44 Little Free Library Plans That Will Inspire Your Community To Read -

44 Little Free Library Plans That Will Inspire Your Community to Read

Are you a bookworm? Do you spend a great deal of time purchasing books online or from your local bookstores?

Well, there's a way to save your money. Stop spending money on books you’ll read once or twice and find yourself purchasing more. Instead, begin borrowing books from your local library.

What if you don’t have a library conveniently close to your home?

I have the solution for you…make one. Little libraries are becoming quite the trend. They’re popping up in towns and subdivisions all over.

Here are a few ideas and plans for creating your own little library right in your corner of the world:

1. The Wash Tub Library


Little libraries can be made from anything which will hold a few books. Do you have an old tub you’re no longer using?

Well, clean it up, give it a nice paint job, hang it on its side in a convenient location, and fill it with books. Be sure to hang a sign to make people aware it’s a free little library. Hopefully, you’ll have a few people donate books as well.

2. The Piano Little Library


Some people create little libraries in their front yard. In these scenarios, they like to add their own style to the library.

In this case, the individual created a little library which looked like a piano. It’s unique and would certainly draw attention to itself.

3. The Bunny Hutch Library


Do you have an old rabbit hutch hanging around you no longer use? Don’t toss it. Upcycle it. You can clean it up and make the top part a place to store books for your free little library.

From there, you can add stone statues in the bottom to add a subtle touch to make it clear your little library once was a home for a rabbit or two.

4. The Dr. Seuss Library


Everyone knows Dr. Seuss books. To read one is to fall in love with it. At least, it seems to be the popular opinion of most avid readers.

With this in mind, why not make a little library which shares a Dr. Seuss theme? It would draw attention to your effort and would hopefully excite people to check out your little library.

5. The Treehouse Little Library


When I see this little free library, it makes me think of The Berenstein Bears. If you’re familiar with the books, you may remember the bears “lived in a big treehouse down a sunny dirt road deep in Bear Country.”

Well, this little library reminds me of their treehouse. It could also ring a bell with younger readers who enjoy The Magic Treehouse series. Either way, this tree themed little library certainly makes a bookworm’s mind spin.

6. The Red Mini Shed


Are you someone who loves the idea of a free little library, but you have zero carpentry skills? Don’t fret. There’s still hope you can have a little library.

With this red mini shed library, you can purchase it and assemble it at your home or other space where you’ve gained permission to start a little library.

7. The Pencil Little Library


If you’re wanting to place a little library in a public location this might be a good choice. The reason being is it’s colorful to catch any passerby’s attention.

Yet, it’s an open concept which would work in a variety of locations. Plus, it appears simple enough to build too.

8. The Checkered Little Library


This little library is one which would certainly stand out. If you’re considering placing a little library on your personal property near a mailbox, this color selection might be a wise choice.

As you can see, the first thing which would catch most people’s eyes is the checkered door. However, the bright colors on the sides would also create curiosity in your neighborhood.

9. A Simple Little Library


Are you looking to build a basic little library? You want one where it looks like a small house and can be painted any color scheme you desire?

Well, here are the plans for such a library. It would be a nice addition to any community or subdivision without sticking out like a sore thumb.

10. The Little Library with a Wide Door


It’s common place to see little libraries with French doors on the front. This design is meant to be easy to build and only includes one door.

These plans will show you how to build a basic little library. It looks similar to most other traditional little libraries with the exception of having a single door instead of double doors.

11. The Simple Little Library


It’s normal to feel intimidated by DIY projects if you’re not used to making things from scratch and on your own.

Well, that is where these plans come in. If you want to build a little library, consider using these plans. They construct a basic little library and have plans which are easy to read as well.

12. The Abstract Little Library

Clement Solo Velez step little library

This little library is different from most others. It’s abstract with the shelving. Meaning, the shelves branch off from the base.

But the plans are easy to follow which is great news if you’re someone constructing a little library for the first time.

13. The Book Stand Little Library

Books NY City

We’re accustomed to seeing little libraries which resemble small houses with a door to protect books from the elements.

