26 DIY Cardboard Furniture Ideas That Are Surprisingly Practical -

26 DIY Cardboard Furniture Ideas That Are Surprisingly Practical

Have you ever found yourself wishing for a particular piece of furniture to do a certain job? What stopped you from buying that piece?

Well, most of the time it is the price that stops us from buying furniture because let’s face it, it isn’t cheap.

However, I have recently run across an idea that I think is definitely worth sharing. Are you familiar with the idea of cardboard furniture? If not, then I’m guessing you are probably thinking what I was thinking the first time someone mentioned it to me. My initial response was, “Huh?”

But after checking into it, cardboard furniture is very inexpensive to make, it allows you to use recycled materials, and it is also actually very durable.

So I wanted to bring a selection of cardboard furniture ideas to you to see what you thought and if any were of interest to you.

Here is what I found:

Cardboard Furniture Ideas

1. Cardboard Lap Desk


Do you own a laptop? Do you do a lot of work with it? If so, then you may find it helpful to have an actual lap desk.

Well, you no longer have to buy an expensive option. Instead, you can create your very own from cardboard.

Check out this cardboard furniture

2. Cardboard Desk and Shelf


This is actually a really lovely set-up. They made a desk of cardboard which would be great to complete school work on.

Then they added cardboard shelves over the desk which would be great to hold books or other trinkets as well.

Check out this cardboard furniture

3. Cardboard Wardrobe


When I was a little girl, I had a pretty vanity where I could look in the mirror and fix my hair. It was a handy place to sit and get all dolled up.

Well, this reminds me a lot of that piece of furniture. It has a mirror, place to sit, and drawers to store what you need.

Check out this cardboard furniture

4. Chair and Foot Stool


This is a really neat cardboard furniture idea. You can have a little chair that is solid and higher off of the ground.

Or you can take the middle section of the chair out and have a footstool to rest your feet on. Pretty neat, huh?

Check out this cardboard furniture

5. Child’s Playhouse


Do you have a little one that would really like to have their very own playhouse? Are you worried you can’t afford one?

Well, think again. Thanks to this cardboard playhouse idea, you can probably make your own for a very affordable price.

Check out this cardboard furniture

6. Cardboard Lamp


Have you ever considered building a lamp instead of buying one? If so, then you should consider recreating this really awesome lamp.

But the best part about it is it is made from cardboard. Not only is it unique in appearance, but it is also inexpensive and a form of upcycling.

Check out this cardboard furniture

7. The Cardboard High Chair


Do you know how much money parents spend purchasing baby supplies? Could you imagine the money that would be saved if parents knew about this idea?

Well, if you are a parent on a budget or one that would like to help decrease waste, then consider this cardboard high chair.

Check out this cardboard furniture

8. The Elephant Table


This is a fun little table that would be wonderful to decorate a nursery or small child’s room with. It would also be very budget-friendly too.

So if you are looking to redecorate your child’s room or are expecting a new addition, consider building a piece of furniture like this.

Check out this cardboard furniture

9. The Fancy Cardboard Table


You see tables like this a lot in people’s entryways. It is a gorgeous piece that will catch the eye of anyone walking through your front door.

But it might be surprising that this furniture is actually created from cardboard. Think of how gorgeous your home could be decorated for such a very small amount of money.

Check out this cardboard furniture

10. The Cardboard Armoire


Armoires are such handy pieces of furniture. They are gorgeous accent pieces to the room while also being very functional too.

So why not build yourself one from cardboard? It looks as though it could hold a decent amount of clothing.

Check out this cardboard furniture

11. Closet Organizer


Have you ever tried to put a closet organizer into your closet to make it function a little better and be able to store more?

Well, I have not that long ago, and it can be very expensive. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on that project anymore though thanks to this cardboard furniture idea.

Check out this cardboard furniture

12. The Larger Accent Table


This accent table is another piece of furniture that is very commonly viewed in people’s homes. They put them in between their kitchen and living room to add style and show off pictures or other items that mean a lot to them.

But this style table is normally very expensive. That is no longer the case since it can be built out of cardboard and look just as charming, in my opinion.

Check out this cardboard furniture

13. The Disney Cardboard Dresser


Have you ever seen the movie Beauty and the Beast, the cartoon version? If so, then this piece of furniture probably looks very familiar to you.

