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42 Chic and Playful DIY Bookmarks to Mark the Spot

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    Got a new book you just can't wait to read? Looking for a fun craft idea to do with the kids during the cold winter months? Well in either situation, DIY bookmarks are the answer!

    Making your own bookmark is a great way to pass time on your own, with friends, or with the kids. You can really be creative in making something unique. Whether you want something minimal and classy or something crazy and vibrant there's a DIY bookmark here for you!

    Use the ideas below to inspire your creative brain and then get artsy and customize to your own liking. Choose your favorite colors, your favorite patterns, your favorite images and start cutting and gluing.

    So let's make reading fun by styling your book with your own personal touch.

    1. Chunky Tassel

    These bookmarks are easy to make and look stylish! Great for you or gifts for your friends!

    2. Bat Corners

    These are fun handmade bookmarks for your children's spooky books.

    3. Peek-A-Boo Cat

    The cutest little peek-a-boo cats that will make you want to pick up your book and read more.

    4. Washi Tape

    Washi tape is one of those things that's just way too much fun to play around with.

    5. Scrap Leather

    Do something useful with that scrap leather you have laying around!

    6. Strawberry Elastic

    A charming elastic bookmark with a bright red strawberry made by you!

    7. Feathers

    Beautiful! A transparent bookmark with lovely little feathers for a fantastical look.

    8. Interchangeable Emojis

    Your kids might not read their book because they will be playing with their playful bookmark!

    9. Winter Cross-Stitch

    A wintery bookmark using a fun cross-stitch pattern for your Christmas stories.

    10. Pineapple

    Prepare yourself for your summer reading with a summery bookmark!

    11. Fabric

    These bookmarks are easy-to-make and great because you get to pick out your own favorite fabric.

    12. Unicorn

    Okay unicorn lovers, this one is for you! A colorful unicorn with an amazing rainbow tassel tail!

    13. Confetti

    Turn reading into a party with crazy confetti DIY bookmarks!

    14. Yarn Wrapped Letter

    Mark your book with your own initial so you can be sure not to lose your spot.

    15. Woven

    Believe it or not, with a little patience you can weave yourself your own stunning bookmark.

    16. Curtain Tassel

    diy bookmarks

    diy bookmarks

    A classy and elegant bookmark that will show you are not only intellectual but stylish too.

    17. Faux Wood

    I'm really digging this lovely faux marquetry wood bookmark for a stylish option.

    18. Mudcloth

    Have fun painting your own mud cloth designs onto a piece of leather and voila!

    19. Paint Chip Flowers

    These cute spring flowers are made from colorful recycled paint chips!

    20. Leather

    bookmark ideas

    bookmark ideas

    A very simple leather bookmark that is minimal and looks great.

    21. Popsicle Penguins

    Every book can use its own little penguin friend guarding your page!

    22. Emoji Corners

    The perfect back to school craft to keep your kids busy and ready to start reading.

    23. Epoxy Paperclips

    If you've got a lot of books on the go you're going to need a lot of little bookmarks too!

    24. Painted Magnetic

    This bookmark uses magnets so you can trust that you won't lose your page!

    25. Wire Tulip

    With just a few bends in some copper wire, you too can make a charming flower to rest in your book.

    26. Leather Magnetic

    I think we can all agree that leather bookmarks are totally chic!

    27. Pom Poms

    The cutest and most fabulous colorful pom poms to decorate all your reading books.

    28. Dapper Dad

    A wonderful craft idea when you need a gift idea for dad! Surprise him with handmade bookmarks!

    29. Josephine Knot

    You can be definitely sure to “knot” lose your page with this bookmark! I couldn't resist…

    30. Heart

    A heart marks the spot while your dreaming of a fantastical storybook.

    31. Vintage

    The perfect bookmarks for your Jane Austen love stories.

    32. Crochet

    If you know how to crochet then this will be an easy project, if not, now's your chance to learn!

    33. Gold Edged Hearts

    Fashionable and chic – make a statement with your handmade heart corner bookmarks.

    34. Pencil Case

    Keep your pencils close by for any time you need to make a note or write something down.

    35. Arrow

    Stay in the right direction by marking your page with an ice cream stick washi tape arrow.

    36. Felt Cat

    Okay, cat lovers here's a project for you to make a furry friend who will guard your book.

    37. Animal Tails

    How funny is this bookmark?! Like a curious dinosaur got stuck in your book.

    38. Mittens

    Keep your mittens together by tying them together with a string!

    39. Autumn Scented

    When your bookmark smells this good you won't be able to resist picking up your book to read.

    40. Geometry

    Cut out your geometric shapes in fun felt colors for that trendy look.

    41. Mini Carpet

    A fantastical tiny carpet for you to ride away on in your magical stories.

    42. Old Books

    Give old books a new use by turning them into memorable bookmarks.

    We have seen lots of different DIY bookmarks today. Everything from crazy and vibrant emoji bookmarks to elegant and delicate tassel ones. We've seen small bookmarks that make for great gifts and ones that make a bold statement.

    Depending on your own style and preference you can customize and have fun creating something unique. Save your reading spot with something stylish and most importantly made by you!

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