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40 DIY Cat Toys Every Cat-Lover (and Their Cats) Will Adore

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    Alright, crazy cat people – we've finally put together the perfect DIY article for you! The best way to show your kitties how much you love them is by crafting them toys, beds, treats, and party hats! (Yes, I said party hats.)

    If you're tired of spending way too much money on toxic plastic toys or expensive unhealthy treats you've come to the right place! This article is filled with DIY projects, especially for your kitten! You'll see naturally-made toys, healthy treats, comfy beds, and stylish scratching posts that you and your cat will love.

    So let's take a look at 40 DIY projects for cat owners.

    1. Fruits and Veggies

    diy cat toys

    diy cat toys

    These natural and healthy cat treats are filled with sesame seeds, catnip and don't have any toxic plastics that could harm your feline friend.

    2. Cat Box Cabinet

    Hide that smelly kitty stuff and keep it out of sight with your cats own personal cabinet with lots of storage room.

    3. Wine Cork Toys

    Have some fun with your little kittens and get them running around and playing with easy to make wine cork toys.

    4. Stylish Scratch Post

    Make a scratching post that is stylish and looks cute sitting on the carpet, so you don't have to worry about hiding it when you have guests over.

    5. Cat Treat Toy

    A super simple, super easy and super cheap cat toy that anyone can make! Upcycle those toilet paper rolls into cat treat toys.

    6. Cat Tent

    Got an old t-shirt that you don't use anymore? Instead of donating it, you can upcycle it into a hideaway for your cat!

    7. Felt Mouse

    We all know how much cats to love to chase mice! That's why you can be sure your cat will love this handmade toy.

    8. Kitty Window Perch

    Your cat loves to sunbathe just as much as you do, which is why she'll be ever so thankful when you build her a comfortable window perch!

    9. Crochet Cat Bed

    This popular and cute tutorial where the cat ‘helps' with the knitting, does have an English version towards the end. Maybe your kitty will be just as interested in the creation process.

    10. Pet Bowl Stand

    Your furry friends will need a special place to eat and drink water which is why you should build them a cute pet bowl stand. Especially helpful for elderly cats.

    11. No-Sew Goldfish

    An easy DIY project that you can whip up in just a matter of moments when you see that your cat is bored.

    12. Pom-Pom Cat Wand

    Run around the house with your cat wand and your cat will be jumping up and down trying to grab the fun pom-poms you made yourself!

    13. Feather Toys

    Your little bohemian kitten will love playing with these wonderfully easy-to-make feather toys that are stylish and fun!

    14. Fortune Cookies

    Will your kitties have the good fortune of receiving a new handmade cat toy from their loving owner?

    15. Three Ingredient Cat Treats

    Your cat deserves only the best which is why they deserve treats made out of healthy and simple ingredients.

    16. Scratch Pad and Wand

    A matching set! These beautiful cat toys are so pretty that you will want to leave them out to be shown off!

    17. Cat Van

    Let your cat live the van life with a super awesome DIY cat bed that looks like an old-school Volkswagen van!

    18. Cat Puzzle

    You cat will exercise it's brain while simultaneously having fun with this DIY cat puzzle that you create for it.

    19. Pom-Poms

    You cat can pretty much play with anything that's easy to knock around and chase after which is why these homemade pom-poms DIY cat toys are sure to do the trick!

    20. T-Shirt Bonbons

    Another way to upcycle old t-shirts into cute (budget-friendly) bonbon DIY cat toys for your kittens to have fun with.

    21. Cat Teepee

    Your cat's bed should be just as stylish as your own! Your friends will be asking you where you bought this awesome cat teepee! You can proudly tell them that you made it yourself.

    22. Crochet DIY Cat Toy

    This DIY cat toy is made from a cardboard toilet paper roll and then crocheted with a beautiful color and decorated with a bell.

    23. Cat Treat Holder

    An adorable place to store your cat's treats! Made from an upside down terracotta pot and a glass fishbowl!

    24. Cat Condo

    This DIY cat condo has it all! A place to scratch, a place to claw, a place to rest and toys to play with!

    25. Cat Scratcher

    Your cat loves to scratch, but maybe it's scratching all the wrong places (like your sofas!) Craft your little kitty a place where it can scratch all it wants!

    26. Cat Shelves

    Goodbye cat towers and hello cat shelves! These shelves are colorful, stylish and a wonderful gift to your furry friend!

    27. Junk Food

    Your cat probably loves junk food just as much as you do! But just like you, it shouldn't be eating it! That's what these toys are for.

    28. Cat Condo 2

    Here's another cat condo design that still has all the places to sleep, scratch, play, and claw but with a different look!

    29. Personalized Cat Bed

    Personalize your cat's bed with their image and name decorated on their homemade cat bed!

    30. Cat Tree

    This DIY cat tree is made out of real branches placed above river rocks and decorated with colorful leaves. An excellent way to give them a sense of the outdoors.

    31. Sushi Toys

    Cool cat toys that look like tiny sushis made from felt! Will you make this your weekend project?

    32. Jungle Gym Ladder

    Transform an old step ladder into a cat bed and scratching post and then add some toys so your kittens can have some fun!

    33. Scratching Vase

    Add some scratching material to an existing vase but make sure it's got a steady base, so it doesn't get knocked over!

    34. Cat Hammock

    Your cat will absolutely love this stylish, comfortable and unique DIY cat hammock as a place to chill out and think about mice!

    35. Party Hats

    Okay, this is seriously way too adorable! Your little kitty got a big birthday coming up? Party in style with party hats!

    36. Cat Collar

    Especially if your cat is an outdoor cat, you will want to make sure your little cutie doesn't get lost! So make a collar and add a name tag with your phone number!

    37. CAT-CAT

    If your cat is your best friend, then you won't mind taking the time to build the absolute coolest Star Wars bed ever!

    38. Fishing Pole

    Got an itch to go fishing? Well throw your line out and see if you can catch yourself a friendly cat!

    39. Litter Box Cover

    Cover up that ugly litter box and give it a fresh look with a house shaped cover and cat face shaped door.

    40. Tuna Catnip

    Surprise your kitty on its birthday not with a birthday cake but with delicious homemade catnip treats!

    So my feline lover friends, what'd you think? I think that I've got some serious projects to do this weekend so I can show my cat how much I love him! I'm thinking about making a stylish cat hammock for my buddy to laze around in, some healthy cat snacks and an adorable feather toy!

    Show how much you love your little kitty by DIYing a special project for him or her!

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