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30 DIY Cat Bed Tutorials for Your Furry Feline

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    Does your furry friend need a new place to rest his/her tired paws? A soft place to curl up and sleep the day away? Well, don't just go out and buy your kitty a bed, show how much you love them by making it yourself!

    There are lots of ways to design and create a cute and comfy place for your cat. There are stylish and chic beds, funky and fluffy ones, or secret hammocks when they want to really relax.

    Have fun making a new bed for your cat by personalizing it with your favorite colors and patterns. But, to get you started, here we have 30 cat bed tutorials for creating your cat a cozy place to rest.

    1. Personalized

    Do you have a special relationship with your furry friend? Then show them they are special with a personalized bed!

    2. Stargate

    Does your cat always curl up next to you as you watch Stargate? He might be a fan!

    3. Rope Kitty

    A super charming and super cute kitty bed for your kitty friend!

    4. Easy Sew

    Here's a beginner sewing project that both you and your cat will benefit from!

    5. Stylish

    This cat bed is both comfortable and chic so you and your cat will equally love it.

    6. Moon Crib

    I am totally in love with this boho-chic cat bed which just so happens to be made from pallet wood!

    7. Hanging Window Basket

    Give your cat a window seat to watch the birds fly by and dream of mice.

    8. Cat Teepee

    Your cat will love its new personal private space where he can get away from all the pesky humans.

    9. Hammock

    A place to just chill out and relax. This hammock would also be great hanging between your chair legs.

    10. Hanging

    A fluffy place to relax suspended from the roof to get away from all the people!

    11. Kitty Camper

    You just might be jealous enough of your cat's tiny camper that you get one yourself!

    12. Vintage Suitcase

    How charming is this vintage circular suitcase upcycled into a cozy bed for your little kitty!?

    13. Crochet

    Get your crochet hook out and pick out your cats favorite color yarn to make it a new place to hide.

    14. Minimal Teepee

    A soft and cozy DIY cat bed that has a boho vibe with a minimalist look.

    15. Super Mario

    Is your cat just as nerdy as you are? Then they will definitely love this Super Mario bed!

    16. Knit

    If you prefer knitting more than crocheting than don't worry, there's a cat bed pattern for that too!

    17. Coastal

    Your beach vacation cabin needs a cat bed too! So go for a coastal look that is made from an old crate.

    18. Minimalist Hammock

    Here's a fun cat hammock that just sort of blends into the wall but not enough that your smart kitty won't find it!

    19. Crochet 2

    Another beautiful crochet cat bed that not only looks great but feels great for kitty!

    20. Vintage Suitcase

    Turn an old vintage suitcase into a shabby chic furniture piece that your cat will love!

    21. Old Sweater

    Using beautiful copper pipe and an old fluffy sweater, you can make this unique cat bed.

    22. No Sew

    A simple and easy-to-make cat bed that requires no glue and no sewing.

    23. T-Shirt Tent

    This project takes only moments to make and uses items that you most likely already have at home!

    24. Fruit Box

    Start with a simple recycled fruit box, throw in just a few more materials, add your creativity and voila!

    25. Simple

    This cat box will look great with almost any interior design and has a cozy bed hidden inside.

    26. Cardboard

    Do you have a lot of cardboard at home that you just can't seem to get rid of? This is one way to use it!

    27. Cat Baggage

    Just look how comfy that cute little kitty looks in her upcycled bed!

    28. Crochet Igloo

    For the winter wilderness cat to get away from the snowy days and just rest indoors.

    29. Cardboard House

    We all know how much cats love cardboard boxes, so why not make a proper house out of it?

    30. Computer Monitor

    Turn that old computer monitor into something cool, unique, and retro and give your kitty a place to rest.

    I might just need to adopt more cats because it will be way too hard to just pick one of these charming cat bed designs!

    We have seen a lot of creativity in this article with how to build a bed for your kitty in a unique way. Happy hammocks, boho-chic indoor tents, hollowed out computer monitors, and comfortable vintage suitcases.

    Your kitty just might let you sleep for a week or so after you gift them a new cozy place to hide. One can only hope! So spoil your cat rotten and start crafting!

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