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40 DIY Wine Rack Projects to Display Those Lovely Reds and Whites

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    Any wine fans out there? Looking for a new addition to your kitchen to keep things clean, tidy and looking fresh? Want a fun weekend project to do with your spouse?

    You will really come off as a wine connoisseur when you not only display but build your own wine rack! It's a great way to keep things organized and a wonderful weekend project that you can take on with friends or all on your own! Not to mention, a handmade wine rack would also be a lovely and thoughtful gift for a wine-loving friend.

    There's a lot of ways you can display your wine, whether it's in a small wall mount, a tabletop design or an entire cabinet!

    We are going to help you get started by showing you 40 DIY wine rack projects to display those reds and whites!

    1. Romantic

    Just one bottle of wine and two glasses for a romantic night in with you and the spouse, or… maybe you and your bestie!

    2. Copper and Wood

    I love when something can be fashionable and functional! This DIY copper and wood wine rack is exactly that!

    3. Modern

    A fun pyramid shaped DIY wine rack that is modern, chic and will become a wonderful addition to your kitchen counter or cabinet.

    4. Copper

    A smart and sleek wine rack made completely out of copper tubing to form this beautiful geometrical shape perfect for holding up to 6 wine bottles.

    5. Labeled

    This DIY wine rack is shaped perfectly to fit in awkward places and has a special added detail with chalkboard paint labels.

    6. Sweet and Simple

    A very simple design, but it will be a perfect addition to your kitchen. A wine rack like this also makes a thoughtful gift for a neighbor or friend!

    7. Zig Zag

    Four bottle storage, an abstract and cool design, and a fun weekend project, what's not to love about this DIY wine rack?

    8. Modern Plywood

    A modern DIY wine rack made out of a sheet of plywood and decorated with holes to store your wine and a creative wine glass holder.

    9. Diagonal

    Here's a unique design that has plenty of room for wine glasses and three diagonal spots for your three favorite wines!

    10. Wine Cabinet

    You can combine two elements into one by designing your wine rack into a useful and stylish cabinet and side table.

    11. Contemporary

    A contemporary countertop wine rack that will definitely impress your guests and even more so when you tell them you made it yourself!

    12. Heat Duct

    Recycled heat duct tubes transformed into an original wine rack and placed beside a chalkboard so you can mark which wine is which!

    13. Sleek

    A convenient wall mount storage for up to six wine bottles and also a great looking woodworking project that you can accomplish all on your own!

    14. Vintage

    This beautiful wooden wine rack has an antique look due to its vintage labels marking each wine shelf with numbers.

    15. Industrial

    Here's a fun industrial-style wine rack that would look great on your kitchen counter or in your (wo)man cave!

    16. Grid Hutch

    If you're a serious fan of wine and love to collect unique bottles or interesting flavors then you're going to need something a little bigger– like this!

    17. Vinyl

    A very creative idea to store your wine bottles by recycling old vinyl into a fun wine rack! A great DIY to try tonight!

    18. Copper and Leather

    Super trendy and super cute, this wine rack can be modified and lengthened to hold even more bottles or keep it as it is!

    19. Hanging

    Hung by bold chains this hanging wine rack has an industrial feel and is a great way to keep your needed counter space free. Perfect when hanging out with your friends.

    20. Pallet

    A great pallet project that transforms recycled wood into a simple and practical wine rack holding up to 8 bottles!

    21. Shelf

    A rustic wine shelf that will look lovely in your charming farmhouse kitchen. Test your woodworking skills with a cool project like this.

    22. Triangle

    I've always been a fan of going outside of the box, that's why I love adding unique geometric shapes to my house so it doesn't feel so square.

    23. Wine Shelves

    This DIY wine rack is more like a wine shelf! Three cleverly designed shelves to lay your wine down and sufficient storage for wine glasses.

    24. Dresser to Wine Rack

    Transform an old dresser into a stunning new wine rack with plenty of space for your reds and whites and an extra storage drawer for bottle openers and coasters!

    25. Wood and Leather

    A minimalistic yet stylish and easy-to-make wine rack that will have your friends asking where you bought it!

    26. Slant

    A tabletop wine rack that has a modern contemporary look but also fits in with a rustic farmhouse design.

    27. Rubber Bands

    Take a closer look at the photo at how those wine bottles are actually being held… Rubber bands! Very resourceful!

    28. Wall Mounted

    Mounting your wine rack on the wall is a great way to save valuable floor and counter space and makes your wine bottles easily accessible! (Very important!)

    29. The Whole Package

    This DIY wine rack has the whole package! Plenty of room for wine bottles, wine glasses and other liquors too!

    30. Ikea Hack

    Turn an IKEA cabinet or dresser into a fully-functional and gorgeous wine rack that has plenty of space for bottles and glasses alike!

    31. Simple Shelf

    A simple DIY shelf that you can hang above your dining table or above your kitchen counter to store many wine bottles and glasses.

    32. Reclaimed Wood

    Look at what a beautiful addition you can create for your dining room out of old and weathered wood and some newspaper hooks.

    33. Wood and Brass

    A simple wooden frame and some brass pipes can become a functional and pretty wine rack to gift or to keep.

    34. Modern

    Here is a modern and minimalistic design that you can place on your countertop that will give you plenty of storage for your reds and whites!

    35. PVC Pipes

    A fun and a funky DIY wine rack that anyone can make out of recycled PVC pipes!

    36. Color Blocks

    Colorful blocks painted in an ombre style can make a fun yet minimalistic wine rack for your kitchen wall!

    37. Wood Crate

    An old wooden crate becomes a new and functional wine rack! Paint it your favorite color, make it sturdy, and voila!

    38. Rustic

    A rustic design that has a cool variation of wine bottles on their side and some standing up. A cool and fresh look that will look great in your home!

    39. Leather Straps

    Simple, chic and unbelievably easy to make! A wonderful DIY wine rack project for beginner DIY'ers!

    40. Barnwood

    A rustic piece of barn wood and some copper hooks can become a stylish wine rack that is easy to make and budget-friendly!

    These DIY wine rack projects are so stylish, so fresh and I'm SO making one this weekend!

    Personally, I'm a big fan of reusing materials so maybe I'll make a reclaimed wood wine rack… Or! Maybe I'll go for one that recycled old PVC pipes! However, I really fell in love with the barn wood wine rack that fashions trendy copper hooks!

    There are a lot of designs to choose from but if you take a good look at the design of your home and the materials you have on hand, you should be able to make a good decision!

    Building your own wine rack is an awesome way to save money instead of buying one new. Plus, when you finish the project you'll feel proud of your hard work every time you pull a wine bottle out of your DIY wine rack!

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