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42 Sewing Projects Perfect for Staying Productive this Winter

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    Are you looking for a creative way to stay busy as the winter months drag on?

    What about a way to make a few gifts this year without battling department store lines?

    If you can sew, then you have an unlimited supply of amazing projects which are waiting to be made. You can make gifts for friends, or useful articles for around the house.

    To show you, I’m bringing you some of the internet’s best sewing projects. They’ll be sure to keep you busy and could be wonderful and unique gifts.

    Here are great sewing projects you’re going to love:

    1. Fleece and Flannel PJ Pants

    If you’re someone who likes to change into something comfy when you come home, then these pants are for you.

    It takes approximately one to two hours to make, and you can make them with different fabrics. They’re a great way to stay warm and comfortable this winter.

    2. Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

    Are you looking for a handy tote bag you can use in many ways? Then check this DIY option out. The tutorial includes step-by-step instructions on how to create it.

    Not to mention, this tote would make a great book bag, library bag, diaper bag, oversized purse, or even a grocery bag.

    3. Large Hot Pad

    Do you need a place to set hot dishes when they’re fresh out of the oven? Would you like the pad you set them on to have a fashionable look about it?

    You’ll have to check out this tutorial because it helps you sew a fashionable large hot pad perfect for most dishes you’re pulling hot off the stove.

    4. DIY Baby Hat

    Do you have a baby on the way in your family? Before you head to the store and purchase all kinds of items, check out this tutorial.

    It shows you how to make an adorable baby hat perfect to keep even the smallest head warm from the elements.

    5. Burrow Dog Bed

    Do you have a dog which likes to be covered when they sleep? You must check out this dog bed.

    It’s an easy-to-create bed perfect for your pet to sleep in comfort. Yet, it has a cover which is meant to make them feel snug while they sleep.

    6. Reusable Lunch Bags

    Are you tired of paying for plastic sandwich bags to only throw them away at the end of the day? It seems like a waste, doesn’t it?

    This tutorial should be checked out, to see if it could be your solution. It shows you how to create adorable reusable lunch bags.

    7. DIY Microwave Heating Pad

    When you have sore muscles or even a sore head, at times, a heating pad can be exactly what you need. Yet, you shouldn’t pay the high prices for one from the store.

    Instead, use this tutorial to help you sew a heating pad. It can be popped in the microwave to become hot and can be reheated when needed.

    8. Sew Your Own Boxer Shorts

    Don’t assume because you’re a woman you can’t wear boxer shorts. They’re some of the comfiest sleep shorts you’ll find.

    But don’t purchase them because retailers have figured out comfort equals a higher price. Instead, make your own.

    9. 15 Minute Zipper Pouch

    If you have 15 minutes, you could have this unique zipper pouch ready to go. Zipper pouches are wonderful to have on hand.

    They make great makeup bags, change purses, and are also a great way to hide feminine products in your purse you don’t want the world to see when you open it up.

    10. Button Down Dress

    This is such a cute dress! I love it because during the summer it would be cool when the temperatures are up.

    Plus, it can be dressed up or down depending upon if you add a cardigan to it, or if you choose flip flops over sandals.

    11. Reusable Surgical Mask

    You may not be a surgeon, but if you do any type of crafting, building, or even if you have allergies these masks come in handy.

    But instead of purchasing the disposable kind, use this pattern to make your own reusable surgical mask.

    12. Women or Girls Dungarees

    When I was a little girl we called these short-alls or an overall dress, but apparently, there’s a proper name for some of the most comfortable clothes you can wear.

    If you’re a fan of this type of bib dress or shorts, be sure to check out this tutorial. You’ll be glad you did.

    13. Baby Bib

    I love the idea of sewing your own baby bibs. We spend a great deal of money on things for them to only be spit on and have food dropped all over.

    Instead, save yourself some money and make your own. It’s easy to make, it looks cute, and you won’t feel as bad when your baby spits carrots all over it.

