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63 DIY Napkins to Add a Thoughtful Touch of Style to Your Next Dinner Party

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    Got a dinner party coming up and your table setting is looking a little… How can I put it nicely… Boring? Then those unexciting white paper napkins surely aren't doing anything for you!

    A great way to spend the weekend with friends or enjoy a fun art project with the kids is creating DIY napkins!

    There is a wack of tutorials out there that can inspire you to get started on your own original idea or that you can follow step-by-step to create cool replicas of already tested and trialed designs.

    One of the best parts about making your own DIY napkins is that you can create them to become reusable and to reduce your waste! Just toss them into the laundry after dinner and use them again! Check to make sure that you are using the right materials though by following the guides below!

    Here we've got 63 cleverly creative DIY napkin ideas for a special touch to your table.

    1. No-Sew Fringe

    These beautiful linen napkins only need some tracing and cutting. They have a rustic fringed edging and are easily washable.

    2. Shibori

    Looking to get into shibori? DIY'ing your own shibori napkins is the most perfect beginner project for testing your new skills!

    3. Numbered Ombre

    Number your place setting with personalized DIY napkins that you can paint with a beautiful ombre technique in the color you choose!

    4. Leaf Stamped

    You'll be shocked at how easy this DIY napkin project is! The hardest part is choosing your favorite leaves to use.

    5. Dishcloth to Napkin

    Pick out your favorite dishcloths and with just a few easy steps transform them into stylish and reusable dinner napkins!

    6. Frayed Linen

    I'm especially inspired by the color choice of these DIY linen frayed napkins! Shades of blues and yellows bring a happy feeling to a Spring setting!

    7. Tassels

    So much fun! If I could add tassels to everything, I would, seriously… A neutral napkin with fun colorful tassels!

    8. Hand-Stamped

    Here is a great project that you can do with the kids this weekend! Get creative and use that imagination of yours!

    9. Double Sided

    Make sure your dinner parties are ones to remember by putting love into every detail of the table setting, including the napkins!

    10. Soft Linen

    A soft neutral linen napkin that you can DIY just before your next dinner party or for a special holiday. These can also make wonderful gifts!

    11. Iron-On

    You can re-create these unique abstract napkins with simple iron-on patterns! Get creative with the patterns you choose!

    12. Natural Flower Dying

    Have you ever tried natural dying with flowers? DIY'ing your own napkins is the perfect moment to give it a try!

    13. Black Ice Dye

    These DIY napkins turned out beautifully! They are made by using a technique called ice dying, want to give it a try?

    14. Rainbow Painted Grid

    Super stylish, these napkins will have your guests asking where you bought them! Tell them proudly that you made them yourself!

    15. Watercolor

    Look how beautiful these simple and soft watercolor napkins look! I can't wait to make my set of pastel rainbow napkins!

    16. Shell Print

    Do you have a cottage on the beach or a nautical theme in your home? Then these shell print DIY napkins are perfect for you!

    17. Fourth of July

    Plan your Fourth of July party down to every last detail, including colorful DIY firework napkins! It will be one to remember!

    18. Christmas

    How adorable are these DIY Christmas napkins! They are easy to make by simply printing out the image and ironing it on!

    19. Marbled

    A unique dying technique that gives a cool marbled result! These happy spring DIY napkins are a great girls night craft!

    20. Pom Poms

    Pom poms are sort of like tassels, they make everything better! This is a great way to add a bit of color to a neutral dinner table!

    21. Stitched Edge

    By adding just a bit of detail to a plain napkin you can really transform its look. Just look how pretty these napkins ended up with a simple stitched edge.

    22. Gold Foil

    Personalize your party table setting with trendy gold-foiled DIY napkins! The cute quotes make for a perfect party table!

    23. Cross-Stitch

    Looking for a more minimalistic napkin idea? This simple design takes only moments to do and adds a special touch to your breakfast table.

    24. Monogrammed

    Make your dinner guests feel extra special by monogramming their initials onto their own personal napkin.

    25. Neon Sign

    Like a walk down the avenues of Las Vegas? These creative DIY napkins capture the essence of a fun party!

    26. Easter

    These pretty DIY napkins are wonderful for a soft spring Easter setting. A pastel easter egg blue with delicate pom poms.

    27. Overdyed

    If you have an old napkin that needs a fresh update you can use an overdye technique to give it a new color and look.

    28. Piñata Stamp

    Your kids will love stamping their own designs onto their own napkins! Stamp their name, their favorite animal or get abstract with shapes!

    29. Palm Leaves

    Can you believe that you can DIY these trendy palm leaf napkins? With just a bit of patience and some good tune,s you'll have them made in no time!

    30. Watercolor Polka Dot

    Got a birthday party coming up? Better start thinking about how you're going to style the table! Polka dot party napkins are a must-make!

