28 Awesome DIY Valentine’s Day T-Shirt Ideas -

28 Awesome DIY Valentine’s Day T-Shirt Ideas

Do you like to dress your family festively for Valentine’s Day?

When I was a kid, it was normal for everyone to show up to school and work wearing reds and pinks on this particular day.

But with Pinterest, so much has changed now. You can find all kinds of creative ideas that you can recreate yourself by simply printing off a template or heading to a craft store.

So I wanted to bring you some adorable T-shirt ideas just in the nick of time for Valentine’s Day. That way if you want your family to look super cute and festive, you can do that for hopefully less than buying a Valentine’s Day shirt at the store.

1. I Choo-Choo-Choose You


This shirt is such a cute idea for a little one. I know when my son was younger he absolutely loved trains and would’ve loved a shirt that had a train on the front.

But to send this shirt over the top, it has a trendy tagline that is not only cute but festive too. And even if you don’t want to try to recreate this idea, you can purchase the shirt for a reasonable price at the link as well.

2. My First Valentine’s Day


Are you a new parent? Congratulations! But isn’t it funny how those first holidays can sneak up on you? You want your child to be dressed in a festive manner, so you can take adorable pictures that you’ll treasure forever.

Well, this shirt idea is from Etsy. You can hopefully use it for inspiration to create your shirt, or you can order this one as well from the link. Either way, your kiddo will be dressed super cute for their first Valentine’s Day.

3. The Big Red Lips


We all know that Valentine’s Day is a day for love and romance. Which is why I love the simplicity of this shirt. You can purchase the big set of lips and then transfer it onto a shirt.

But the idea works well for adults and kids both because it is so simple. The big red lips can also be a sign of affection or just a cute design for children. It is definitely versatile.

4. The Love Thief


This is another design that you purchase the saying for the shirt and then apply it to a shirt. This makes it easy to recreate and also very inexpensive to do.

However, you must have a cutting machine to utilize this, so be sure you have what you need before purchasing the design. But this idea would be so cute for a small child.

5. Love You Shirt


This design is another straightforward idea that still looks fashionable too. You could pair it with lots of different clothing options to make it look as trendy or comfortable as you want your look to be on Valentine’s Day.

So if you like the basic words and arrow design, then either consider using this idea to create your shirt option, or you can order this shirt at the link.

6. Hearts Up the Side


Do you like the idea of your child looking festive, but you worry that maybe you aren’t crafty enough to recreate what you see here?

Well, worry no more. This shirt is just basic iron-on hearts going up the side of a shirt. This one you will have to recreate because the link where it was once sold is now no longer in existence. But come on, this shirt is so easy to make I feel confident that anyone could easily recreate it themselves.

7. Mommy & Me Valentine’s Day Shirts


I love this idea. Since I’m a ‘boy mom,’ I didn’t get to do all of the matching outfits when my kids were little, and they certainly wouldn’t want to match me now.

But if you have little girls that still think it’s fun to dress like mommy, then consider using this shirt idea as inspiration to create your own. Or you could even purchase these shirts at the link provided. Either way, you all would look festive and adorable for Valentine’s Day this year.

8. Refashioned Faded Shirt


Do you have an old shirt that you just don’t wear anymore because it is old, faded, and worn out? If so, then don’t toss it just yet. It could be your Valentine’s Day outfit this year.

So you just need to follow this tutorial on how you can cut a heart design in the shirt. Then you put a red or pink shirt underneath it, and you’ll be festive in no time and at little to no cost to you. That sounds pretty awesome to me!

9. XOXO Ya’ll


You all know that I’m a southerner (I just had to fight not to type ya’ll!) So anything that includes the word ‘ya’ll' in it automatically has my vote.

But I love the simplicity of this shirt because not only does it come across as trendy, but it should also be easy to recreate the idea on your own if you desire. If not, you can follow the link and purchase the shirt online. Either way, you’ll be trendy this Valentine’s Day.

10. So Stinkin’ Cute


Okay, who doesn’t love the ‘poo’ emoji? It is such an awkward emoji because we all know what it represents, but it is so cute. Which is why I love this shirt idea.

So if you have small children, you can use this idea to recreate a shirt that includes the favorite emojis while also telling the absolute truth about your adorable child. You just purchase the design from the link and transfer it onto a shirt. See what you think!

11. DIY Valentine’s Day Shirt


If you are like me, if something isn’t ready to be transferred onto a shirt, then I most likely need a tutorial. That is why I love this shirt idea. You create the shirt from cookie cutters and glitter.

You will have an adorable outfit for your little one in no time flat. Sounds super easy, inexpensive, and a fun way to share in the excitement with your little one over this holiday.

12. Cuter Than Cupid


I remember when my youngest was in preschool, he had so many fun parties throughout the school year to celebrate different special days.

Well, if you have a little one in school why not let them show up on ‘party days’ dressed for the occasion? With this design, you just attach it to a shirt, and your little one is ready to celebrate!

13. Mickey Love


Do you have a little one that loves Mickey Mouse? If so, then this shirt could be right up your alley for this Valentine’s Day.