This little library is different as it’s an open concept with many shelves to hold more books than the traditional design.

14. The Circular Little Library

Little Yellow Library

This little library is quite unique as well. It’s a circular design up on stilts. The books are shelved under the covering of the circular dome.

But what’s even more unique is you can walk into this little library. You have a small space you can browse and find the book you desire.

15. The Amish Cabin Little Library

Are you fond of the design of an Amish cabin? Would you like to display that fondness in the form of your little library?

Well, with these plans you can. It gives you step by step instructions on how to construct a miniature Amish cabin for the purpose of holding books.

16. The Canoe Little Library


This little library is intriguing in appearance. It’s shaped like a small canoe and has a couple of shelves inside it.

From there, a small glass door was added to protect the books. It doesn’t appear to be able to hold as many books as some designs, but it’s still fascinating.

17. The Suitcase Little Library


Are you on a tight budget? You know your community needs a little library, but you don’t have the funds to sink into a building project?

Well, don’t! Instead, find items around your home you no longer use. In this case, they used an old suitcase and placed a sign on it to indicate the purpose.

18. The Metal Cabinet Little Library


Are you looking to construct a little library, but you’re working on a budget and aren’t too familiar with building things?

Consider doing what this person did. They purchased a small metal cabinet and constructed a unique little library for little money.

19. The Big Free Little Library


Are you looking to make a larger investment in the literacy in your community? You should check out this idea for a little library.

As you can see, the little library isn’t as little as some shown here. Instead, it has multiple shelves with room for more books.

20. The Plastic Tote Library


If you’re working on a tight budget but would still like to have a little library, consider using items you have on hand.

For instance, if you have a large plastic tote, you could label it with a little library sign and have plenty of room for books.

21. The Black Cat Library


This little library was created with the purpose of attracting a great deal of attention. This idea may require stronger carpentry skills since you’d need to craft a cat out of wood.

However, where the library is larger, it would be able to host more books and offer a greater variety to those using it.

22. The Telephone Booth Library


I’m a fan of this little library idea. It looks like an old-fashioned phone booth which would be a gorgeous design in front of a home.

But I also love how it holds a larger number of books too. This is a functional and pretty little library design perfect for a subdivision setting.

23. The Schoolhouse Little Library


When people build little libraries for their neighborhood, they like to get creative. It’s not only a functional addition to the property, but it also adds charm.

This little library adds a great deal of character to a home since it’s meant to look like a schoolhouse. The bell is the touch which sets the whole thing off.

24. Little Library with a Seat


If you’re working on a budget, don’t feel like you cannot have a stylish and functional little library. In fact, with this idea, you could have both for little to no money.

All you need is a plastic tote and a way to add arms and a back to it. Store the books inside the tote and make the top of the tote a bench to enjoy the books.

25. The Fridge Little Library


Do you have an old refrigerator you used in your dorm but are no longer using? Instead of letting it take up space and going unused, turn it into a little library.

It requires no renovations. You only need to pack the fridge with books and put a sign on it. It’s an easy and frugal idea.

26. The Newspaper Stand Turned Little Library


These are plans for upcycling a newspaper stand into a little library. It does require some work to get the stand in place.

But it’s a great idea. The books inside the newspaper stand are protected from the elements and it’s great to put an old item to a new use.

27. The Schoolhouse with Bench Little Library


This is such a neat setup. You have an adorable little library which looks like a traditional old schoolhouse with the bell on top.

But there’s also a bench provided. This is a neat idea because once people pick a book from the library, they have a nice place to rest and read.

28. The Multi-Door Little Library


This little library has a whimsical feel to it. You begin with the largest door and bigger books. With each door, the size of the door and books decrease.

If you’re trying to get your children to have an interest in reading, this little library should help with it. You can’t help but wonder what lies behind each door.

29. The Little Library with a Wooden Shingled Roof


This little library keeps the traditional style of little libraries. However, it adds its own flair with the roof.

