30 Fun And Frugal DIY Valentine’s Day Party Ideas -

30 Fun and Frugal DIY Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

It seems like yesterday was Christmas but just as Walmart always predicts, Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

Although I am a High School teacher, I love to celebrate holidays with my students, reminding myself that they are still kids and like to have a good time.

Yes, it helps that I teach Family and Consumer Science and my students get to host a party for the elementary students during this holiday.

So here's a list of ideas that will help me put the spirit of the love holiday into my students so they can do the same for the little ones:

Valentine's Day Party Ideas: Invitations

This is my first year teaching at this school, and I know that they host a Valentine's Day Tea Party for preschool students and their parents. So here are some invitations I like for the event.

1. Doily Wrapped

VD Doilie

I am in love with this invitation because it can be a simple invitation on the inside with the doily wrapped on the outside and tied with a strip. Simple but classy.

2. Heart Shaped Half-Opened

VD Heart Invitation

My first thought was “Yeah, right, I'm not doing this with my kids” because it looks difficult. Then I remembered, this is their deal, and I want them to have control. If one of my classes decides to do this, I will happily oblige by getting what they need and showing them the YouTube tutorial.

3. Bring Me the Macarons

VD Macarons

I love this idea. I have several students who ask to make these because I don't struggle with them the way most people do. This would be a fun treat for students and parents as well! The invitations could be bought or cut out with a Cricut or silhouette.

4. Tea Pot Invitations

VD Tea

How cute is this idea for a tea party? We could use paper that is Valentine's Day style and again, a Silhouette or Cricut to cut them out. If that won't work, I am sure the how-to over at Do It Yourself Invitations will give full instructions!

5. Stamp It

VD Banner Stamps

These invitations, which initially came from Freshly Squeezed Card's Etsy site, is adorable. However, I would do something similar by purchasing these blank style invitations and adding either sticky back vinyl that had been cut out to the shapes they used, stickers or even stamps and let my students color in the extra.

6. We're All a Little Mad Around Here

VD Alice in Wonderland Invitations

I like the idea of doing a mad hatter tea party, and this invitation would entirely fit the bill. The quoting is cute, and I like the fancy design around the side. If this is something that interests you, the Alice In Wonderland site has a lot of great ideas!

7. Polka Dots and Hearts

VD Super Cute Invites

Country Living also liked the idea of a Mad Hatter Party and came up with this idea as well. I love the polka dot and see through paper. So super cute and they even give you the template over at their site!

8. Turn the Invitations into Post Cards

VD Post Cards

If you are mailing your invitations out, consider making them postcards. The cost is only thirty-four cents for postcards while regular stamps cost forty-nine cents. Every penny helps, especially if you have several invitations.

This idea, along with many more, comes from Family Circle.

9. Chalkboard

VD Chalkboard

Chalkboards are always a hit with me and my little ones. Putting the invitations on a black chalkboard paper and use white chalk pen with the red and white ribbon as they do here, and you are sure to get some “awwwws” in the crowd somewhere.

Thanks to Party City for this idea!

10. All Blown Up

VD Blown Up

I like this idea but only if you have someone who can blow up a balloon. I guess worse comes to worse and they could stretch it as well. Lavender's Blue Designs put this one up on their site.

Valentine's Day Party Ideas: Decor

Now we are up to one of my favorite parts. I love decorating. Typically my daughters and I take a night, and I make something yummy that relates to this holiday, and we get to work, making my classroom look cute. I am going to skip out on door decor but will add some lovely things that will go perfectly for our Valentine's Day Soiree.

11. Ball Jars with Flowers

VD Canning Jars

The teacher before me was very into canning. I have two twelve packs of mason jars and a double cabinet full of them. Therefore, I think it would be perfectly acceptable to paint them and add real flowers to our tables.

If that's not for you, check out E and S Little Shop over on Etsy or check out this YouTube video.

12. Valentine's Day Banner

VD Banner

This banner has an attraction over many of the others because it lays flat on the wall. You could do this almost anywhere and get kids to help shouldn't be hard at all. The use of different paper adds to the definition of the design as well.

This idea came from Lisa over in The Pursuit of Happiness.

13. The Big Poms

VD Poms

The very first teacher's classroom I wanted to cry over, because of its cuteness, was the math teacher's room. It was super cute, and part of what made it so charming was the big pom poms hanging from the ceiling.

This display continues with that cute tradition and if you want to learn how to make them yourself, head over to Martha Stewart's site.

14. Fancy up the Mailboxes


The mailboxes can be bought super cheap this time of year (even more so when they go on sale after Valentine's Day). Adding a letter that was hand cut by you with sticky back on it and the candle lamp bottom makes it even cuter. Nothing a little hot glue and imagination can't fix!

15. Photo Booth

VD Photo Booth

Creating an area where people can take pictures is as simple as doing a backdrop of some sort and adding some fun props and/or a picture frame. This idea was created over at Pallet Creatives.