    14. Lined Curtains

    Curtains are an inexpensive way (when made at home) to give your home a warm and welcoming feeling.

    But to have lined curtains is an even nicer touch. Use this tutorial to walk you through how to make high-quality curtains at home.

    15. Pajama Gift Sets

    If you’re looking for a great gift to give the kids or grandkids this Christmas, consider making these pajama sets.

    They’d be a comfortable gift and one which could represent their personal style. I’m an adult but would still love for someone to gift me these.

    16. Tooth Fairy Pocket

    This is a project which will be gifted to a child but is actually intended for the parent. Instead of your child going to sleep with a little tooth in a big bed, you use this pocket.

    Have the child place the tooth in the pocket. It’ll make it easier for the tooth to be found and also easier for the parents to locate it without waking the child.

    17. Fabric Baby Doll Basket

    When I was a little girl there wasn’t much else in the world I loved more than my baby doll. Most little girls still feel the same.

    Why not make them a fun gift with this fabric baby doll basket? This way they can take their baby dolls out in style.

    18. The Breezy Tee Tunic

    Breezy feels good. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, but when you add tunic behind it, you know you have a comfortable outfit.

    You can use this sewing project tutorial to make the tunic, add a pair of leggings, and either flip-flops or boots and you have the ultimate comfy (and fashionable) outfit.

    19. Kimono Top

    Kimonos are coming back with a vengeance. They’re great to go with a loose tee and some leggings, but it also works well over a dress.

    Either way, when you can make your own with this tutorial, it becomes a go-to for ease and the comfort it provides.

    20. Grocery Bag Holder

    I have one of these, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. I save all my grocery bags because they make great liners for my trash can and are also helpful when I empty my cat’s litter box daily.

    Therefore, you need a place to store them all. This sewing project tutorial to make a cute and functional grocery bag holder is a must.

    21. Easy Maxi

    Maxi skirts are my go-to during the summer. I love how flowy they are, and the comfort they provide. Plus, I can still look like I’m put together even when I’m going for the comfy look.

    If you love maxi skirts too, this tutorial is for you. It’s perfect for beginners as well because it’s such a simple design.

    22. Kitchen Aid Mixer Bowl Cover

    Do you have a Kitchen Aid mixer? They’re an investment and super helpful which is all the more reason to take excellent care of them.

    Thanks to this idea, you can now make a cover for the mixer bowl. This will keep the bowl cleaner between uses.

    23. DIY Laptop Bag

    If you take your laptop with you when you’re out and about, chances are you need a way to protect it from becoming damaged.

    You can use this idea to make a laptop bag. It’ll help you carry your laptop safely and in style.

    24. Chubby Lunch Tote

    Are you tired of spending a fortune on lunch boxes? Instead, use this tutorial to help you make the perfect lunch box for you and your loved ones.

    There’s a free pattern, and it appears to be an adequate size to pack a good sized lunch.

    25. DIY Triangle Quilt

    When you’re having a baby it’s an exciting time. There’s much to prepare for and even more to buy.

    However, you can now make this triangle quilt which would be perfect for a nursery. It’s not only less expensive, but it also offers a personal touch.

    26. Envelope Pillow

    When I moved into my second home, it was a fixer-upper, and we didn’t have many items to decorate with because our budget was focused on remodeling.

    My mother-in-law gave me the best gift with homemade pillows for my couches. You can add this touch of home to either your home or a loved one by using this tutorial.

    27. Portable Tic-Tac-Toe

    If you have small children, you know how hard it can be to keep everyone happy in the car or in places where you have to wait a while.

    Make this pocket-sized game of tic-tac-toe. It’s a great way to keep everyone entertained without plugging them into an electronic device.

    28. DIY Headbands

    When I was little headbands were all the rage and a great way to keep your hair down but out of your face.

    Now, they’re a fashionable accessory whether your hair is up or down. Learn how to make four different styles of headbands with this tutorial.