Basically, they made a dresser that looks as though it has come to life (like the dresser in the movie.) It is fun, made of cardboard, and would be a great addition to most homes.

Check out this cardboard furniture

14. The Cardboard Couch


I really wish more people knew about this form of furniture and that they could create it on their own with a little research and patience.

I say this because I see (almost daily) people in need of furniture and posting it on social media. They don’t have a lot of money, but if only they knew that there was furniture that could be made and be durable just like this couch.

Check out this cardboard furniture

15. Cardboard Ottoman


This cardboard ottoman is one that has a lot of great charm to it. It seems to be the right height to rest your tired feet on.

But they didn’t just form a basic box. They added some charm with upside down triangles on the stool. It is actually quite charming.

Check out this cardboard furniture

16. The Cardboard Desk


This isn’t just a basic desk. It is one that is better known for being chic. Who says cardboard furniture has to be boring or even look as though it was made from cardboard?

So if you are working on a budget but still want a pretty desk, then consider this design for one.

Check out this cardboard furniture

17. Cardboard Fireplace


Did you think that because you moved into a place that had no fireplace, that you couldn’t still have a fireplace to decorate for the holidays?

Well, think again. Thanks to this cardboard design, you can create an inexpensive faux fireplace that will really add to the charm around your home.

Check out this cardboard furniture

18. Child’s Storage/Entertainment Center


This is a really gorgeous piece of cardboard furniture. It has room to store toys, books, or even clothing inside this furniture.

But it also has room to hold a television if you wish. Or it could just be a nice piece of furniture to add some charm to your nursery.

Check out this cardboard furniture

19. Unique Cardboard Drawers


This is a truly unique piece of furniture. If you have a more modern style or taste, then you might really like this design.

Basically, the furniture is a dresser. But the design makes it appear that the drawers are coming down at a slant for a modern touch.

Check out this cardboard furniture

20. Easy Cardboard Shelves


Are you looking at all of these pieces of furniture and thinking, “Gee, they are beautiful, but I can’t do that!”

Well, you aren’t alone in that notion. So here is a set of shelves that I feel certain that most anyone could recreate with a little research, patience, and will-power.

Check out this cardboard furniture

21. The Paper Chair


This chair is so cool. It has big winged out arms that make the chair look big and roomy. It also looks a little oversized as well, like a chair and a half.

But the amazing thing is this chair, too, is made from cardboard. If you want a modern and comfy chair, then consider trying to recreate this idea.

Check out this cardboard furniture

22. 5-Piece Cardboard Lounge Chair


This lounge chair seems to be pretty easy to put together as it only has 5 pieces to its construction. It also looks very comfortable because it is a lounge chair.

So if you’d like to create your own lounge chair for your living room but don’t want to spend a lot of money, then you might want to consider this style of chair.

Check out this cardboard furniture

23. Cardboard Ball Chair


When I was in college, we called this kind of chair an ‘egg chair.’ I had one, and it was one of the comfiest chairs I had ever owned.

So when I saw that it could be recreated out of cardboard, naturally, my interest was piqued. If you like ball chairs, then you’ll want to check this one out.

Check out this cardboard furniture

24. The Cardboard Table


This little table could be used as an end table, in an office, or in an entryway. Wherever you decided to use it, it would certainly draw an eye to it.

Though the blog post is in a different language, I love that I could still see how to construct it via pictures.

Check out this cardboard furniture

25. Cardboard Chest and Drawers


If you are in need of a place to store your clothing, then why not consider this DIY option? It is really cute and can be made to fit your style.

So there is also a helpful tutorial that should make the creation of this furniture a little easier as well. This would be a unique and budget-friendly solution for more storage.

Check out this cardboard furniture

26. Cardboard Window Valance


Do you like beautiful window valances? Do you prefer the ones that are stationary versus the traditional cloth style?

Well, if so, then you’ll love this idea where they create window valances from cardboard and then cover them with different material to make them more visually appealing.

Check out this cardboard furniture

So you now have over 25 different options for cardboard furniture ideas. This should hopefully inspire you to create a gorgeous home on a small budget while also using recycled materials.

But would you? Do you like the look of cardboard furniture? Is it practical in your experience and/or opinion?

We love hearing your thoughts, so share them with us! Leave them in the comment section below.

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