6 Bedtime Essential Oil Blends For A Great Night’s Sleep -

6 Bedtime Essential Oil Blends for a Great Night’s Sleep

Whether we work hard, or play hard, sleep is important. It helps the body to recover from a busy day. We all want a great night’s sleep.

Sometimes, sleeplessness does occur. Maybe you work hard at tackling the busyness of daily life and could use a little help winding down at night. You might fall asleep, but have trouble staying asleep. Maybe you’ve got some important things coming up and you can’t seem to shut it off so you can get a good night’s rest.

It makes a huge difference in how our day plays out when we’ve slept well the night before. Sleep restores us. Sleep helps the body to fight off infections. Sleep helps the body heal. Without it, every aspect of our daily lives are affected.

Essential oils can help you relax. When you are relaxed, you are more likely to fall asleep faster. Many of us respond well to the properties of different essential oil blends. If you aren’t sleeping very well, these blends are worth trying. I think you’ll be surprised at the results!

Here are my favorite choices for essential oil blends for insomnia that promote a Great Night’s Sleep:

These are essential oils that complement each other. They will work together to bring calm and peace, allowing you to rest. Aromatherapy benefits us by diffusing into the air essential oils for 30 minutes before you fall asleep.

Check out some of the essential oils that complement each other for a great night’s sleep.

Restful Night
A mild blend that is widely accepted and promotes a comfortable, easy sleep.

8 drops Roman Chamomile (get it here)
7 drops Bergamot (get it here)
5 drops Clary Sage (get it here)

Serenity Now
A powerful blend for releasing the stress of the day, while promoting peace and calm to help you sleep.

10 drops Cedarwood (get it here)
10 drops Vetiver (get it here)

Mom’s Sweet Dream
Loved by moms, young and old, this is a soothing blend that fights fatigue for a comfortable, deep sleep.

8 drops Lavender (get it here)
6 drops Clary Sage (get it here)
6 drops Roman Chamomile (get it here)
Be Still
A popular blend to use when you are feeling anxious about tomorrow.

7 drops Ylang Ylang (get it here)
7 drops Neroli (get it here)
6 drops Cedarwood (get it here)

Try one of these 6 essential oil blends for a great night’s sleep.
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Comfortable Nights:
Sleep comfortably with this wonderfully aromatic blend, perfect for both men and women.

7 drops Cedarwood (get it here)
7 drops Wild (Sweet) Orange (get it here)
5 drops Patchouli (get it here)

Simple Rest:
Possibly one of my favorites, this blend provides a mild sedative effect so you can fall asleep quickly. The aromatic scent of the Lavender and Orange blend together beautifully too.
10 drops Lavender (get it here)
7 drops Wild (Sweet) Orange (get it here)
3 drops Valerian (get it here)
Experimenting with essential oil blends is an exciting way to help your body. You’ll learn how each of the oils affects you, and from there you can create beautiful blends that pack a powerful punch. Using essential oil blends that complement each other is a great way to get the benefits from all the oils in a new scent.

Get rid of the short-term over the counter drugs. Stop the insomnia, and try these wonderful sleep blends. You deserve a good night’s rest! In no time at all you’ll feel an astounding difference and reap the amazing benefits that come with a great night’s sleep.

What essential oil blends do you use? Have you tried any essential oil blends for insomnia, or just to get a good night’s sleep? Be sure to pin this for later!

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