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36 Things You Can Make and Sell from Home for Extra Cash

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    Are you looking for a few ways to make extra income?

    Have you considered making items and selling them? It can feel overwhelming trying to figure out which avenue to take when trying to generate extra income.

    It’s almost as if we have too many options this day in time. If you’re someone who is great at the DIY life, you’ll love what I’m bringing you.

    I’m going to share some of the internet’s best picks for items you can make and resell for extra cash. Here are various things to make and sell which could help you fill your piggy bank:

    1. Gemstone Soap

    things to make and sell

    things to make and sell

    Many people make and sell their own soap. For it to take off and be a consistent side income, your soap will need to stand out.

    This soap certainly fits this criterion. The tutorial walks you through how to make transparent soap with ‘gemstones‘ inside of it. It would be a great item to display in your bathrooms.

    2. DIY Gold Dotted Champagne Flutes

    Do you live around vineyards? Are you someone who hosts a lot of parties or have many friends which like to party?

    Well, these glasses could be a hot ticket item. The tutorial tells you how to take ordinary champagne flutes and make them classy yet fun – the perfect addition to any party setting.

    3. DIY Gold Decorated Clay Jewelry Dish

    If you wear a great deal of jewelry, you’ll appreciate this item. My mom does, and she loves her jewelry holders.

    These jewelry dishes are simple to make, look great, and are functional. If you wear jewelry, you’ll appreciate having a dedicated yet fashionable location to keep the jewelry you wear regularly.

    4. Makeup Brush Roll

    I wear makeup, but I’m far from a makeup professional. However, my husband recently purchased new make-up brushes for me.

    They came with a great storage bag and had helped to keep them clean and my makeup bag organized. In short, a brush roll is becoming a necessary item for women with makeup. It could be another hot ticket item.

    5. Galaxy Color Blocked Coasters

    Coasters are a necessity for most households. If you have wood in your home, you need a set of coasters.

    These coasters are easy to make but are fun too. If you’re in the market for a functional yet fun item to make and sell, this idea is a good place to start.

    6. Mini Succulent Planters

    Succulents are another item many people are incorporating into their homes and offices because they’re low maintenance, look great, and are a simple way to add live décor to the mix.

    Which is why these planters in a variety of colors, are great things to make and sell.

    7. Pallet Wood Planter

    Unless you’ve been out of the loop for years now, you probably know pallets have become a big thing. It’s because they look rustic (which is the trend), and they’re inexpensive.

    If you can locate pallets and build this planter, you may have a great décor item to sell. It’d be perfect on a mantle, to use outdoors, or as a centerpiece for a coffee table.

    8. Salt and Pepper Shakers

    These shakers could be a cool idea for those who may not be extremely gifted in the craft department. You find cute salt and pepper shakers to start.

    Once you have the product you’re working with, you put stickers on the outside and paint. It will give them a different design and make them more attractive to those you wish to sell to.

    9. DIY Ombre Flower Vases

    This is such a cool idea. You can purchase the necessary drinking glasses (what the vases are made from) at the dollar store.

    Use paint and rubbing alcohol to make the necessary effects for the vase. It’s a colorful way to decorate your home and hopefully make some extra cash too.

    10. Sugar Scrub

    Do your friends prefer to use DIY products when washing their face and body? Do they like to know what’s in them, where the ingredients came from, and who made them?

    Then you found a good market for this product. This sugar scrub is great for exfoliating your skin, is totally DIY, and is also a colorful gift too.

    11. Mason Jar Cozy

    I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but mason jars are all the rage right now. People are using them for everything. They make great makeup brush holders, flower vases, and even tumblers.

    If you’re using your mason jar to drink from, consider making (and selling) these adorable mason jar cozies. They’re adorable and perfect for someone who loves to drink from their mason jars.

    12. DIY Bathtub Caddy

    I don’t have a tub, but if I did, I’d buy this caddy. It makes you want to jump in your tub and refuse to come out.

    But if you’re handy with making things, consider making and selling this item. It’s a great décor item and functional too.

    13. Monogrammed Candle Votives

    This is such a simple idea but also one many people would love to buy from you. Save old tin cans and remove any labels from them.

    Once cleaned up, paint the cans, punch initials in them, fill them with rice and they’re perfect for holding candles.

    14. Mason Jar Snow Globes

    Everyone loves a snow globe, especially around Christmas time. If you’re looking for a way to make a little extra cash around the holidays, try making these.

    For a little added pizzazz, add a personal touch. Make the globe look similar to your town, make it sports themed, anything people in your area would love to buy.

    15. DIY Lip Balm

    I’ve learned people would rather buy their beauty products locally. They’d prefer to know who they’re buying them from and where the ingredients came from.

    Which is why this easy lip balm, could be a hot ticket item in your area. It takes little time to make and people should love it.

    16. Terrarium

    Terrariums are becoming a popular addition to many homes and offices. If you can make them and educate others on how to care for them, you could have an item people would buy.

    But you could take it one step further and add an air plant to the terrarium. These plants are fascinating, and people love them.

    17. Pom Pom Pillow

    Do you have friends getting ready to send their daughters away to college? Or did your sister recently move to a new apartment?

    These pillows would make perfect gifts from their loved ones as a simple décor item they’d use and would also remind them of home. Get busy making them!

