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30 Unique DIY Rag Rug Designs So You Can Create Your Own

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    Do you have a lot of scrap fabric around the house? Old sheets that you don't use anymore? A lot of used clothing that just doesn't seem to fit like it used to? What about a collection of jeans? Well, don't worry about throwing it away… Instead, make something out of it!

    You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it can be to create something new from something old. Take old fabric, turn it into yarn, and make yourself a new floor rug!

    Whether it's a new woven mat for the kitchen, a shag rug beside the bed, or an entire area rug with dazzling colors! There are a lot of great DIY tutorials out there for designing and creating your own scrap fabric rag rug designs!

    So let's get to it!

    1. T-Shirt Weave

    Weave yourself an eye-catching rug using nothing but old t-shirt fabric!

    2. Crochet Doily

    Get your crochet hook out and you can create a large doily rug out of scrap material.

    3. Stripey

    A great little rug for the kitchen floor with a nice monochrome stripey pattern.

    4. Circular Rainbow

    A great entryway piece that is bright, colorful, and inviting.

    5. Old Bedding

    A fluffy rug that feels great under your feet and will be your new favorite reading spot!

    6. Soft Tones

    Soft pastel tones from thrift store sheets make the prettiest little rug!

    7. Knitted

    It's hard to believe something so unique and artistic is made out of recycled sheets!

    8. No Sew Ombre

    Transition from one color to another to get that cool ombre look!

    9. Circular Crochet

    Here is a wonderful tutorial on how to crochet a circular rug using scrap fabric with a beautiful outcome.

    10. Upcycled Linens

    I'm really digging how this rag rug looks with the specks of rainbow colors against a dark grey base.

    11. Two Toned

    Choose your two favorite colors or go with the ones that are already accenting your room!

    12. Small Doily

    A small rag rug in the shape of a doily makes a wonderful decoration for a nursery or child's room!

    13. Mandala

    The way the colors are chosen and woven gives this bright rug a mandala effect!

    14. Custom Size

    I am really in love with how this rug turned out using scrap fabric to create a custom-sized design.

    15. Braided Large

    Go big or go home! Or better yet, go big AT home! Braid yourself a new area rug out of rags.

    16. Fabric and Crochet

    This project uses scrap fabric and then crochets with colorful yarn around them to create this stunning look!

    17. Hula Hoop

    Use a hula hoop as a perfect frame and then go from there by weaving old t-shirt fabric.

    18. Braided T-Shirts

    T-shirt yarn braided together and then sewn into a colorful oval – perfect for the bedroom!

    19. Fluffy and Colorful

    You just might find your cat taking naps on this soft and fluffy colorful rag rug.

    20. Ombre

    An eye-catching design that has an ombre effect with bold colors!

    21. Old Clothing

    Don't throw away your old clothes, make something useful out of them!

    22. Scrappy Rope Rug

    I have always been a fan of the nautical feeling of rope but the splashes of scrap fabric color take it to a whole new level!

    23. Twine and Scraps

    After you have your scrap fabric strips prepared, go out and get some twine to start this project.

    24. Kitchen Mat

    A lovely little kitchen mat to soak up all that splashed water and keep your feet warm as you wash the dishes.

    25. Tri-Toned

    Pick out just 3 of your favorite colors and tie them together to make an easy-to-use yarn replacement.

    26. Chevron

    Jump on board the chevron trend and apply the pattern in your rag rug design!

    27. Woven

    Another beautiful woven design from rags to rugs in no time!

    28. Large Scale

    This is a clever project for making a large-scale project simpler by sewing together smaller pre-made rag rugs.

    29. Orange White Gray

    I'm loving this color combination but obviously, you can substitute any of them for the scrap sheets you have on hand in your own rag rug designs.

    30. Jeans

    rag rug designs

    rag rug designs

    If you have a lot of jeans that don't fit you anymore then this is the perfect project for you!

    We have seen used T-shirts turned into rainbow circular area rugs. We have seen old bed sheets transform into braided floor mats. We have even seen a cool way to make use of all your old jeans that don't fit!

    So don't go out and buy a new rug from the store when you have all the materials you need at home! It's cheaper to do and you will be successful and proud of your new creation! Don't feel bad for bragging about this DIY project!

    So which rag rug did you like the most and how will you design yours?

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