29 Types Of Succulent Plants For Your Terrarium, Indoor Decor, Or Cactus Garden -

29 Types of Succulent Plants for Your Terrarium, Indoor Decor, or Cactus Garden

Are you familiar with one of the latest trends in home décor and flower arrangements? You may not guess it because it’s incorporating plants known as succulents.

These unique plants are an excellent choice for use as a centerpiece, as a houseplant, or even to be incorporated in your edging and container gardens.

They do well in dryer climates, require only minimal watering, and can take higher temperatures as well. There are many varieties of succulents, and I’m going to share a few favorites with you.

If you are ready to create your own terrarium or succulent garden, then here are your different options for choosing the succulent which will best fit you and your decorative needs:

29 Types of Succulent Plants Perfect for Your Terrarium Indoor Decor or Cactus Garden PIN

1. Burro’s Tail

burros tail

via worldofsucculents.com

You guessed it. This plant gets its name because it looks similar to the tail of a burro. It can grow to be approximately four inches in length and is a type of cacti.

Beyond its unique appearance, this is a great choice for a succulent plant because it propagates easily and is low-maintenance as well. If you need a no-fuss houseplant, this could be what you need.

2. Crown of Thorns

crown of thorns succ

via planetdesert.com

Don’t let the name of this succulent scare you away. It’s a wonderful indoor plant because of its unique ability to adapt to typical indoor climates and temperatures quickly.

However, you should grow this plant on a windowsill whenever possible. It needs around three to four hours of sunlight daily. Don’t overdo it on the watering either. This plant should only have water added to the soil when it’s quite dry.

3. Flaming Katy

flaming katy

via squarerooms.com

If you keep your home between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, this could be another great indoor option for a succulent in your home. This plant doesn’t handle cold well at all. For this reason, it does best indoors in most climates.

It’s a good idea to grow this plant on a windowsill too because it needs approximately eight to ten hours of sunlight per day. This succulent will flower, and the more sunlight it receives, the more blooms you should see.

4. Jade Plant

jade plant 1528544787

The Jade Plant is a unique succulent. It looks like a miniature tree at first glance. The Jade plant has a thick trunk growing in its center. From there, branches sprawl out off of the trunk which gives it the appearance of a tree.

However, know its unique characteristics stop there. If you raise this variety in the proper setting, it’ll produce pink and white star-shaped flowers.

5. Aloe Vera

aloe vera 1528544820

The Aloe Vera should be a familiar plant to many people. We typically see images of it on store shelves on the skincare aisle. Aloe Vera has fantastic healing properties which work wonders on burned or irritated skin.

However, this plant has a unique appearance because of its thick and pointy leaves. But if you like to keep a plant on hand which can offer natural healing, this could be a great succulent to incorporate into your life.

6. Panda Plant

panda plant 1528544845

Do you love Pandas and their adorable appearance? I’m on board with you because they’re amazing creatures. This plant is named after a Panda because of the distinct markings on the tips of the leaves.

Also, this succulent is covered with fur as well. The Panda plant has a small stature which makes it a good choice if you need to squeeze a plant into a smaller location or even a planter. It can fit practically anywhere.

7. Pincushion Cactus

pincushion cactus 1528544891

I love when people grow this style of cactus because it brings back memories of my great grandmother. She grew a Pincushion Cactus in her bathroom window for years. It was unique and a special memory I only incorporate with her.

If you’re looking for a pointy cactus which will only grow to be around six inches or less, this could be your plant. It also produces pretty, colorful blooms on it as well. If I noticed it as a small child, you know this plant can draw the eye.

8. Roseum


via Amazon

The Roseum is a unique plant you’ll want to consider. It only grows to be approximately six inches in height. Because of its small stature, it’s an excellent choice for a container garden or for growing indoors on a windowsill.

Keep in mind, this plant prefers partial shade and can be eye-catching too. It produces star-shaped flowers which are a vibrant pink color.

