4 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Start Your Homestead

I think I have cheerleader tendencies…

No, not like a pom-pom carrying cheerleader, rather, I really, REALLY enjoy cheering others on in their homesteading pursuits. It makes me so stinkin’ happy.

(Side note: I wasn’t a cheerleader in high school… I was the awkward, weird girl in high school. Annnnddd, not much has changed.)

But even though I love encouraging everyone I know to get chickens, or milk a cow, or make their own sauerkraut, deep down, this old-fashioned lifestyle isn’t necessarily for everyone…

So I’m putting my cheerleader tendencies aside this week to help you dig deeper into figuring out if this lifestyle is for you (or not). Curious about the 4 questions you should ask yourself BEFORE moving to the country and starting that homestead? Watch now!

4 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Move to the Country and Start Your Homestead

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4 questions to ask yourself before you start your homestead

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