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31 Unique DIY Headboard Ideas To Turn Your Bed Into a Masterpiece

I have had beds both with and without headboards in my time, and those with were my favorites without a doubt. Having a headboard on your bed, be it a classic iron frame, a cushioned one or something more unique, transforms your bed from a simple mattress to sleep on, into a beautiful piece of furniture to lift your bedroom's aesthetic.

I have never tried making my own headboard, always buying frames which come with them included, but I am excited to give it a go. I recently inherited an old bed from my mom and dad's house that they have no use for anymore, and I see its headboard-less frame as an entirely blank canvas.

I haven't yet decided what kind of vibe I would like to go for, so I am entirely open to ideas, and I have found a fair few that are front-runners in my view of how this DIY is going to turn out.

Brilliant DIY Headboard Ideas to Spruce up your Room

1. Faux Brass Headboard

I am not one to cover my home with multiple flashy items, but a straightforward statement piece like this Faux Brass Headboard is right up my street.

On first viewing, I imagined this to be far harder to recreate than it is, and the best part is that you could make the headboard from scratch or merely revamp an old or current one using this method. If gold isn't your thing then try out silver or bronze, you're bound to find something that works for your taste.

2. Woven Placemat Headboard

This idea is genius. I probably have some placemats lying around that would do the job just perfectly, so it's looking like one of the least expensive headboard DIYs I have ever come across.

I love the rustic but still chic look that this Woven Placemat Headboard gives to the room, but you could use any style and material of placemat you wanted. Be sure to play around with different arrangements before you stick them down for sure to make a headboard you'll love for years to come.

3. Live Edge Headboard

I like this more creative take on a simple wooden headboard. Plywood is sturdy but thin and easy to cut through, so am confident that even a machinery novice like me could successfully carry out this DIY.

You could draw different patterns along the top of the plywood with a pencil before deciding which one you wanted to use for your Live Edge Headboard. If you wanted to make this a little more kid friendly you could paint it a fun color to match with their bedroom.

4. Book Headboard

This Book Headboard looks like something out of my literature-loving dreams. I am surprised that I am currently managing to stop myself from fishing out all my old books and making this right this second.

You could personalize this DIY which is one of the things I love about it. It would be a fantastic idea to gather together all your favorite childhood books and give them a new lease of life in the form of this headboard. In their example, they have used books with only text inside, but you could easily use ones with illustrations or photographs too.

5. Bohemian Tiled Headboard

I always like it when a DIY comes along with a video tutorial as it is far easier to ensure that you are on the right track, especially when working on a larger project like this Bohemian Tiled Headboard.

That said, this does not look difficult to make at all and doesn't require hundreds of materials. I love the beautiful blue design on the tiles used in this example, and there are countless other patterns and colors on the market so you are bound to find one you will fall in love with.

6. Deep Diamond Tufted Headboard

This is the kind of thing that will pop in to many peoples' heads when you say the word ‘headboard'. I am pretty sure everyone has either had one or knows someone who has, my parents, for example, had one in a rather unattractive shade of orange when I was little.

Not only is this Deep Diamond Tufted Headboard simple to make, but it will be far cheaper to DIY it than to buy something like this is a furniture store. Choosing a bright color in a monochrome room would look funky, or you could stick to neutrals if you wanted to keep it less in your face.

7. Wood Block Headboard

Here is another way of having a wooden headboard, but with a bit of a twist on the classic. Made up of many squares, this Wood Block Headboard looks uniform and neat while still being something unique.

Each block will be slightly different because of the fact that they are cut from longer cedar posts, which I think gives the headboard a bit of character. This would fit well in any color room and would take a matter of hours to put together.

8. String Light Headboard

I have fallen in love with this idea of creating the image of a headboard using string lights. It is far from your conventional headboard, but you could put it up on a whim, using string lights you most likely already have in the house.

The beauty of this String Light Headboard is that you could constantly change the shape of the headboard. One day it could be a house like in this example, the next it could be a mountain range with peaks of different heights. You can purchase string lights in all shapes and sizes, even opting for colored ones if you're feeling adventurous.

9. Floral Headboard

It would be difficult to find something prettier to pop at the top of your bed than this Floral Headboard. This would fit perfectly in any bedroom, from that of a little girl to that of a student.

Because this is built upon a pre-made headboard, it would be easy to add to any bed. The flowers are of course fake and could, therefore, be kept for as long as you wish. I love the mixing of the different soft colors like yellow and pink, but if you would rather, you can stick to one color. I imagine it would also look amazing with some fake leaves or vines intertwined throughout.

10. Tapestry Headboard

Tapestries of all shapes, sizes, and patterns can be bought in a wide range of places. I personally have a beautiful one that I ordered online for no more than ten dollars. When I was a student I had it hanging at the head of my bed, so I guess you could say that I have already tried out this Tapestry Headboard.

