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44 Pretty Practical DIY Placemats Perfect for a Dining Party

When you're setting your table to have guests over for a dining party, to create an atmosphere during the holidays or for a romantic date sometimes that little extra special touch can make all the difference! That's why pretty DIY placemats are important to make a big statement!

Instead of going out to buy placemats that all the neighbors have and that cost way too much, you can do it yourself! Making your own placemats is easy, fun and the best way to ensure your table looks exactly the way you want it to!

You can create bold funky placemats that add color to an otherwise boring table. Or, go for something soft and simple that acts only as a functional item to avoid spills. Whatever your objective is, there is a DIY placemat project here for you! Below we have 44 practical and pretty placemats that will make a statement.

1. Flannel

diy placemats

diy placemats

The leaves are changing color, the pumpkins are ripening and flannel is in season! A chic and classy flannel placemat will add charm to your countertop.

2. Confetti

diy placemat

diy placemat

It's party time and you need to make a big impression! Your guests will never believe that you made these glamorous placemats!

3. Pom-Poms

homemade placemats

homemade placemats

Yes! Pom-poms will never let you down and will always be cute and charming! Add some fun to your table with little pom-pom placemats!

4. Watercolor

diy placemat

diy placemat

Here's a fun project that you can do with your friends on the weekend! Watercolor placemats look great on the table and make wonderful homemade gifts!

5. Sisal Rope

Looking for a nautical placemat design that is easy-to-make, budget-friendly and looks great? Here it is!

6. Burlap Quotes

Rustic burlap placemats are made even more unique with fun quotes. Perfect for your farmhouse dining table.

7. Cork

Cork is a wonderful material that is easy to work with and has a lovely stylish attraction to it. That's why it's great for DIY placemats!

8. Fool-Proof

If you're new to the sewing scene then here is a simple beginner level sewing project to get you into the groove!

9. No-Sew

However, if you're like me and feel hopeless when it comes to sewing, no worries, there's a project for you too!

10. Speckled

Simple, chic and pretty is how your dining table will look with your homemade speckled placemats.

11. Woven

Weave yourself a colorful placemat that will make a big statement on your wooden dining table. A boho chic look that you will love!

12. Indigo Shibori Died

Beautiful tie-dyed placemats with a cool stylish shiboro pattern. Looks great against a dark wooden countertop or table.

13. Wooden Monogram

Personalize your dining table by creating wooden placemats that have each of the family members initials!

14. Shopping Bags

Did you know that you can recycle old shopping bags into great backyard patio summer placemats?

15. Printable

These colorful playful placemats are so easy all you have to do is print them out and voila!

16. Venn

Keep your counters clean while also having fun with great DIY projects! Mathematicians and crafters alike will love these placemats!

17. Dip-Dyed Bamboo

Add a pop of color to your dining room table by dip-dying your bamboo placemats in your favorite color.

18. Chalkboard

Don't worry about making placemats for each season and holiday. With chalkboard placemats, you can have fun designing them accordingly!

19. Dip Dye

Pick your favorite colors and start dipping and dying! This is a fun project to do with the kids on the weekend.

20. Modern

Get out your paints, turn on your creativity switch and have fun creating your own fun and stylish modern placemats.

21. Happy Placemats

Your dining room table should be fun, bright and happy! I love how colorful these playful placemats are!

22. Fabric Paint

If you are artistically talented you may be able to complete a painting such as this on your own. If not, use a stencil!

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