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30 Beautiful Succulent Planter Ideas to Display Their Full Glory

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    Are you joining the succulent craze? I mean, how could you not! Succulents are such a beautiful plant species with an extraordinary amount of diversity. They come in all shapes, all sizes, and all colors. They are the perfect decoration to put anywhere in your house and the best part is that they are so easy to take care of!

    Succulents are water-retaining plants so don't need to be watered often. They can be left alone and survive just fine on their own. The beautiful geometry of succulents is what makes them so appealing to the eyes, they brighten up any room they are in.

    So if you are looking to join the craze, you will definitely need to find some beautiful planters to put all your new plant friends in! Here we have 30 creative planter ideas so you can display your succulents the way you want.

    1. DIY Concrete Planter

    I love any display for my succulent friends when it's something that I took the time to make myself! These concrete planters are modern, chic, and are a DIY challenge! Are you up for it?

    2. Magic Lantern

    An old vintage lantern could make the perfect home for your succulents. It has a magical feeling to it as if nature has taken over something old and forgotten.

    3. Teacups

    Beautiful teacups, old or new, make a wonderful place for succulents. They could be the perfect party favor gift too!

    4. Succulent Garden

    This succulent garden is so beautiful! It has all the colors and diversity and is mixed together artistically on a lovely sanded-down log.

    5. Vintage Cheese Boxes

    There are tons of ways to reuse and repurpose vintage items that are no longer being used. Take this example showing how they used old cheese crates to hold various succulents for a unique display.

    6. Birdcage

    I am in love with how this succulent garden looks suspended in a beautiful metal birdcage. It has such a magical feeling to it and would be sure to bring a smile to your face each time you look at it.

    7. Living Succulent Wreath

    Perfect for the holidays! Well, let's be honest, this is the type of wreath you could display all year round! An abundant mix of soft delicate colors all wrapped around to form a happy little wreath.

    8. Succulent Bookends

    The perfect bookends to display your favorite books. Succulents and books are just two things that make me smile so why not display them together?

    9. Bird Bath

    You know that bird bath you have that you just never seem to remember to put water into? Here's a better way to use it.

    10. Birdhouse

    How darling is this lovely little birdhouse with a green roof! Choose your favorite succulents to decorate with and with a quick assembly you too will have your very own succulent birdhouse!

    11. Vintage Book Planter

    Oh! This is a must-try! From an old vintage book to a new home for your happy green succulents! Bring some color and life to something old and used.

    12. Succulent Rock Garden

    A rock garden with succulents? Yes! I'm going to put these little rock gardens all over my patio, the front entrance, and maybe even inside… Too much? I don't think so!

    13. Tea Tins

    Old tea tins are a creative way to bring some color and uniqueness to your succulents' new home! It's also a great way to reuse something that otherwise would have been thrown away.

    14. Pumpkin Planters

    These are the perfect succulent displays for the fall! They make a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner and would look lovely really anywhere you put them.

    15. Wine Cork Magnets

    The smallest planter you can think of! Even old wine corks can become a home for the diverse succulent! Adding a magnet on the back means you can even cover your fridge with your new obsession.

    16. Succulent Bowl

    Yes! I am in love with the addition of crystals in this miniature succulent garden. All made-up into a patterned bowl makes this project simple with a wonderful result.

    17. Wooden Hanging Planter

    You can hang chopped up pieces of logs with succulents planted in them for a verticle garden idea. Hang these little guys anywhere in the house for a little extra green!

    18. Clamshell

    For a sea-inspired decoration, using a clamshell or any seashell is a perfect way to display succulents. A fresh look for your beach cabin!

    19. Monogram Letter Garden

    Wow! This monogram letter succulent garden is pro! So colorful, so bright, so fun, and oh so happy! A garden like this is sure to bring smiles to everyone who sees it!

    20. Teacup Fairy Garden

    Another teacup idea, this time with a magical fairy twist! Give the fairies hiding in your home a place to sit when nobody is around.

    21. Glass Bowl

    Classic and simple, a chic glass bowl is a great way to house your succulents. It's lovely to see the layers of soil, moss, and plants with a colorful pop on top!

    22. Verticle Pallet Garden

    Reusing old pallets has become very popular and that's because they are just so versatile! Just check out how they have used a pallet as a verticle garden bed.

    23. Framed Living Garden

    The beauty of succulents is something that deserves to be framed and hung on the wall. The stunning geometrical shapes and soft colors are what makes succulents so loved.

    24. Sand Art Terrarium

    Not only is sand art fun to look at, it's also so much fun to do! Get together with your friends and start up your creativity engine as you create a new artistic home for your succulents.

    25. Smiling Succulents

    This fun DIY project turns a boring planter or teacup into a smiling friend with bright colors and a good attitude! These little planters are just way too adorable not to make!

    26. Balsa Wood Planters

    Balsa wood is an easy-to-work-with wood that is light and versatile. You can get really creative with how you assemble and decorate it.

    27. Pastel Plaster Planters

    Pink Pastel Plaster Planters, now there's a tongue twister! These delicate pink planters are super trendy and light, bright, and beautiful!

    28. Spring Succulents

    Would you believe me if I told you that these miniature planters are made from plastic Easter eggs? Well, it's true! This just goes to show that you can use almost anything to house your succulents!

    29. Diamond Hanging Planters

    This is a DIY project for you to decorate your house with a new hanging succulent planter or to give away as a gift! Customize the colors to match your own color schemes!

    30. Brass Succulent Planter

    Classy and chic, the bright gold brings shine, sparkle, and pizazz to your home! These could also be wonderful on your work desk to bring some brightness to your work day!

    So Many Ways to Display Your Succulents!

    The beautiful thing about succulents is how diverse they are. They can be planted in so many strange places and will thrive! They look amazing lining your front walk-way, decorating your fairy gardens, or in simple homemade pots around the house.

    Their soft yet colorful appearance bring brightness to a room and their geometrical beauty can make anyone feel at peace. As you can see, there are so many ways to decorate your life with succulents.

    Now, when considering the ways to display your succulents and before you rush out and start planting, also consider using the best succulent potting soil, how to propagate succulents, and read up on their long-term care, to ensure you have a gorgeous display!

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