I know how a little one can be virtually obsessed with Mickey Mouse. My youngest was! So why not incorporate the character they love into their Valentine’s Day celebration with this fun shirt idea?

14. I Have Better Aim Than Cupid


I’m excited about this shirt because when you have little boys, often it can be hard to find cute clothes that are festive. If you have a little female future hunter on your hands, then this might work for her as well.

Either way, you have an adorable and colorful shirt that also has a funny little saying on the front that will undoubtedly catch some attention. You can either use this design as inspiration for your design or purchase it at the link provided.

15. Love Bites


This shirt is a trendy but funny shirt for a little boy to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. It has the face of a shark with its mouth open.

Then the words ‘Love Bites’ are inside the shark’s mouth. Again, paired with the right clothing your son could look like a trendy model. If you would rather go for comfort, this shirt would work for that as well.

16. Red Sparkle Heart Tee


I love this shirt idea. It will stand out because of the giant red heart, your child should feel very festive in it, and also it comes with a great tutorial to help you create the design.

So if you are a little nervous about DIYing your child’s Valentine’s Day outfit, then consider trying this idea since it seems super simple.

17. Mommy’s Valentine


Who doesn’t want their child to be their Valentine? No matter how old my boys get they still love their mama, but there comes an age when you get bumped down the ‘Valentine’ list for the cute little girl down the street.

So ladies, as long as your kiddos want you to be your Valentine, then consider publicizing it on a t-shirt. Then you can personalize it by adding their name to it as well. You can use this idea as inspiration for your design or purchase the shirt at the link.

18. I Steal Hearts


Do you have a child that loves dinosaurs? If so, then this shirt could be a great Valentine’s Day shirt option.

But not only does it show a dinosaur front and center, but it also has a cute saying that says, “I steal hearts.” How utterly cute and trendy for this time of year?

19. Coffee is my Valentine


Okay, I need this shirt like yesterday! I am a woman that runs on coffee. Let’s face it; I think most moms do.

Which is why I think this shirt would be extremely appropriate for busy moms around the world. You could probably DIY this design or purchase the shirt from the link if you don’t have the time to DIY yourself a shirt. (No judgment. I’m in that season of life too!)

20. I Dig You


This is another super cute shirt option for a little boy. I have a friend that her little boys love playing with toy heavy equipment.

So as soon as I saw this shirt, I thought of them. If you have a little one that likes to play in the dirt too, then this shirt might be perfect for them too.

21. Shot Through the Heart Valentine’s Day Shirt


This is another very popular idea for a child’s or adult’s Valentine’s Day shirt. It comes with a handy tutorial since the design is stenciled onto the shirt.

So if you’d like something trendy, creative, and adorable then consider trying this shirt idea and see what you think.

22. Buffalo Plaid XOXO Shirt


Are you all about buffalo plaid? It could be a fashionable way to incorporate a little red into your life on Valentine’s Day.

Well, if you want a cute but straightforward shirt, this design would be easy enough to recreate. Or you could purchase the shirt from the link.

23. My Bows are Big, but My Heart is Bigger


This would be an adorable design for a little girl’s shirt. It is pink and festive for Valentine’s Day while also remaining fun and cute too.

But the best part about this shirt is that it would work well for Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year too.

24. Girl Unicorn Design Valentine’s Day Shirt


Do you have a little girl that loves unicorns? If so, then you need to tune in to this shirt. It has the face of a unicorn in the center of the shirt.

But then you can personalize your child’s name on the shirt as well. This shirt might be able to be recreated if you do an internet search or visit the right craft stores. If not, you can always order it.

25. Mr. Steal Your Heart


Do you want a shirt for your young man that will exude confidence from a young age? If so, then this shirt is it.

Plus, it comes with a great tutorial and a free cut-file too to make it easier to recreate this shirt yourself. How festive and fun this Valentine’s Day?

26. Your Future Mister Right


This is another adorable and quite confident shirt for a little boy or young man. I love the colors of the shirt as well.

So if you want a fun and festive Valentine’s Day shirt, then consider recreating this design. It is simple since you just need to order the cut-out and apply to a T-shirt.

27. Valentine’s Day Freezer Paper Stencil Tee


Did you know that freezer paper could be used to help you make the perfect Valentine’s Day t-shirt for your child?

Well, if not, you can’t say that tomorrow. This tutorial walks you through the process of stenciling the word “love” on a t-shirt. This is a simple way to have a festive shirt just in time for Valentine’s Day.

28. Valentine’s Day Teacher Shirt


Are you a teacher? If so, then I know you want to go to school looking festive on Valentine’s Day. You should check out this design for a Valentine’s Day shirt.

So the saying is cute, and you should be able to find the cut-out for it on the internet. If you don’t have the time to make it yourself, then you can always order the shirt from the link as well.

Well, you now have 28 different designs for festive shirts to wear this Valentine’s Day. You can utilize the tutorials, free cutouts, or simple design ideas to create your own shirt.

Or you can utilize some of the links and just order the shirts right out. Either way, being festive hopefully just got a little easier for you this year.

But I’d like to hear from you, how do you dress yourself and your family up for Valentine’s Day?

We’d love to hear. Just leave us your comments in the space provided below.

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