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28 DIY Garden Bench Plans You Can Build to Enjoy Your Yard

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    Do you enjoy sitting out in your garden and taking in the plants you’ve grown? What about the sounds of the birds flying overhead?

    If you want to enjoy the tranquility of your garden, you’ll need a comfortable place to sit. Which is why I’m bringing you some of the internet’s best plans for garden benches.

    Some of them have tutorials while some of them are only meant as inspiration. However, if you put your carpentry skills and imagination to work you can have an enjoyable place to relax in your garden in no time flat.

    Here are garden bench ideas you’ll love:

    1. Covered Sitting Area

    This covered bench has such a neat sitting area which appears it can be constructed from recycled materials. Which is always a great thing for you because recycled materials usually mean a cheaper price tag on the build.

    Therefore, if you’d like a nice place to sit where you can still look around you but stay protected from the elements, this could be the ideal garden bench for you.

    2. Cherry Bench Seat

    Do you like to keep a more natural look to your décor? In this case, this bench will be for you. It is raw wood put together to make a gorgeous sitting area.

    Plus, this bench has a written and video tutorial. If you’re someone who is new to carpentry, this tutorial could make it easier for you to have a beautiful bench.

    3. Easy DIY Sitting Bench

    If you’re new to building things yourself, it can be quite intimidating. But don’t let the fear limit you to what you create.

    In this case, if you’re looking for an easy DIY garden bench plan, this tutorial could be precisely what you need.

    4. 2×4 Bench Plans

    I love this tutorial. It’s great for people who are used to building things themselves and for the beginners too.

    Not only do you get pictures of finished projects from others who have built it, but you also get drawn plans and a video tutorial too.

    5. Wine Barrel Garden Bench



    Are you someone who enjoys a good glass of wine? Do you visit local vineyards? This barrel bench could be a great touch to your garden décor.

    Unfortunately, there are no plans. This is only an idea, or you could order the bench from the site where the idea originated. It’s a large wine barrel which has been converted to a seat but adds a great look.

    6. This Old House Garden Bench

    If you’re like me and enjoy a rustic appearance to your home décor, this could be the garden bench you’d want.

    There are actual plans to this simple DIY garden bench, and they appear to make a sturdy and gorgeous bench perfect for any garden.

    7. Deck Bench with Storage

    Sometimes the best bench is one is built into your sitting area. If you have a nice deck area which overlooks your property, you might like this idea.

    Plus, the bench has built-in storage, which is a great place to store your decorative cushions when they aren’t in use.

    8. Planter Bench with Lattice



    This is another garden bench which is meant as an idea only. It would make a great place to perch and take in the beauty of your surroundings.

    But you could also plant gorgeous flowers to add to your view as part of the bench. It also shows lattice which would be a great place to have roses grow too.

    9. The Colorful Bench

    Do you have an old bench you’d like to give new life? Here’s a great idea as to how you can do this and add a boost of color to your yard or garden.

    This is a slat bench, and each slat is painted a different color. You could make it bright (like the one pictured) or you could also use more pastel colors for a softer look.

    10. The Rustic Bench

    This bench is the definition of rustic. It’s a few pieces of old wood which have been put together to form a simple seat.

    Though there’s no tutorial, this should be an easier bench to duplicate. It should also fit in nicely with most décor themes.

    11. Twin Bed Bench

    When the kids get older, the beds get bigger, but what should you do with their old beds? Don’t toss them until you check out this tutorial.

    The tutorial shows you how to use the headboard and footboard to form a cute bench. It looks simple to build and inexpensive too.

    12. The Toadstool

    Not everyone wants a traditional style bench in their garden or yard. If you’re one of those people, this idea is for you.

    Plus, this idea of creating toadstools is also a great way to use old stumps. Follow the tutorial, and you could have as many toadstools as you like.

    13. The One Slat Bench

    This is another simple bench design. It has one piece of wood across the back for support. It also has four shorter legs.

    But the base of the bench is only one slat wide. This makes it a simple design which could work well in any setting.

    14. $15 Outdoor Bench

    Are you looking for a simple design for a garden bench? Are you also working on a tight budget? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need to check out this tutorial.