9. Snake Plant

snake plant

via houseplantcare.blogspot.com

If the name of this plant doesn’t draw your attention, no worries, the plant itself will certainly do the job. It is a plant perfect for growing indoors. It has qualities which allow the plant to purify the air in your home, naturally.

But the best part about this plant is how low-maintenance it is. If you have a room with poor lighting, this plant can thrive there, and it can survive for more extended periods of time with no water. To those who are famous for neglecting their houseplant, this plant is the one for you!

10. Zebra Plant

zebra plant 1528545243

The Zebra plant is another succulent option which tells you how it was given its name after one look at it. This plant has stripes all over it which quickly remind you of a zebra. If you’re looking for a small succulent to grow indoors, this plant is for you.

It only grows to be about five to six inches tall. Keep in mind; you should grow this plant in a small planter because it has shallow roots. But once you get the plant settled in, be prepared to be amazed. It produces dazzling yellow flowers.

11. Hens and Chicks

hens and 1528545290

Years ago, before I began gardening, my mother-in-law gave me one of these plants. She had been growing it and had propagated it. At the time, I was confused because I hadn’t seen a plant quite like this one.

Now, I’m intrigued. These plants are incredibly low-maintenance and propagate exceptionally easily. The Hen is the original plant, but they produce other plants quickly, referred to as the chicks. If this isn’t fascinating enough to make you want to grow this succulent yourself, they also produce pretty red flowers when properly cared for.

12. Stone Crop

sedum 1528545429

There are two different varieties of this succulent. The first is a tall sedum, and it grows to be one to three feet tall. The other variation is known as creeping sedum. This should be grown on the ground as it likes to sprawl out.

Either way, they come in a variety of colors. You can choose between green, pink, silver, and blue. It’s a great way to add a splash of color to your home with little to no fuss.

13. Whale’s Tongue Agave

whales tongue agave

via gardenia.net

This plant is a unique option. It produces large, flat green leaves which is where the plant gets its name. They look like a whale’s tongue.

But the plant itself only grows to be about two to five feet in height, but it gets to be about three to six feet wide. It’s important to water this succulent regularly to encourage it to produce spikes which reach 10-14 feet in height. At the end of the spikes are gorgeous flowers.

14. Ball Cactus

ball cactus 1528545544

This succulent is another one which is obvious where its name derived from. It’s a round cactus which looks exactly like a ball… only with spikes. The plant will grow to be only one to two feet high.

If you’re looking for a unique succulent to add to a container garden, this is a wonderful option. It also produces flowers in clusters which will add to its glamour.

15. Plush Plant

plush plant

via flowerpictures.org

This succulent is one who prefers partial shade. You can plant it outdoors or incorporate it into your container garden.

However, it’s an attractive plant because of the gorgeous yellowish blooms it produces. If you need an eye-catching succulent to finish the look of your home décor, this could be it.

16. Dudleya


via sfgate.com

Dudleya isn’t your average succulent. If you’re someone who commonly kills houseplants, consider this plant because it will amaze you. It has over 40 different varieties to choose from.

However, this plant can live to be 100 years old when cared for properly. Clearly, it has a desire to thrive. Remember when watering, though, it doesn’t like to have its leaves get wet. You should only water it from the bottom.

17. Pig’s Ear

pigs ear

via highcountrygardens.com

We have yet another succulent choice which is named from what the plant resembles. The leaves of this succulent plant look similar to pigs’ ears. It can grow to be roughly four feet tall.

Beyond its unique shaped leaves, this plant has one more surprise up its sleeve. When the colder months set in, this succulent will sprout red or yellow flowers at the end of its stem.

18. Zwartkop


via plantrescue.co.nz

Don’t let the name of this one scare you off. If you can’t pronounce it, stick with its other name. It’s called ‘the black rose.’ The reason being is it looks almost identical to a large black rose.

This plant prefers full sun and does well grown outdoors. It also produces yellow flowers during the winter months.

19. Sunburst


via anniesannuals.com

The Sunburst produces yellow flowers which grow in a circle around the center of the plant. It looks like a burst of the sun when you’re gazing at it.