    18. Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

    Raise your hand if you know someone who sells or loves essential oils? You have a market for this necklace if you know anyone.

    It’s an easy necklace to make which costs approximately one dollar to make. People who love essential oils will be glad to have a glamorous way to keep them on their person at all times.

    19. DIY Message Board

    This would be another great item to sell for those who have an office or a dorm. It’s an easy DIY message board.

    If you have access to old picture frames, you can transform them into this board. It’s a great place to store reminders, important messages, or even your jewelry.

    20. Chalkboard Tray

    Do you have an empty mantle which needs a subtle touch of home? What about a blank space in your kitchen?

    Then make this chalkboard tray. When your friends see it, they’ll want one too. This is how a small business could be born.

    21. DIY Jar Candles

    Everyone loves candles. Thanks to this simple tutorial you could learn how to make and sell these candles.

    There’s a small business local to me which started this way. They put their own spin on the candle and have done quite well for themselves. We all start from somewhere. It could be the idea which starts your small business path.

    22. Monogrammed Welcome Mat

    Here in the south, anything monogrammed is almost an instant guarantee to sell. Regardless of where you’re located, give this idea a try.

    They walk you through how to make unique monogrammed welcome mats. It’ll give any home a warm feeling.

    23. Bird Seed Ornaments

    Do you have a local bird watching community nearby? Make these ornaments and see if they’d be interested in purchasing one.

    The tutorial walks you through the simple process. The idea is to hang it in your yard, feed the birds over winter, and get excellent views of them in the process.

    24. Vintage Jewel Burlap Wall Letters

    People are obsessed with their initials being all over their home in any way possible. It gives the house a personal touch.

    Which is great news because it simplifies what people are looking for. These jewel letters have the rustic touch while also being pretty and personable. It could be a great item to sell.

    25. Wedding Décor

    If you have a knack for making rustic décor items, you could have a business in making wedding décor. Many people are going for the farm or country themed wedding.

    Or you could go with making something like this wedding banner. People would need it for a wedding or bridal shower.

    26. DIY Flannel Throws

    I love a nice blanket draped over my couch. It gives my home a warm feeling when you walk in and see it, but it’s also perfect for chilly nights.

    Most people feel this way about a good blanket. You could use this tutorial to make comfy flannel blankets and sell them.

    27. Wedding Cakes

    If you can make wedding cakes from home and have competitive prices, you’ll probably create a booming business.

    Everyone needs a quality wedding cake at an affordable price. Be sure to check with local authorities to find out what it takes to start a bakery in your home.

    28. Birthday Cakes

    Birthday cakes are another big money maker. People go all out for their children’s birthday parties, and they want specific cakes.

    If you’re artistic enough to be able to create specialty cakes, you could have a thriving business. Again, check to find out what you’ll need to legally start a bakery in your home.

    29. Sell Meal Plans

    Have you seen all the commercials on television about receiving your meals mailed to your home in a box?

    Consider putting together a meal planning business. You could lay out the meals for people and even offer to be a personal shopper and deliver the meals to their doors.

    30. Become a Teacher at Home

    Many countries who would like to teach their children to speak English. If you’re fluent in English, you could work for some companies from home and teach others.

    Companies, such as VIP Kid (we have no affiliation with them), are known for paying teachers well to work from home teaching children across the globe how to speak English.

    31. Graphic Design

    Are you talented in the area of graphic design? There’s unlimited potential with what you can do with this talent.

    You could make T-shirts, create designs to go on tumblers, hats, and the list goes on. If you have the knowledge, put it to good use.

    32. Sell Your Writing

    Becoming a freelance writer can be a lucrative business if you work hard enough and grow your talent. Many people would love to have you write for them (including us!)

    If you’ve had a knack for writing and are knowledgeable in the area you’re writing about, why not try to sell it and make some extra cash?

    33. Sell Your Photos

    Photography is another talent perfect for those looking to make money from home. If you have an eye for creating beautiful photos, people will love you.

    It’s common for people to hire wedding photographers, birthday photo shoots, family portraits, and the list goes on. Use your talent to create an income.

    34. Birthday Cakes for Pets

    It may sound odd, but it shouldn’t. Pets are no longer animals which follow us home, and we keep them around as they did in Little House on the Prairie.

    Instead, they’re an intricate part of our lives. We love them, they’ve earned their place in the family, and we even celebrate their birthdays with cake. Learn how to bake delicious dog cakes and make extra income.

    35. DIY Cheese

    Do you have a family cow or maybe a way to purchase milk at a discounted price? Have you been making your own family’s cheese for years?

    Well, put this talent to use. Be sure to check with local authorities before selling cheese from your home. However, once you can sell cheese legally, go for it. People love homemade items. You could even teach a class on how to make cheese for even more income.

    36. DIY Fruit Baskets

    things to make and sell

    things to make and sell

    Fruit baskets are no longer a thing of the past since people have learned how to turn them into delicious edible bouquets.

    If you have a way with creating delicious edible baskets, turn this into a way to make extra income. People love receiving these as gifts because they’re pretty, delicious, and a healthier gift option than some.

    There you have it – over 30 different things to make and sell for extra income. This could be of help if you’re a stay at home parent trying to make extra money, or if you’re attempting to leave your day job behind.

    Either way, by mastering a few of these items above and creating multiple income streams you could have a bright financial future.

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