There is no need for a DIY here, all you need to do is hang the tapestry in whatever way you see fit, whether from a curtain pole or simply with drawing pins.

11. Mantlepiece Headboard

I am a huge fan of upcycling things you don't use for their original purpose into something new. This makes you develop a new appreciation for it, and you get to give something a new lease of life instead of sending it to the junkyard.

This Mantlepiece Headboard is a perfect example of creative upcycling, and if you yourself don't have an old mantlepiece, you are bound to be able to find one relatively easily. Because of its shape, this headboard also lends itself as a handy shelf which I love.

12. Quilt Headboard

I have a beautiful quilt that my granny made for me for my 18th birthday. I will always treasure it, but it would be nice to be able to display it in a more interesting way than having it simply laid across the bottom of my bed.

That was what drew me to this Quilt Headboard. All you have to do is install a drapery rod above your bed, and you're good to go. Because the quilt isn't physically attached to the rod, you could change it up as often as you would like, even replacing a quilt with pretty patterned blankets or fabrics.

13. Wallpaper Headboard

It's no secret that there are some weird and wonderful wallpapers out there, so why not turn one of them into a snazzy headboard?

You could use a large photo frame to outline the wallpaper behind the bed to form this Wallpaper Headboard, or simply make your own frame with planks of wood. This would be a great way to add a pop of color and excitement to an otherwise plain and simple room.

14. Painted Wood Headboard

I like the idea of starting out with a simple wooden headboard and adding your own style and creativity to it. This particular example would most likely take less than an hour to recreate, and looks like something you would spend unnecessary amounts on in a store.

The geometric pattern on this Painted Wood Headboard is cool, especially in all the different pastel colors. Different colors of wood would look good with different colors of paint, and there really are no limits as to how you could decorate your headboard.

15. Embroidered Headboard

This Embroidered Headboard is such an interesting idea, and far easier to make than I expected it would be. The DIY is incredibly detailed and therefore easy to follow, and it comes with handy pictures so you can be sure that you're headed in the right direction.

The combination of the navy blue headboard and the yellow and white cord in this example is highly chic, make sure to experiment when it comes to choosing colors for your own.

16. Door Headboard

Here is another perfect example of upcycling in the form of this Door Headboard. I love this idea, not only because it looks quirky and unique, but because there is next to no work involved in it. Because the shape of the door already lends itself perfectly to that for a headboard, all you have to do is give it a fresh lick of paint and mount it on the wall behind your bed.

In this example, they have gone for a classic white background and added a pop of color in the existing detailing on the door, which looks great to me.

17. Pallet Headboard

I am really feeling the rustic vibe at the moment, and I love pieces of furniture like this Pallet Headboard which help bring that to a room without going completely over the top.

All the wood used for this headboard is dark but there are a couple of different shades throughout which helps it look a little different as opposed to being entirely flat and uniform. Wooden pallets are easy to come across and you can often pick them up for free, so overall this would be an extremely inexpensive DIY.

18. Faux Tiled Headboard

You would never guess that this Faux Tiled Headboard was made up of foam tiles when you first saw it would you? I certainly didn't, they look extremely realistic and consequently stylish.

The method sounds simple, the tiles only need a quick coat of paint in your desired color and then to be stuck the wall with none other than scotch mounting tape. There is absolutely no drilling or machinery involved, so it is an easy one-man job if you fancy some light DIYing one dreary afternoon.

19. Antique Window Headboard

This Antique Window Headboard is stylish yet simple. I like the idea of filling the glass panes with either photographs or cuttings of pretty wallpaper, just to jazz it up a little if you fancied.

As shown in this example, it is a great idea to mark out exactly where you want to hang your windows before going and screwing them into the wall. You can use tape for this, or even light pencil markings. The white window frames would work beautifully in any room, but it would be easy to paint over them if you would prefer a different color.

20. Pool Noodle Headboard

It's safe to say that I have never seen anything quite like this Pool Noodle Headboard before, but that definitely does not mean that I am against it. I love it when people make furniture out of things you might not necessarily expect them to, and there isn't a much better example of that than this.

This would be a lot of fun in a kid's room, and I like the alteration of colors. It makes it look a little more like an actual headboard as opposed to a collection of floatation aids.

21. Painted Word Headboard

Don't think that this headboard is limited to the word ‘love', as it most definitely is not. You could write whatever you wanted on your Painted Word Headboard, from ‘zzz' to a name.

In this example, they have used yellow paint and matched it with accents throughout the room like the cushion, which is an amazing way of adding a few pops of color to a room without going too over the top. One of the other things that make this headboard look so good is the planks of wood being slightly bashed and marked, making them have a rustic, well-loved look.

