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46 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas That Will Inspire You to Start Planting

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    Who doesn't love using fresh herbs for dinner? Everyone that I know does!

    Herbs are great because they can easily be grown indoors and don't take too much maintenance to keep them happy. But where to grow them? That's where this article comes in!

    Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme grow happily in old wooden boxes, in recycled bottles, in glass mason jars, and even in used tin cans. You can grow them vertically on the wall, or dedicate a spot for them right on your dining room table.

    Your house will smell great, your food will taste better, and you will love taking care of your indoor herb garden.

    1. Baking Tin

    Check out this awesome way to convert an old baking tin into a chic wall planter to home your herbs.

    2. Hanging Boards

    This is a fun and easy DIY project that has a functional and super chic design!

    3. Chalk Painted

    A rustic look is given with chalk painted terracotta pots and then stamped with cute letters.

    4. Hanging Rope

    I am in love with the look of this indoor herb garden and also the convenient location!

    5. Clothespins

    This is a great way to give a unique and rustic look to your indoor herb garden.

    6. Crooked Pots

    Throw your guests for a loop with this fun illusion of falling pots.

    7. Plastic on an Angle

    Lightweight and simple pots can make for a great option when working with a vertical herb garden.

    8. Macrame

    Although the plants in the photo are not herbs, you can easily imagine how cute it would be if they were!

    9. Pastel Colors

    Another idea for hanging wall planters to store your kitchen herb garden, using soft pastel colors.

    10. Wooden Box

    A rustic and cool wooden box turned into a windowsill herb garden! So cute with the chalk writing!

    11. Ikea Hack

    An Ikea hack using a regular wine rack and replacing the bottles for cups of soil and fresh herbs.

    12. PVC

    Make use of scrap pieces of PVC piping you have laying around by turning it into a herb garden bed.

    13. Mason Jars

    A vertical garden using scrap wood and recycled mason jars! So clever!

    14. Plastic Bottles

    I'm always looking for ways to reuse plastic bottles so you can be sure I'll be trying out this project!

    15. Tin Cans

    Get out your paint and stickers for this charming and fun windowsill herb garden project!

    16. Table Top

    Make a box out of old pallet wood and then simply place your mason jars inside for fresh herbs right at the table!

    17. Old Kettles

    I am really digging this vintage and unique look using old kettles to house your herbs!

    18. Chandelier

    Turn an old chandelier into an artistic way to hang your herbs at the dinner table!

    19. Crooked Mason Jars

    Don't just go for the obvious, change things up and try something different!

    20. Tea Tins

    These little herb tins make for great gifts and look super stylish in the kitchen!

    21. Coffee Mugs

    How beautiful does this indoor herb garden look? A wonderful way to make use of that coffee cup collection!

    22. Copper Tin Cans

    Do you have a copper theme happening in your kitchen? Keep it going!

    23. Farmhouse

    Decorate your farmhouse kitchen with its own miniature indoor herb garden using galvanized buckets.

    24. Herb Pallet Wall

    Hang up an old pallet and stuff it full of herbs and delicious plants!

    25. Shoe Organizer

    Do you have a lot of herbs that you need to house? Here's a clever idea on how to do so!

    26. Centerpiece

    Make your centerpiece something useful like a fresh herb garden that you can sprinkle your pasta with!

    27. Tea Cups

    We have seen coffee cups, we have seen tea tins, and now let's take a look at teacups!

    28. Galvanized Buckets

    Frame some galvanized buckets, number them, give them some life, and enjoy your abundant flavors!

    29. Copper Shelf

    How stylish is this copper pipe shelf that is made to hold terracotta pots perfectly? Love it!

    30. Hanging Tins

    Hanging upside down so you can easily reach their delicious leaves!

    31. Trellis

    This just might be my favorite design! The geometrical trellis shape mixed with beautiful leather pot holders! So chic!

    32. Berry Cool

    Get creative, be artistic, and have fun making your indoor herb garden!

    33. Upcycled

    Upcycle your empty shampoo bottles and lotion containers into a colorful garden!

    34. Bottle Garden

    Make sure your herb garden is always happy by letting it drink when it's thirsty!

    35. Painted Mason Jars

    Personally, I'm a big fan of colors in the house which is why I really dig these lovely jars!

    36. Raise the Roof

    Don't take up valuable counter space when you have all that room above you!

    37. Cart

    Give your herbs their own personal space on a rolling kitchen cart!

    38. Colorful Two Tier

    Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme… Blues, pinks, yellows, and oranges… What's not to love?

    39. Wooden Table

    This cute herb table makes it easy to transport all your herbaceous friends from one place to another.

    40. Cork Labels

    Obviously, your herb garden is going to need some labels so you know what you're picking!

    41. Wash Tub

    What I like about this indoor herb garden idea is that it has its own place and makes quite a statement.

    42. Milk Carton

    Don't throw out your milk cartons quite yet! They can have a second life and serve you again!

    43. Minimal Modern

    Make your herb garden blend in with a sophisticated and modern wooden fence look.

    44. Bucket Wall

    I really like this symmetrical design. It's simple, functional, and looks great!

    45. Metallic

    A cool and chic design using metallic colors contrasting white and recycled tin cans.

    46. Old Wooden Box

    Use old treasures that you find at flea markets and thrift stores to create a vintage feeling.

    Amazing! I love the creativity of all the unique ways you can create your own indoor herb garden. From decorative tea cups holding rosemary and thyme to unique hanging structures with space for every herb imaginable!

    It's fun to get creative with making your own indoor herb garden by utilizing unique objects you have around the house or building something new.

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