But a similar design can be created by watching Jennylove217's YouTube video.

16. Tea Time

VD AIW Centerpeice

Sticking with the candle theme and going back to the tea party idea, these candlesticks have been spray painted pink and had teacups added to the top. It's so cute and helps to remember that the Mad Hatter needs Valentine's Day too.

This idea comes from And Babies Make Four.

17. Before and After Mad Hatter Hat

VD Before and After Hat

I fell in love with this idea because it is super easy and so cute. Naturally, my colors will be a bit different but it's pretty self-explanatory. Some paint, glue and ribbon and you easily have a mad hatter centerpiece!

18. Valentine's Day Mad Hatter Sign

VD Sign

How cute is this sign? I might hang it somewhere nearby the party room. The saying makes me smile.

This idea comes from Reviva Weddings & Events.

19. Right This Way

VD Arrows

I have a weird fascination with arrow signs. Eventually, I want one up at all of my houses.

A relatively simple concept that should be easy to make, if you need the how-to, check out Inside the Magic.

20. Hanging Tea

VD Floating Tea Cup

I still can't get over this idea. Adding the streamers to the teapot is ingenious. Definitely one worth noting. To get all the details head over to Kara's Party Ideas.

The question now becomes, how to add all these to make a cute scene for the little ones and their loved ones? I guess we'll figure that out closer to the time. Good thing I have roughly thirty-five teenagers to help!

Valentine's Day Party Ideas: Food and Drink

Naturally, if you're having a Valentine's Day party, you need some tasty treats.

21. Cupid Float

VD Cupid Float

These drinks are super cute and remind me of Italian sodas. Ashley from Frugal Coupon Living uses Strawberry soda, whipping cream, ice cream, and cherries. If you drink or someone you know drinks Starbucks Frappuccino coffee out of the jar have them keep it to use it for the drink bottles.

22. Valentine's Day Ding Dongs

VD Ding Dongs

I do not like store bought desserts anymore. Call me a snob but they just don't taste right.

I love, love, love being able to make something similar that has people going, “Woah!” I mean, I bought a Kitchen Aid mixer just to make marshmallows (though now it's my power horse in the kitchen).

These adorable ding dongs, which look eerily similar to their grocery store counterpart, are found over at Worth Pinning. I promise you they taste better too.

23. Heart Shaped Sandwiches

VD Sandwiches

You could do peanut butter and jelly for the little ones or something a little more sophisticated for older appetites. This sandwich, with tomato chili jam, is almost perfect.

24. Sugar Cookie Crazy

VD Mason Jar

This is not quite what I want to do but I love this mason jar idea. It would go over well with the people who live near where I teach. There are plenty of ideas but a simple cut out sugar cookie recipe and royal icing will suit to make something super cute for the party.

25. Heart Shaped Fruit

VD Fruit

Simple enough, if you have a cookie cutter, you can cut fruit with it as well. Not much of a fruit person? Metal cutters will double as pancake shapers too. Or you can use them to cut sandwiches.

Cookie cutters are not just cookie cutters anymore!

26. Fondue

VD Chocolate Fondue

Take the fruit you just cut, some marshmallows you made with your kitchen aid, and a few other yummy treats and stick them in some chocolate fondue.

We will be using fondue for the event because I was told that the kids and adults all loved it. This fondue recipe, which is very simple, was made by Meghan over at Fox and Briar.

27. Strawberry Tea Punch

VD Strawberry Tea Punch

What is a tea party without tea? Not everyone likes plain tea so this recipe, which comes from Tracey over at The Kitchen is my Playground, was kicked up a notch by adding in strawberries, pineapples, and ginger ale. A drink sure to win over the whole crowd!

28. Cheese and Bacon Mini Quiche

VD Mini quiche

Katrina over at The Organised Housewife came up with this idea, and my younger daughter said: “awe they look so good.” I am going to have to make them for her and my guests. With being tiny bites you know they have to have a bit of a sweetness to them while still being savory as well. Double Trouble.

29. Apple Rose Pies

VD Apple Rose

When I saw this rose, I immediately thought about the mad hatter. It's super cute and would be fun for someone who likes to play around in the kitchen.

Find the recipe over at From My Impossibly Tiny Kitchen.

30. Bacon Cream Cheese Pinwheels

VD Pinwheels 1

Pinwheels always go big where I live and this recipe sounds delicious. I am going to add in peppers to some of the pinwheels for the adults. I've had the peppers canned for a while, so this recipe gives me a chance to use them.

If you want to make them for your party, the recipe can be found over at Taste of Home.

Valentine's Day Party Ideas: Conclusion

I don't know what kind of party or event you are having for Valentine's Day but I hope this gave you some great ideas and has you excited for the time of year where we get together to show the ones we love just how much they mean to us. Being able to Do It Yourself is one unique way!

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