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23 Spectacular DIY Tree Toppers You Can Make Yourself!

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    Thanksgiving is done. It’s now time to let the shopping and decorating begin for the next holiday. Did you know your tree is probably one of the most noticed items in your home when you decorate?

    This is why many people spend a fortune decorating their Christmas tree, but you don’t have to. You can find awesome DIY decorations.

    Plus, you can finish your tree off with a spectacular DIY tree topper. Don’t assume because your tree topper is homemade it has to look like it.

    In fact, the DIY tree toppers I’m going to share with you look anything but homemade! Here are some spectacular DIY tree toppers perfect for your tree this year:

    1. The Solo Cup DIY Tree Topper

    This tree topper is gorgeous while also inexpensive. They used a red solo cup as the base for the tree topper.

    From there, they added gorgeous varieties of ribbon and a few inexpensive circular Christmas ornaments.

    2. The Box Star

    Are you into upcycling? Can you look past what something is to see the potential of what it could be? This tree topper is for you!

    They used an old box from when something was shipped to them. From there, they made a star, painted it, and it definitely set their tree apart.

    3. Rustic Star Tree Topper

    If you’re into having rustic décor or a farmhouse theme Christmas, you’ll like this tree topper idea. The creator used only twigs, craft wire, and hot glue.

    She was able to manipulate different twigs she foraged for into the shape of a gorgeous star. It would work well atop many trees.

    4. DIY Starburst Tree Topper

    Would you like a tree topper which appears to be a burst of light atop your perfectly decorated Christmas tree?

    This tutorial can walk you through how to accomplish this. It requires a ball of Styrofoam, wooden skewers, PVC pipe, and metallic paint.

    5. DIY Moravian Star Tree Topper

    This is an idea which may take someone who is on the crafty side. You all know I’m usually not, but if you are, definitely check out this tutorial.

    They used old sheet music, a template, and some cardstock to create this beautiful tree topper. It would be the finishing touch on any Christmas tree.

    6. Pipe Cleaner Tree Topper

    Are you on a budget but still need a fabulous tree topper for your Christmas tree? Look no further than this idea.

    It only requires two different colors of pipe cleaners. You secure them together and have a gorgeous glittery tree topper with little cost and effort.

    7. DIY Felt Tree Topper

    This is a cute and simple idea for a tree topper. You begin by tracing a star pattern onto two pieces of felt.

    Cut the pieces out and sew them together. Fill the star with stuffing and give it a base to sit atop your tree.

    8. Toilet Paper Roll Tree Topper

    toilet roll tree topper

    toilet roll tree topper

    We all have toilet paper rolls because it’s a product we all must have. Instead of tossing the rolls, save them for this project.

    They were able to manipulate the shape of the toilet paper rolls and secure them together to form a gorgeous tree topper.

    9. DIY Pom-Pom Tree Topper

    This tree topper cracks me up because it reminds me of what a crested duck looks like. If you want a colorful and different style of a tree topper, you must check this out.

    The idea consists of a Styrofoam ball and pom-poms. The pom-poms are glued to the ball and fitted atop the tree.

    10. Tree Topper Bow

    Have you ever wondered how to make a large bow to fit on your tree as a tree topper? This tutorial can help!

    They give you the list of materials you need and also have detailed pictures to walk you through each step.

    11. DIY Beaded Star Tree Topper

    If you’re looking for a simple tree topper, this idea could be what you’ve been searching for.

    The tutorial walks you through how to make the beads, how to assemble the star, and offers pictures to help you with each step.

    12. Candy Cane Star Tree Topper

    This idea for a tree topper is inexpensive and seems simple enough to create. It requires 10 candy canes and 10 mints.

    From there, follow the pictures to piece them together into a star and secure them with hot glue. Add ribbon for a nice finishing touch.

    13. Rustic Chicken Wire Tree Topper

    stick tree topper

    stick tree topper

    I’m in love with this tree topper. To the point, I’m seriously considering making it for my own tree this year.

    The tutorial walks you through how to piece together different pieces of foraged wood to make a star. You put chicken wire in the center and have a gorgeous yet simple tree topper.

    14. Burlap Bow Tree Topper

    I’m obsessed with burlap. It’s an easy and inexpensive fabric to use, but it also has a way of still making everything it’s applied to stand out.

    Therefore, this easy tutorial for a burlap bow to go atop your tree seems like a must-have for your tree this holiday season.

    15. DIY Christmas Owl Tree Topper

    Do you have a slight obsession with owls? It’s okay. I have quite a few people in my life who fit into this category.

    Therefore, I knew this tutorial had to be shared because people who love owls may want one to top off their tree this year.

    16. DIY Angel Tree Topper

    Would you like to incorporate both a star and an angel on the top of your Christmas tree? This tutorial can help you with this.

    The awesome news is everything you need to make this tree topper can usually be located at your local dollar store.

    17. Woven Paper Tree Topper

    This tree topper is gorgeous and is one to make you become intimidated by DIY if you didn’t check out the tutorial first.

    However, once you see the process in pictures, you’ll realize this tree topper isn’t as difficult as it may appear initially.

    18. Candy Tree Topper

    This is such a cool idea! They used paper plates to make them look as though they were wrapped peppermints and lollipops.

    From there, they placed them all over their tree (including as a tree topper.) Match this with colorful lights, and you’ll have one awesome tree.

    19. The Weathervane Tree Topper

    This is my all-time favorite tree topper. It’s easy to make and has a way of adding a rustic touch without a great deal of fuss.

    It’s created from a hand-drawn template onto a piece of wood. The wood is painted to look like its metal.

    20. JOY Tree Topper

    This tree topper can be a little more difficult to make in comparison to some of the other ideas shared here.

    However, if you can locate the supplies and follow the tutorial you should be able to make a variety of gorgeous tree toppers using this one method.

    21. Snowman Tree Topper

    It’s becoming popular to have an all-white Christmas tree and decorate it like a giant snowman. The issue is when you go to buy the snowman head. They can be expensive.

    Thanks to this tutorial, you don’t have to buy one. Instead, you can make it with only a few basic supplies.

    22. The Coffee Can Hat Tree Topper

    tree topper

    tree topper

    This is such a simple idea, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t already thought of it. You turn an old coffee can upside down inside a circular piece of Styrofoam.

    From there, wrap the structure in craft style rope. Add a bow or another decoration to the brim, and you have an inexpensive hat to top your tree.

    23. The Black Bear Tree Topper

    tree toppers

    tree toppers

    This is shared as a general idea. Do you have kids who love stuffed animals? Well, put them to use on your tree.

    If you have one which could look as though it was climbing the tree, attach it to the top. It allows you to use what you already have and have a creative tree topper too.

    You now have over 20 different ideas for DIY tree toppers. They’re each unique in their own way and should help you to produce a unique Christmas tree this year.

    Whether you’re looking for a fresh idea or are working on a tight decorating budget, you should be able to find something to make or inspire you towards the décor in your home this holiday season.

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