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27 Simple Tutorials to Build a DIY Hat Rack

Taken a look at your room lately and noticed that your hat collection has grown? Are you running out of space to keep them all? We don't want those beauties ending up on the floor! That's why we recommend a DIY hat rack!

Sure, you could go out and buy one, but what's the fun in that? Building your own furniture pieces is much more rewarding and a great way to spend a weekend with friends or all on your own with the radio cranked up!

Below are 27 simple and sweet tutorials for a DIY hat rack that you are sure to fall in love with! It might be hard to pick just one, but something will definitely grab your attention!

1. Scandinavian Wall Mounted

diy hat rackdiy hat rack

A bold wall mounted hat rack that has a simple Scandinavian look due to the untouched softwood and the simple design.

2. Dowels

Talk about minimalistic! Look at how easy a DIY hat rack can be! Just a few dowels up on the wall is all you need.

3. Teepee

I'm really digging this teepee design that works great to hang up coats, purses and obviously hats!

4. Painted Antler

A fun DIY project that lets you use your creativity as you paint your antler hat rack with your favorite colors and patterns.

5. Wooly Mammoth

So unique! This cute little wooly mammoth hat rack is a challenging project but will definitely grab attention!

6. Driftwood

Even though it says “towel rack” we all know that this beautiful DIY driftwood rack would look beautiful full of hats!

7. Baseball Pallet

Perfect for your little baseball stars bedroom so they can hang up their collection of baseball caps!

8. Hanging Hat Organizer

If you have a cool collection of hats you should really show them off! Make your hat rack a statement wall piece that will keep your hats organized!

9. Industrial

Get an industrial look to your DIY hat rack by creating it with recycled wood and cool pieces of pipe as the hooks!

10. Wooden Wall Mount

A lovely DIY design that would look great in the front room to hang up your collection of gorgeous fedoras, sun hats, and baseball caps!

11. Copper

Here's a sweet design that uses a trendy copper pipe and metal rings with clips so you can slide around your hats and keep them organized!

12. Copper and Rope

Here's a cool combination between the hat organizer and the copper pipe designs that we saw before!

13. Sleek and Simple

A sleek and chic design that will add a stylish organizational piece to your front entrance, perfect for hats and coats!

14. Neon Animals

The perfect place to hang up your kiddos toques, baseball caps and funny sailor hats that you make them wear for your ultra cute photo album!

15. Pegboard

I absolutely LOVE pegboards! They are so simple yet so chic, what's not to love? You can easily move the pegs around to fit your own personal hanging needs!

16. Hat Stands

If you're a real hat collector, you're going to need something extra special to show off your super fancy hats!

17. Painted Branches

Bring the outdoors in with a unique branch hat and coat rack! Paint the branches a pure white or go for bright rainbow colors!

18. Hangers

Hangers turned upside down make for a handy hook for hats, coats, keys or dog leashes!

19. Pallet Wood

This DIY hat rack has a small storage space where you can keep gardening gloves, store the mail or that homework you don't want to forget again!

20. Crowded Hat Wall

Now if you have quite an extensive hat collection then here is a charming way to not only keep them off the floor but to show them off too!

21. Traveling Hat Rack

This DIY hat rack really gets around! It can get around a door frame or even a large mirror and make quite the statement!

22. Muskie Fish

Any fishermen out there? If so, you probably have at least a few hats that you use when you go out on the boat. Hang them up in style!

23. Refurbished Shutter

Turn what was once a dull old shutter into a useful and fabulous DIY hat rack painted with your favorite shade of blue!

24. Wood and Leather

A nice combination of wood with leather to hang not only your fedoras and visors but your house coats too!

25. Minimalistic

Building your own hat rack doesn't have to be a complicated thing! It can be as simple as a few wooden pegs screwed into a board and voila!

26. Farmhouse

A great addition to your rustic farmhouse is a rustic farmhouse hat rack for your cowboy hats and gardening caps!

27. Building Block

Your little one is going to love this new addition to their bedroom! It's fun, playful and a great place to store their bibs and hats!

How's that for a diverse list of stylish and functional hat racks? Pretty good, right??

If you've got floor space to spare you can try building a boho-chic teepee hat rack or if floor space is limited, go for a wall mounted hat rack instead! If you like to be unique and bold, then I recommend the neon animal hat rack or maybe even the rainbow hat stand!

But, if you are an uncomplicated person, well, we saw lots of minimalistic hat racks that don't make a big statement but look equally as great!

A DIY hat rack is a great way to give your crafting skills a try since they are generally simpler projects and in no time you'll be building full dining tables with matching chairs! Everybody starts somewhere!

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