    31. Indigo Inkodye

    This folding technique creates abstract wild lines and is a fun technique to try on napkins or dishcloths.

    32. Block Print

    A common printing technique in India, block printing creates a lovely look in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

    33. Cocktail Recipe

    Conversation-starting napkins that will not only clean up a mess but will teach your guests a thing or two about making cocktails!

    34. Ink Blot

    These DIY napkins take just 5 minutes to make and add a cool unique look to a plain napkin! Give your kitchen table an update!

    35. Gold Edged

    For a more fancy and elegant event, dark night sky napkins with a gold edge will do the trick for decorating the table.

    36. Color Block

    Modern, bold, stylish and so much fun! Color block napkins that mix bold colors with fun monochromatic patterns.

    37. Tulips

    Flowers make anyone happy and smile! Lovely Spring tulips to charm your guests at your next Sunday brunch.

    38. Embroidered

    Add fun or powerful quotes to your napkins by embroidering beautiful cursive onto your DIY napkins!

    39. Block Print Bold

    Get as creative as you can and have fun with a bold pattern that matches your home's energy and try block printing!

    40. Snowflakes

    Capture the essence of winter in every detail of your winter wonderland home. Fluffy snowflakes can be added to napkins and placemats!

    41. Upcycled Jeans

    Upcycle old unused jeans into new and useful napkins that you can continue to use over and over again.

    42. Brush Stroke

    Add a pop of color (or colors) to your plain white napkins with a few simple strokes of a paintbrush.

    43. Bleach Dyed

    Use a bleach dying technique to get a cool and fashionable look to your reusable napkins. Use gloves and a mask!

    44. Black and White

    A monochromatic napkin design that would look lovely on a colorful party table or on a neutral elegant dinner table.

    45. Stamped Lines

    These DIY napkins look that they've been brought from a big name store! However, you can actually make them yourself for a budget-friendly price!

    46. XOXO

    Valentine's Day coming up? Share your hugs and kisses to your Valentines party guests with cute handmade napkins.

    47. Blue Marble

    These DIY napkins look like they've been sculpted right from marble! A very fresh and chic design for a summer BBQ!

    48. Watermelon Print

    Your backyard BBQ is going to be absolutely perfect, especially when you pull out these awesome watermelon napkins!

    49. Another Block Print

    Another idea of how you can block print your napkins and transform them from something ordinary to something extraordinary.

    50. Mudcloth

    Mudcloth is just one of those things that don't seem to go out of style! Add some stylish flair to your plate!

    51. Drop the Beet!

    Get the party started when you drop the ‘beet'! I love these farm-friendly happy napkins with cute little beets stamped on them!

    52. Painted Stripes

    Paint colorful stripes onto a plain white napkin and see what a difference it makes at your next picnic or backyard BBQ!

    53. Doctor Who

    Any Doctor Who fans out there? Then we've got the best napkin tutorial for your next Doctor Who dress-up party!

    54. Watercolor Polka Dot

    Polka dots made with a watercolor painting technique and then embroidered around to make them really stand out!

    55. Bleach Pen

    A bleach pen can make drawing on colored napkins easier and also leaves a beautiful look when finished!

    56. Reversible Geometric

    Monochromatic geometric cloth napkins that are reversible with contrasting patterns on each side! A fun DIY project to try tonight!

    57. Monstera Stencil

    Monstera plants are super trendy but if you have trouble keeping them alive and healthy try adding stencils of them into your decor instead.

    58. Mitered

    A great sewing project for those who are just starting to learn how to sew and want a basic project to give a try!

    59. Fringed Thanksgiving

    These charming DIY napkins will leave a great impression for your visiting Thanksgiving dinner guests! They will definitely appreciate your extra effort!

    60. Sashiko Stitched

    Here's a last-minute napkin tutorial when you need to add a little extra somethin' somethin' to your dinner table!

    61. Pieced Together

    A great way to use up those old scraps that you've been saving from old sewing projects and turn them into something unique and useful.

    62. Flamingo Flare

    Funky Flamingo napkins? Yes! We went there! These DIY napkins will soon become your new favorite table decoration!

    63. Garden Party

    Throw the best garden party of the year and make it one to remember by adding thoughtful details to every part!

    How fun, creative and chic are these cleverly creative DIY napkins?

    I can't wait to create different reusable napkins for different events! Fun flamingo napkins for the next summer BBQ bash, delicately embroidered linens for a fancy event, and obviously festive napkins to pull out during Christmas, Halloween, and Easter!

    If you're new to sewing, making your own napkins can be a great beginner project that will get you practicing your new skill. Or, if you don't know how to sew at all (like me) then choose one of the great no-sew napkin projects to skip the potential disaster.

    Add a thoughtful touch of style to your next dinner party with DIY napkins!

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