22. Light Up Headboard

A Light Up Headboard won't be for everyone, but it would fit right in in the bedroom of a teenager or kid. Again you could write anything you wanted to on the headboard, or even opt for a shape instead, like a crown or heart.

It would take a while to drill all the holes required to put the lights through in this DIY, but it would be well worth it for the final outcome. You would pay a pretty penny for something like this in a store, and with that considered this really is a simple and cheap alternative.

23. Fabric Headboard

If you're one that prefers plain bedding and pillows, this Fabric Headboard could be the perfect way of adding some style to your bed. Of course, you could recreate it in a neutral, block color, but why would you when you could go all out with fun patterns and designs?

This is one of the simplest yet effective headboards I have come across, all it requires you to do is make a wooden frame the same width as your bed and then stretch a bit of your chosen fabric across it. Easy peasy.

24. Upholstered Headboard with Nailhead Trim

I never saw myself liking something like this, but the more I look at it the more I realize that I do. That slightly retro looking fabric looks great against the otherwise neutral greys in the room, and the gold nailhead border uplifts it to a really stylish looking headboard.

You can choose to use either single nails or a pre-made length of them for this Upholstered Headboard with Nailhead Trim, so if you don't have too much time on your hands, there's the opportunity to take a little shortcut.

25. Woven Rope Headboard

The rustic and the industrial interior styles come together here with this Woven Rope Headboard. Those steel pipes were a fantastic idea to use as the outline instead of standard wood, and I love the effect this gives when mixed with the thick rope.

I can imagine that the weaving of the rope would be incredibly therapeutic, so sit yourself down with a nice cup of tea and a movie while doing it. You could have the weaving as tight or as loose as you want, equally leaving as much of a gap between the pipes and the beginning of the weave.

26. Upholstered Headboard

This Upholstered Headboard wouldn't look out of place on the pages of an upmarket interior magazine. As much as I like headboards that make a statement, I like the fact that this is relatively simple and understated, while still looking elegant and attractive.

You don't need to do any tricky drilling or even sewing, and I like that there is a layer of foam under the fabric to avoid clumsy head bumps. It would be fun to stick to a simple color and express your creativity through fun, colorful buttons.

27. Burlap Headboard

I feel like this Burlap Headboard is a combination of a headboard and a piece of wall art, which is one of the reasons why I like it so much. If you are working with a bed that doesn't have too much wall space around it, then this could be the perfect way of both topping your bed and filling the wall with something pretty.

Just like in this example, you could combine the burlap with lengths of ribbon and lace in order to break it up and make it look prettier. The finished result looks beautiful, and you would never guess it was simply strips of burlap tied along a length of twine.

28. Wooden Headboard with Lamps

I have always liked the idea of having lamps built in as part of a headboard as opposed to having a bedside lamp. This would make it far easier to read at night, and also makes the headboard look cool when it is all illuminated.

I like the deep color of the wood used in this Wooden Headboard with Lamps, and it has been stained so you could start out with whatever wood you could get your hands on and change it. Be sure to get someone knowledgeable and experienced to help you out when dealing with the electrical aspects of this DIY.

29. Herringbone Headboard

You'd have to be very precise with your cutting and assembling of this Herringbone Headboard, but it is exactly that precision that makes it look so neat and sleek.

If you are looking for a wooden headboard with something a little more exciting going on, then this could be the one for you. The technique of painting the headboard white and then distressing it with sandpaper makes it look far more rustic and stylish. I have a desk that we did this to, and I love the effect it gives.

30. Channel Tufted Headboard

If you have a shorter length of wall behind the top of your bed, it would be fun to try out this Channel Tufted Headboard. Not only does it act as a headboard, but also a feature piece in a bedroom.

The different panels that come together to create the headboard look extremely simple to make, and only require some skilful stapling and a little light drilling. I love that in this example they have chosen to use a velvet fabric, it makes the DIY look far more expensive than it is and is a step outside of the box that is the classic wooden headboard.

31. Painted Headboards

If you want the effect of a headboard but are only willing to put in next to no work to achieve it, then look no further than these Painted Headboards.

These genius headboards are painted directly onto the wall behind the top of the bed, making them both inexpensive and entirely at your creative disclosure. Some of these could be achieved in a matter of minutes, and even the more intricate designs are unlikely to take you more than around an hour.


No matter how big or small of a space you're working with, there is a headboard out there for you with a DIY for all your needs, be they fancy, rustic or extremely unique.

I like a lot of these headboards, but the Book Headboard has to be right up there at the top of the list. Its close competitors are the pretty Floral Headboard and the unexpected Faux Tiled Headboard.

Has one of these DIYs caught your eye? Do you tend to go for a rustic or chic interior style in your bedroom?

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