4 Ways To Accessorize Bobby Pins From Plain To Glamorous In Minutes -

4 Ways to Accessorize Bobby Pins from Plain to Glamorous in Minutes

It’s safe to say that most of us have dozens of old bobby pins lying around our homes. These classic hairpins could be put to much better use with the help of a little style DIY. By adding a simple accessory to your plain hair grips, you can instantly add glamour and style to a once dull pin!

If you went to a fashion store and bought fancy bobby pins, they could be quite costly. In this DIY style tutorial, you’re going to learn how to save yourself money by glamorizing your basic hair pins yourself.

Please note that a ‘Bobby pin’ is the black curved pin with an open end. The closed end variety is often referred to as ‘hair grips’. For this tutorial you can use either both bobby pins and hair grips – both will work fine.

Glamorous Ways to Accessorize Bobby Pins

Accessorize Your Plain Bobby Pins in Minutes

Accessorizing your hairpins will take just minutes. At the very most, it would take a maximum of 5 minutes to decorate each pin.

This is an effortless and manageable style project that absolutely anybody can do themselves at home. Placing an embellished bobby pin in your hair can completely transform your hairdo. Once complete, you will love wearing these on a night out and as a way to upscale your hairstyles!

For this Tutorial you will need:

  • Bobby pins or hair grips (as many as you would like to decorate)
  • Various embellishments and decorations (buttons, beads, yarn, bows, etc.)
  • Adhesive tools: (this will depend on what you’re adding to your pins) thread, glue, yarn, elastic bands, etc.

Transform your plain hair pins

Idea 1: Bow Decoration

Here, I added a red bow to one of my bobby pins.

  1. I used approximately 1 inch of red yarn to tie the red bow to the pin.
  2. Centre the bow in the position you wish to attach it.
  3. There is no fixed way to fasten the bow using yarn. I used the loop method, where I folded the yarn in half and looped the ends through to secure the bow in place. Alternatively, you can also use a strong glue or another type of adhesive if you prefer.

Bobby pin bow decoration

Idea 2: Flower Fabric Ring Decoration

This black rose flower decoration that I used is a fabric ring. Attaching the fabric ring to the bobby pin was the easiest of all four of these accessorizing methods.

The ring itself is made from elasticated fabric. This means that you only need to wrap it around the pin to secure it in place. Seeing as it’s not permanently attached to the hairpin, you have the option to remove the fabric ring whenever you like.

If you like the idea of accessorizing your bobby pins with flower decorations but don’t have a fabric ring, you can simply use a basic flower decoration and follow the same steps for attaching the bow decoration above.

Accessorize your bobby pins with a fabric flower ring

Idea 3: Button Decoration

Over time it is easy to gather a huge collection of spare buttons. Every time you buy a new jacket, a pair of jeans or another type of garment, they often include additional buttons. There are so many highly decorative and gorgeous buttons, but what to do with them? It’s a shame to leave them lying around in one of your drawers, so here’s a way you can put them to better use!

  1. I found this gorgeous black, shiny button that was a spare for my trench coat. I attached the button to the hairpin by using a needle and thread.
  2. Seeing as this is a big, chunky button, I had to use quite a bit of thread to fasten the button securely in place. I threaded the button onto the bobby pin by using the same button-attaching method you would use on fabric – threading through each buttonhole.
  3. Again, if you aren’t comfortable with stitching, you can always use another form of adhesive, such as glue or double-sided tape.

Bobby pin button decoration

Idea 4: Nautical-Style Braided Yarn Decoration

Nautical styles never go out of fashion. If you’re a fan of summer and the ocean, then this particular style is for you.

  1. You will need about 3 inches of yarn.
  2. I’m using red and white because I think these two colors work well together. Of course, you can use whatever color you like and feel free to use a single color or mix as many different colors as you choose.
  3. To attach the yarn, tie the thread onto the pin and begin to wrap it around the hair grip. You can either secure both ends by tying them to the pin or by gluing each end down. Should you decide to use multiple yarn colors, it is best to braid the yarn pieces together or twist them around the pin as I have done here:

Nautical-Style Braided Yarn Decoration for Hair Pins

So now you have four quick and easy ways that you can accessorize plain hairpins in minutes. These ideas are perfect for when you are short on time but need to look well turned out! Don’t forget to be imaginative and see what other cool ways you can come up with to glamorize your old bobby pins!

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