    29. Road Trip Car Pillow

    When you’re on long road trips with little ones it can be hard to keep their heads properly supported.

    Consider trying this idea. It slides over the seatbelt and helps to provide extra neck support when your kids begin to nod off.

    30. Cat Bed

    My mother-in-law made this cat bed for my sister-in-law’s cat, and the cat absolutely loved it. If you have a furry friend, you must consider giving this idea a try.

    It’s a cat bed which allows the cat to climb inside and be comfortable. They are offered privacy and protection while they sleep.

    31. Scrappy Dog Leash

    Do you have a dog whom you love? Does your puppy need a new leash? Before you head out to buy one, check out this idea.

    They take different scraps of material and sew together a sturdy dog leash. They say this could work for a large cat, llama, or even a small horse too.

    32. Cozy Pillow Bed

    If you have kids which like to lounge everywhere, consider making them a pillow bed. It’s a portable and soft option to provide comfort.

    It would make for a great gift or even to use during a child’s sleepover. There’re unlimited uses for this pillow bed.

    33. Sock Monkey

    Sock monkeys have been around for a long time. Why not continue the tradition with your children or grandchildren?

    You can use the tutorial to put together an adorable sock monkey and make the colors match exactly what your kids love.

    34. Fabric Basket

    Do you need more storage in your home? Are you looking for a simple and less expensive way to go about getting said storage?

    Consider this tutorial for making fabric baskets. They’re colorful, nice to look at, and also seem quite functional too.

    35. Overnight Duffel Bag

    When your kids begin to get older, they go camping, go to friend’s houses for the night, or even take small trips with the family.

    Wouldn’t you like them to take a piece of home with them while they’re gone? Try sending home with them through the bag they carry by making them this duffel bag.

    36. Reusable Swiffer Refills

    Do you use a Swiffer around your home to keep your floors clean? Are you tired of purchasing the store-bought replacement pads?

    Rather make these reusable Swiffer pads instead. It’ll allow you to get more uses and also save some money in the process.

    37. Holiday Wine Bottle Gift Bag

    Whether you make your own wine and give it away for Christmas, or you purchase people wine for Christmas, it needs a bag.

    But instead of purchasing wine bags, try adding a personal touch with this sewn wine bag.

    38. Car Diddy Bag

    A diddy bag is a great way to keep everything organized in your car. Whether you have your cell phone, snacks, or anything else you may use, it should go in the diddy bag.

    But instead of trying to purchase a diddy bag, try a sewing project to make your own. This will keep the price down on the bag and also keep all of your ‘diddies’ in one organized location.

    39. DIY Flannel Throws

    I love having a comfy blanket on my couch at all times. It sends a warm welcome to those who walk into my home.

    Yet, it’s also perfect for cold nights when you curl up on your couch. Make your own warm flannel blankets with this tutorial.

    40. Circle Skirt

    A circle skirt is something easy to sew but also great to have on hand in your wardrobe. It can be dressed up or down.

    This is a great sewing project pattern to follow because not only is it easy to make, but it’s also free.

    41. Bedroom Pillowcases

    sewing project

    sewing project

    Are your pillowcases worn out? Would you like to have a fresh new look? Follow this tutorial and learn about three different methods of making pillowcases.

    They’re bright, colorful, and easy to make. It’s a useful bit of knowledge for your home, and also in giving them as gifts too.

    42. Casserole Carry-All

    sewing projects

    sewing projects

    If you’ve hung around a potluck at the local church for any length of time you’ve seen one of these bad boys.

    They’re what comes out when delicious foods are coming to the table. They’re great at keeping casseroles warm, and this tutorial can help you create your own.

    You now have over 40 different sewing projects to keep you busy this winter. Whether you’re trying to come up with a creative gift or a way to pass the time when the temperatures aren’t cooperating with your outdoor activities.

    These sewing projects are practical, adorable, and should be much appreciated by those you give them to (even if they stay in your own home.)

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