    The tutorial is for a simple outdoor garden bench. It has a wider seat and a fancier design at the base than some of the others. Yet, it is still affordable.

    15. The Door Bench

    This bench idea is very cool. Do you have an old door you’re considering tossing to the curb? Before you do, check out this tutorial.

    The back of the bench is the door, but it also has a place to sit and sides too. It’s a great way to upcycle while building a bench on a budget.

    16. The Garden Seat

    I’m a fan of this design as well because it’s sturdy in appearance but also traditional enough it could fit well into most décor themes.

    Therefore, if you need a DIY garden bench, you’ll be thrilled to know this design also has thorough build plans too.

    17. DIY Planter Box Bench

    Do you enjoy having lots of space to plant flowers? Well, you’re going to love this bench. It is a bench built between two planter boxes.

    Plus, the plans are easy to read and thorough as well. You can also print or download them for easier access.

    18. Storage Bench

    I’m one who loves to create items for my home which can be multi-purpose. This bench is precisely that. It not only is a bench, but it is also storage space.

    If you like to use decorative cushions, or if you have items in your yard you only use occasionally, what better way to hide them? Tuck them away in this bench.

    19. The DIY Brick Bench

    If you’re looking for a simple DIY bench idea, you’re going to love this one. You stack bricks up to make the legs.

    From there, you leave room to fit a piece of wood between the two stacks of bricks for the seat of the bench. It’s a simple idea which functions well and looks good too.

    20. Easy Garden Bench

    ceder garden bench

    ceder garden bench

    This garden bench has it all. It’s inexpensive, has plans to help with the build, looks good, and is easy to construct.

    The legs are constructed from landscaping timbers, and the seating area is created from 2x4s. It doesn’t get much easier.

    21. The Picnic Table Bench

    Some people like to create an eating area in their garden to enjoy the natural beauty provided in the space.

    Well, this picnic table can also be converted into two benches! This might not be the best project for a beginner carpenter to try solo, but if you have a carpenter friend, this could be an excellent solution for a garden bench.

    22. DIY Front Porch Bench

    Are you looking for a simple bench design which is easy to build but traditional in design? This could be your bench.

    Plus, if you’re new to carpentry, you’ll love how there’s a detailed tutorial with plenty of pictures to walk you through each step.

    23. Garden Love Seat

    Are you going for a more modern look for a bench in your garden? This idea is both functional and more modern in appearance.

    Also, there’s a helpful tutorial to show you how to construct this idea. There are no armrests, but there’s ample room for two on this bench.

    24. Garden Bench from Repurposed Chairs

    Do you have old chairs you’re considering getting rid of? Before you set them out for trash day, take a look at this tutorial.

    This unique look comes from putting two chairs together and giving them one seat. This is a unique way to provide a comfy space to enjoy your garden.

    25. The Farmhouse Bench

    The farmhouse style is becoming all the rage these days. It’s welcoming and easy to construct items for little money with this style.

    If you’re working on a tight budget but love the farmhouse style design, consider following this tutorial for a farmhouse style bench under $20.

    26. The Rock Bench

    If you’re looking for a bench you don’t have to construct, then you’ll like this bench. You can purchase these bricks from a local home improvement store.

    From there, you’ll stack them to construct the legs. You can also purchase a board cut to size for the seat. Lay it on top, and you have a nice bench with little work.

    27. Simple Block Bench

    This block bench is another DIY bench which doesn’t take a ton of construction experience. You’ll need cinderblocks and can choose to paint them.

    From there, you can glue the cinderblocks together. The back and seat of the bench are landscaping timbers which get slid through the slats in the blocks. This is a simple and inexpensive design which can be made by almost anyone.

    28. The Arbor Bench

    If you have a smaller yard, you might enjoy a more compact sitting space. This design may be what you’ve been looking for.

    The design is an arbor with a bench under it. There are also detailed plans to help you along with the build. This could be a gorgeous sitting area to be enjoyed for years to come.

    You now have 28 different garden bench plans and ideas to choose from. Hopefully one of them will be what you need to complete the look of your garden and give you a comfortable space to enjoy nature.

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