When you see a little library, many times they have a shingled roof. In this case, the shingles are created from wood. It gives a unique feel to a traditional style.

30. The Book Little Library


I love this idea for a little library. The structure is made of wood and includes a glass door to allow others to see inside.

However, the structure itself is made to look like a book. It would take an artistic touch but would also be great at drawing attention too.

31. The Larger Little Library on a Stand


This is a great design for a little library. Though it’s only an idea because no plans are offered, this could be easily duplicated.

However, what makes this little library such a unique build is it has room for more books, a glass door, but it is also on a pedestal for easy access.

32. The Blue and Green Little Library


This little library shares a traditional design plan with a rectangular shape and a shingled roof. Yet, it has three shelves making it a larger little library.

Also, they chose to paint this little library blue and green which is eye-catching. However, you could choose to paint it any color you like.

33. The Rustic Lending Library


I’m a fan of this design because I love all things with a rustic design to them. This is a rectangular library built from wood with a wooden and glass door.

However, they add a little more rustic appeal to it by adding a metal roof. This makes it less expensive and adds a different to look to a simple design.

34. The Flower Pot Little Library


Are you looking for a little library design which could fit in almost anywhere? You could be constricted by town codes or an HOA.

Either way, consider this design idea. It’s a petite little library placed in a flower pot with flowers blooming around the base. It’s adorable and fits right in wherever it’s planted.

35. The Green Little Library


Do you want to share books with your neighborhood but also do it in a ‘green’ way? Well, you’ll love this design idea.

Basically, you build a little library with the style of your choice. Instead of giving it a traditional roof, you use the top as a planter and create a living roof.

36. The Cabinet Little Library


Would you like a little library but would choose to upcycle an item to create it? You’ve come to the right design idea.

This person chose to use a wooden cabinet to be the base of her little library. From there, they added a glass door and metal legs to create the perfect little library.

37. The Weather Vane Little Library


I’m in love with this little library idea as well. This is another one you’ll have to use your imagination to recreate because the plans aren’t shared.

However, it would fit in almost anywhere because of the classic style. What sets this design off is the weather vane posted ontop.

38. The Book Spine Little Library


This is such a simple design idea which can also be easily recreated. Yet, it has a lot of creativity behind it as well.

Basically, they used thin pieces of wood and made it look like book spines. They chose some classics for the books, but you could name any books you wished on your own little library.

39. The Rough Sketch for a Little Library


Are you someone who would love to build a little library, but you don’t have great carpentry chops yet? Do you desperately need a plan to work from?

Well, this plan is a rough sketch for a little library, but if you’re in need of plans they might work for you.

40. The Divided Little Library


This is another neat idea for a little library. It has three parts to it. The top is for adult books, the bottom is for children, and you could add another type of book for the third section.

If you’d like to have a variety of books, this could be a great way to keep everything organized and publicize you have something for everyone.

41. The Dollhouse Little Library


This little library is another one which is adorable and could fit in practically anywhere. If you have an old dollhouse, you could easily convert it into this idea.

Basically, you’d need to create a wider front door for people to be able to open, browse through books, and remove them for borrowing.

42. The Book Roof Little Library


Are you looking for a little library idea which isn’t too far off base from a traditional little library? But you want something which is a little different?

Well, this could your little library. It has the traditional box style, perfect for storing books. But it has a roof which is meant to look like an open book.

43. The Log Cabin Library


Do you live in a log cabin home? Are you partial to this design? Either way, this is a great little library idea for you.

Basically, they’ve constructed a miniature log cabin with a door in the front big enough to insert or remove books. It’s a beautiful design and would make a great addition to a home or business.

44. The Cedar Little Library Plans


Would you like to have a sturdy little library near your home or business? Using cedar siding is a great plan because it requires minimal upkeep, in most situations.

But if you’re also in need of plans to construct this, consider these plans. They should help you to have a successful build.

Well, you now have over 40 different options for a little library. Some provide plans and some are ideas you can recreate on your own.

Either way, we hope your family, neighborhood, and community get plenty of enjoyment out of the little library you create.

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