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45 DIY Picture Frames to Display Your Happy Moments

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    Are you one of the few of us who still enjoy having their photos printed? Or maybe you have a whole bunch of photos printed and they are just sitting in an old dusty box!

    Want to display your favorite memories on the wall so you can smile nostalgically as you walk down your hallway?

    Then you need a whole bunch of picture frames, right?

    There's nothing like looking back at beautiful pictures and you shouldn't have to pull them out of your attic to do so! Put them on display! However, spending 20 bucks or more on a picture frame isn't exactly in your budget… That's fine! You can DIY your own picture frames at a budget-friendly price.

    The best part? You get to customize and colorize your picture frames exactly to your own liking! Circles or squares, modern or vintage, colorful or classic, you get to be the boss of how your pictures look framed and hung! So let's take a look at 45 DIY picture frames to display your happy moments.

    1. Modern Wood Magnet

    diy picture frames

    diy picture frames

    This DIY picture frame uses magnets which makes switching out the photo simple and quick. It's also easy to make and easy to hang!

    2. Bang for your Buck

    DIY picture frames that will only cost your (approximately) 15 dollars each! They are large in size and look beautiful! Again, as your kids grow you can easily swop out newer photos.

    3. Thin Gold

    A thin DIY frame to softly accent your painting. This crafter painted their frame a similar color to the image to help it blend right in.

    4. Rustic

    Get a charming rustic look for your vintage prints with this lovely handmade wooden picture frame.

    5. Photo Wall

    Do you have so many photos you don't even know how to frame them all? A giant bulletin board photo wall should do the trick!

    6. Simple

    The simpler the better, that's why these minimalistic, straight-to-the-point picture frames make a wonderful DIY picture frames project.

    7. Clipboard

    If you're somebody who likes to change things up regularly then switching out your photos should be quick and easy!

    8. Wood Burned

    Add some personality to your boring wooden frames! Get out your wood burning pen and have some creative fun!

    9. Bow

    After you build your wooden picture frame perfect for the family photo, finish it off with a big beautiful bow.

    10. Reclaimed Wood

    Use wood scraps to create beautiful picture frames that you can fill with memories and place on the mantle.

    11. Washi Tape

    Give an average looking picture frame a fun and quick update by decorating it with your favorite patterned washi tape!

    12. Illuminated

    Illuminate your favorite memories or the special people in your life with a handmade lantern photo cube.

    13. Mason Jar

    Turn an old mason jar into a beautiful painted vase that also doubles as a bright and colorful picture frame.

    14. Window

    Check out how you can update an old window frame into a unique and rustic photo frame for your family memories.

    15. Foam Frames

    Bright, colorful, bold DIY picture frames that are easy to design and easy to make by using colorful crafting foam!

    16. Newspapers

    Haven't taken the recycling out in a while? Well, then you might have a stack of old newspapers just waiting to be turned into DIY picture frames!

    17. Antique Glass

    Use this awesome crafting technique to make your glass look vintage and timeless. A wonderful DIY picture frame for a wedding gift.

    18. Simple and Easy

    It doesn't get any easier than this! Made with love this DIY picture frame will be the new home for a very special image.

    19. Floating Frame

    A gorgeous floating DIY picture frame that (it's hard to believe) will cost you under $10 to make! Wow!

    20. Vintage Maps

    Use vintage maps as an interesting way to update plain picture frames. These DIY picture frames are perfect for displaying your travel pics!

    21. Hardware Cloth

    Get that cool industrial farmhouse look with a stunning DIY picture frame made out of a recycled thrift store frame and hardware cloth!

    22. Cardboard

    We've got your weekend project ready for you and the kids! They will have a lot of fun wrapping their cardboard frames with brightly colored strings!

    23. Window

    Another DIY picture frame made out of an old window but with a bit of a different look! This time, instead of lots of photos, it's just one big one!

    24. Giant Polaroid

    I absolutely love this idea! If you are a polaroid fan like I am then this is a must-make project for this weekend!

    25. Tea Light

    These DIY picture frames also double as candle holders! A great way to light up a special moment in your life when you're feeling nostalgic.

    26. Twine Wrapped

    Wrapped in twine and then decorate with a beautiful mesh flower! Craft this up for a friend and add a picture of you with your bestie!

    27. Pallet Wood

    If you've got so many pallets you don't even know what to do with them you better start crafting! Picture frames are a great way to use up that beautiful wood.

    28. Chevron

    A wonderful chevron DIY picture frame that uses budget-friendly materials and is quick to make and easy to gift!

    29. Concrete

    I love how this DIY picture frame looks natural and doesn't have perfectly straight edges. It gives it a real organic feeling.

    30. Polar Bear

    This polar bear picture frame is just way too adorable! Such a fun way to hang your printed pictures and create a conversation starter too!

    31. Old Books

    Did you ever think that old books could become new picture frames? Thanks to the internet you have officially been inspired!

    32. Wood Slice

    This project is especially unique because it doesn't just display the picture it actually transfers it over to the woodslice! So cool!

    33. Egg Box Flowers

    Add some pizazz to a simple picture frame with some handmade flowers created out of old egg cartons and painted a beautiful blue.

    34. Stylish Circles

    Enough with the typical square picture frames, you're more unique than that! Go for stylish circle frames instead.

    35. Monochromatic

    These are the perfect DIY picture frames for your black and white images to really make a bold statement!

    36. Wood Burned

    Here's another idea on how you can use a wood burning technique to create a special DIY picture frame for your baby photos or bestie selfies!

    37. Acrylic

    Modern, sleek and stylish, this DIY acrylic picture frame is perfect for displaying your showstopper photography skills in a unique way.

    38. Paint Dipped

    If you like to be different and try things that are out of the box then you will definitely fall in love with these paint dipped picture frames!

    39. Ombre

    Choose your favorite color and then style your picture frame with an ombre tone from darkest to lightest!

    40. Two Toned

    Two toned picture frames give a modern and stylish appearance with a lovely pop of color on a simple white frame.

    41. Paint Dipped Frame

    We already saw a different paint dipped DIY picture frame project, but if you aren't ecstatic about paint dipping the whole picture you can try dipping just the frame!

    42. Colored Pencils

    Looking for a way to keep the kids busy this weekend? Here's a fun craft that calls for bright colors and imagination!

    43. Mosaic Styrofoam

    Another kid-friendly craft that is fun not only for your kids but for adults too! Try out your mosaic skills with styrofoam!

    44. Upcycled Bottles

    Display photos in upcycled bottles and instead of having a message in a bottle you'll have a memory in a bottle!

    45. Painted

    To get this DIY project going you can take a shortcut by buying a plain wooden frame and then simply get out your painting supplies and turn on that creativity button!

    Captured and framed!

    You've already taken the photos now all that's left is to get out your glue gun, paints and glitter and create a homemade picture frame! DIY picture frames can be a remarkable gift to give to a bestie or family member, they are wonderful craft projects to do on the weekend with the kids, and they can be a penny-saving project when you don't have the funds to spend on something brand new!

    There are tons of DIY tutorials out there and these are our 45 favorites! So flash a smile, say cheese and SNAP the perfect shot for your new DIY picture frame.

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