The Sunburst plant also produces rosettes. They’ll bloom white flowers over the summer months to give it an even more interesting look.

20. Torch Plant

torch plant

via succulents.us

This plant is related to the aloe vera plant which is why they look similar. However, this plant doesn’t have the medicinal properties of the aloe vera plant.

But it does have green leaves which get darker in the sun. The plant produces orange blossoms in the summer months at the end of its long stems. These blooms cause the plant to look like a glowing torch.

21. Common Glasswort

common glasswort

via datuopinion.com

This variety of succulent is quite unique. Its known as ‘Poor Man’s Asparagus.’ If you didn’t already piece it together, it not only looks like the vegetable, but this is also an edible version of a succulent.

However, it’s said this plant should be pickled before eating to enjoy it at its best flavor. Try it and see what your thoughts are.

22. Sweetheart Hoya

sweetheart plant

via ourhouseplants.com

This is another unique choice for a succulent. Would you imagine it produces leaves which are almost perfectly heart-shaped?

For this reason, many refer to it as the Valentine plant. It would make a unique and gorgeous Valentine’s Day gift.

23. Agave Azul

agave azul

via boethingtreeland.com

This agave plant looks similar to the Whale’s Tongue Agave, but it has smaller leaves. Every time I hear the name of this plant my mind immediately goes to our local Mexican restaurant.

It has some of the best food around, and the sign on the door has this plant on it. Any guess as to why? Well, if you knew this plant is the key ingredient in tequila it all adds up. If you’re into making your own tequila, this succulent could be a great option.

24. Ponytail Palm

pontytail palm

via almanac.com

Are you looking for a unique succulent variety? We’ve shared a great deal of them with you up to this point, but this one is in a category all of its own.

It resembles a small palm tree. This plant has a solid trunk and wild leaves which resemble the leaves of a palm tree.

25. Wooly Senecio

wooly senecio

via worldofsucculents.com

This plant is covered in lots of fine hairs which gives it a ‘wooly’ appearance. It’s also known as a raccoon plant for similar reasons.

However, once you get past the fuzzy hairs all over the plant, you’ll be glad to know it also produces pretty yellow blooms.

26. Christmas Cactus

christmas cactus 1528546622

My mom and grandmother have kept a Christmas cactus in their homes for as long as I can remember. This succulent variety is also known as a Thanksgiving cactus. Unless they get confused (which has been known to happen over the years I’ve watched them bloom,) they usually bloom around the holidays.

The blooms resemble those of a lobster’s claw when in the process of blooming. However, they are gorgeous and can bloom in a variety of colors. It’s the splash of color we all desire during the winter months.

27. White Velvet

white velvet

via lifeathangarki.blogspot.com

You guessed it. This plant is known as white velvet because it's covered in white hairs. You could choose to look at this in two ways.

First, you could look at the white hairs and ponder the idea of it looking like a spider has been all over the plant, or you could take the more artistic approach and see the beauty of the plant and how it seems as though its covered in white velvet. Entirely up to you, and your take on the situation.

28. Black Prince

black prince2

via easternleaf.com

This plant looks similar to the black rose succulent mentioned above. The key difference is the black prince has pointier leaves.

However, it’s a gorgeous plant as it produces dark burgundy colored leaves and rosettes. If you want a unique succulent which will draw some attention, this is it.

29. Sticks on Fire

sticks on fire

via altmanplants.com

There’s no delicate way to put this. This variety of succulent looks like a group of sticks which are on fire because they’re orange in color.

But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll know this plant is unique beyond its looks. It’s known as a hydrocarbon plant. Therefore, it has a substance inside of it which is poisonous. Don’t let this deter you though. This substance can be used to make a substance similar to gasoline. Pretty neat, huh?

Well, you now have 29 different varieties of succulents to choose from. Some do better outdoors and some better indoors.

Either way, no matter what you’re planning on doing with your succulent, this list should point you in the right direction. Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect plant to bring your vision to life.

29 Types of Succulent Plants Perfect for Your Terrarium Indoor Decor or Cactus Garden PIN

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