23 Ingenious Paracord Projects You Can Make This Weekend -

23 Ingenious Paracord Projects You Can Make This Weekend

Paracord projects are having a moment right now and what was once only used for survival purposes has taken the craft world by storm.

This ingenious cord can be found in most craft stores or at an army surplus store, and its versatility makes it great for kids and adults. Use your bundle of paracord to create any one of these fantastic projects.

23 Ingenious Paracord Projects You Can Make This Weekend PIN

1. Paracord Belt

paracord belt

This cool belt looks fashionable and is easy to customize with your favorite color paracord. And, of course, it's also practical and useful too.

2. Paracord Snake

paracord snake

Paracord projects for kids have never been as fun as these adorable snakes. Mix and match the colors to create these cute little pets.

3. Paracord Tin Pouch

paracord pouch

This handy pouch is an ideal size for an Altoids tin, where you can store mints or small tools for survival. The carabiner makes it easy to clip the pouch to your belt or backpack.

4. Paracord Lanyard

paracord lanyard

This handy paracord lanyard is great for clipping your ID badge or an easy way to clip items to your belt during a hike.

5. Paracord Watch Band

paracord watch band

A paracord watch band is pretty simple to put together and gives you a survival tool that also looks stylish for everyday wear.

6. Paracord Mug Handle

paracord mug handle

Got an insulated mug that doesn't have a handle? Use paracord to make this cool handle that turns your cup into an on the go option.

7. Paracord Giant Monkey Fist

paracord monkey fist

When it comes to paracord projects, this one lets you create a neat decoration. All you need to make this giant monkey fist is a pool ball and some paracord.

8. Paracord Sandals

paracord sandals

These paracord sandals are a great way to repurpose a broken pair of shoes and create a look that no one else will have. Use paracord to make traditional sandals or flip-flops.

9. Paracord Water Bottle Holder

paracord water bottle holder

You'll never have to worry about being thirsty when you carry this water bottle holder. It's completely customizable with your favorite colors and is perfect for hiking.

10. Paracord Sleeping Bag Compression Strap

paracord compression strap

Sleeping bag straps tend to wear out, but this paracord compression strap is easy to make as an alternative that keeps your sleeping bag rolled up and makes it convenient to carry.

11. Paracord Pineapple Key Chain

paracord pineapple

This adorable pineapple keychain is fun to display on your keyring, but you can also bring life to a backpack or zipper pull with it. Although the instructions are in German, the images are easy to understand.

12. Paracord Hanging Chair

paracord hanging chair

Using just an old palette and some paracord, you can construct this comfortable hanging chair. It's great for your backyard or your campsite and is one of the paracord projects you'll be most proud of.

13. Paracord Dog Collar

paracord dog collar

This dog collar is fun to make, and you can choose your favorite colors. Your dog is always going to be walking in style with this around his neck.

14. Paracord Dog Toys

paracord dog toys

Give your dog some fun paracord toys to play with in bright colors and patterns. These aren't as hard to make as you might think and your furry friend will certainly appreciate having them.

15. Paracord iPhone Cable

paracord iphone cable

Not only does this cord cable add some style to your charging station, but it also protects your phone cable from being damaged or broken.

16. Paracord Walletparacord wallet

You can bet no one else is going to have this awesome paracord wallet. It's easy to make, and you can customize it with any color or pattern you want.

17. Paracord Buddies

paracord buddies

Creating these paracord buddies can be an entertaining project for kids. They make lovely gifts and are fun to clip to backpacks, belts and cell phone cases.

18. Paracord Drawstring Bag

paracord bag

Anything you put in this handy drawstring bag is going to be easy to carry from place to place. It's perfect for college or summer camp and can be any color you choose.

19. Heart Stitched Paracord Bracelet

paracord heart bracelet

Once you get the traditional method of making a paracord bracelet down pat, you can try this heart stitched version for something amusing and unique. Paracord projects can be useful and beautiful, which this bracelet proves.

20. Paracord Germ Grenade

paracord germ grenade

These germ grenades are the perfect way to carry and keep track of your small bottles of hand sanitizers. They're perfect for sending with kids to school!

21. Hiking Stick Paracord Wrap

paracord hiking stick wrap

Give yourself a stylish hiking stick and make it easier to grip and carry on long hikes with this easy to make wrap.

22. Paracord Hex Nut Bracelet

paracord hex nut bracelet

Make your standard paracord bracelet stand out by adding hex nuts to the pattern. It's easy to do and fun to give as gifts.

23. Paracord Ranger Beads

paracord ranger beads

These ranger beads can be used as counter tools, much like a rosary, but are also handy for tightening pouches and bags.

There are lots of variations on each of these paracord projects so feel free to make them your own. Use the colors you love best and make changes as you see fit. What do you like to make out of paracord?

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