjusting to life with a new baby. If you yourself are a parent, think of the things that you found most useful, and pass on your tips and tricks. It's a nice idea to add in a couple of goodies for the parents too, like the bottle of wine suggested here, to congratulate them on their new arrival.

12. For a New Home

I think this practical new home gift basket is such a smart idea. There are only so many ‘new home' plaques you can display around your house before it gets to be too much, what someone with a new house really needs is all the little practical bits and bobs.

Whether its hooks for the walls, an extension lead or a handy tube of superglue, chances are the recipient of this gift will be looking through the gift and exclaiming ‘oh I forgot to get that myself!' Of course, it would be lovely to add in some more personal items too. You could maybe fill a photo frame with your favorite picture of the two of you together so that it can be proudly displayed in the new house.

13. For Someone with the Travel Bug

6937368695 8240662d44

Paris is my favorite place in the entire world, I know it sounds cliche, but it undeniably is. I was definitely bitten by the travel bug at a very young age, and it will stick with me for the rest of my life, so this is something I would absolutely love to receive as a gift.

This specific gift basket is, of course, Paris themed, but you could take inspiration from it and recreate it with the theme of the favorite city or country of your lucky recipient. The possibilities are endless when filling up your travel themed box, make sure to add in a quirky guidebook and some typical food of the region.

14. For a Perfect Cosy Day

Gender Neutral Birthday Gift Ideas

I love always being busy and being out doing things, but I still definitely know the value of cosy days in. This cosy gift basket idea would be perfect for days like that.

No one can ever have too many fluffy blankets, pretty mugs or warm slippers, so you really can't go wrong with the contents of this gift basket. The theme is very broad, so you could customize it as much as you want, the only rules are that everything included must be comforting and cosy.

15. For the Ultimate Girly Sleepover

sleepover kit

No woman can deny that the person they are today was partly formed through the age old tradition of the girls sleepover. Staying up late and pretending to be asleep when your parents checked in on you, having midnight feasts, doing face masks, sleepovers were eagerly anticipated for weeks.

I am desperate to make up a couple of these sleepover gift baskets for my little cousins, and fill them with all my favorite goodies from when I was their age. If I ever have a daughter I can already tell that I am going to be one of those really annoying moms who get way too involved in everything that she does. And I can't wait.

16. For Spreading a Little Bit of Sunshine


Just looking at this sunshine themed gift basket makes me smile. Yellow is one of my favorite colors simply for the way that it can brighten up a room and a mood.

Stress has such a massive influence on people nowadays, and although it might not solve all problems, I definitely think that receiving this gift, would ease the worries even just for a little while. It is always nice to know that when you are struggling, there is someone out there thinking of you. This would be the perfect gift for anyone, of any age, as the ultimate pick me up.

17. For Someone Who Loves Baking

Easter Basket Ideas 6b

This baking gift basket would be greatly received by anyone who is a fan of cooking up sweet treats. You could even make it themed for a specific time of year, just as this example is themed for Easter.

It would be easy to customize this gift for different ages or purposes. For example, kids would love their bowl being filled with fun patterned cupcake cases and funny shaped cookie cutters, while an adult may prefer some fancy vanilla extract or a nice ceramic mixing bowl. The fact that it all comes together in a bowl is both fun and of course very useful in terms of an actual gift.

18. For the Coffee Addict

Coffee Gift Basket 1

Many people can't start the day without having their coffee fix, so why not stick to something you know they love and make them up one of these coffee gift baskets.

There is an abundance of cute festive mugs being sold in literally every shop at the moment, and loads of thermal flasks too, which would be a great gift for someone who you know likes to drink their coffee on the go. There is an equal variety of new and crazy coffee flavors, so as well as popping in a packet of their favorite, push the boat out a bit and give them a flavor they will never have tried before. You might be the reason for them finding their new obsession.

19. For a New Mom

New Mama Gift Basket mommylikewhoa.com

There is a tendency for a whole lot of attention to be placed on a new baby when it is born, but remember that the mom could really do with a little bit of loving too.

New moms are going to be exhausted and adjusting to a very different way of life, so it would be a lovely idea to make them up a new mum gift basket to help them through. For this specifically themed basket, I think the more personal you make it, the better it will be. If they have been complaining to you about sore feet, get them some foot cream, if there is a specific tea they love then put that in too. Make sure this one is all about the mom, no baby bits, she deserves a whole lot of pampering after all.

20. For the Bride To Be

IMG 7747 2

My sister and I were bridesmaids for my aunt's wedding, so we made her up one of these engagement gift baskets before the big day and it went down an absolute treat.

Plan a day when you can all enjoy the basket together, I know we had so much fun flicking through the bridal magazines, applying the nail polish and sipping the champagne we put in ours. The guide for making this specific engagement gift has so many amazing ideas, from fun straws to a framed engagement photo, and it is bound to make any bride feel special.

21. For the Games Night Host

Gift Basket 1 photo

Family games night is a much loved and much-feared event in my household. Let's just say that we aren't the best at keeping our competitive sides under control.

This games gift basket would be a great gift to give to a family, or even a couple, complete with board games, card games, and snacks. Anything games that people can enjoy and play together around this time of year are great and help to completely avoid the possibility of any awkward moments or silences at family gatherings.

22. For the Tea Lover

Tea Gift Basket for the Tea Lover. Gift Idea for under 20

The British in me will never ever turn down a cup of tea. Every time you enter my granny's house, you can bet money on the fact that by the time you leave a large percentage of your blood composition will actually be tea.

There are so many fun and fruity tea varieties out there, so you could fill this tea gift basket with a wide selection of different flavors for someone to try. Anyone who loves hosting will really appreciate the restocking of their tea supply and will feel very fancy when they next offer tea to a guest and can list off their tropical selection. I love to dip a biscuit in my tea, so I am all for the shortbread addition, and the little teapot is incredibly cute.

23. For an Epic Movie Night

redboxgift 2

No proper movie night is complete without a whole load of snacks, preferably unhealthy ones, and some popcorn. For the film fanatic in your life, this movie night gift basket would be a great gift.

I love the fact that the snacks are put in a popcorn bucket, it makes it look very authentic and fun. If you want to take this even further, you could include a DVD or box set in the bucket along with the snacks, so your recipient really could stop everything and have a cinematic experience the minute you give this to them.


I think there might now be a slight chance that every single one of my family members will be getting various themed gift baskets for Christmas this year. I also think that they would not complain.

I am a big fan of the sleepover gift basket, because it brings back so many fun childhood memories for me, but I also love the various hot drink ones, and know so many people who would really appreciate those this winter. I am secretly hoping one of my friends gets engaged soon too, just so I have an excuse to make up another engagement gift basket.

Have you ever received a gift basket you absolutely loved? Do you think you will be placing any of these under your Christmas tree this December?

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