8 Tips To Make Your Window Box Flourish And 11 Ideas To Inspire You -

8 Tips to Make Your Window Box Flourish and 11 Ideas to Inspire You

Is it important for you to have gorgeous window boxes decorating your home each year? In that case, you’ll be interested to know how many ways you can push those window boxes right over the top.

There are multiple tips for making your flowers grow better in window boxes, and you have many different options for creating unique window boxes.

Each of these tips will add more curb appeal, which is the end goal for most when planting window boxes.

If you’d like to get a few more creative ideas to use on your window boxes this year or learn a few tips on making your flowers grow better in those window boxes here is what you need to know:

11 Unique Window Box Ideas and 8 Simple Tips to Make Them Flourish PIN

I used to see full window boxes which were overflowing with gorgeous flowers and watched in envy. I had window boxes, but they seemed so scraggly in comparison to the lush ones I’d see on the internet.

But I learned a few tips which have transformed my window boxes for the better.

8 Tips to Make Your Window Box Flourish

1. Potting Soil Matters

Potting Soil

Potting Soil

When you plant your window boxes, it all must begin with quality soil. You won’t have to replace the soil each year, as you should have some leftover from the prior growing season.

However, you’ll need to fork the old potting soil around and top the window boxes off with a new layer of fresh soil to give your plants the start they deserve.

2. Fertilize Regularly

window box

window box

If you grow a vegetable garden, you know to fertilize sparingly or you end up with beautiful foliage but not much fruit.

Well, flowers are the opposite. They love fertilizer. It’s a good idea to apply fertilizer to your window boxes one time a week, if possible.

3. Fill’em Up

window box

window box

One of my biggest problems when I had scraggly window boxes, was the fact I followed planting instructions instead of putting my plants closer together.

If you spread your plants out, they’ll look spacey. If you want lush, full, and vibrant window boxes, plant your flowers closer together to give them a fuller appearance.

I tried to follow the instructions I found on the packages or internet, but for window boxes, it’s a good idea to toss those instructions to the wind and fill your boxes up for a better turn out.

4. Be Choosey

window box

window box

Your window boxes aren’t going to be in the same location as every post you see on the internet. Some people get a ton of sun on the front of their house, while others have shade.

You should consider this when deciding what to plant in your window boxes. If your window boxes are in direct sun, you need flowers which enjoy the sun. If you have window boxes in the shade, you should choose flowers which thrive in the shade.

5. Water, Water, Water

Watering Can

Watering Can

Watering your window boxes is important. The flowers aren’t in the ground. Meaning, they only have a certain amount of soil to pull moisture from.

If the moisture isn’t there, your plants won’t thrive. You don’t want to overwater your plants, by any means. But if you stick your finger into the soil and it’s dry, you should give your plants some water.

6. Where Will the Water Go?

mason jar

mason jar

One year, I found this excellent idea to plant flowers in mason jars. I didn’t take into account there are no drainage holes in mason jars.

You probably know my flowers didn’t hold up due to lack of drainage. Be sure to choose planter boxes with drainage holes. It will ensure your soil is well-drained, and your plants won’t be swamped with too much water.

7. Add Some Crystals

If your window boxes are in direct sun, and you worry your plants are going to cook no matter how much you water them, consider adding water storing crystals into your soil.

The crystals are gently tossed into your potting soil and will help hold onto water. This will give your plants more moisture to pull from during a hot day.

8. Front and Center or a Backup Dancer?

We can’t all be the center of attention all of the time. The same is true for our flowers. You’ll have some plants which are going to be the center of your window box arrangement.

But you’ll also have flowers which are there to fill in the blank space. Decide which flowers will be best suited for which role when choosing how to fill your window boxes. This will help with a vibrant and lush window box design.

11 Window Box Ideas to Inspire You

Now you’re in the know on how to make your window boxes stand out and flourish, but wouldn’t you like to have a few unique window box designs to go along with it?

Here are some cool ideas from all over the internet to inspire your window boxes this year:

1. Planting Boots


Who says your window boxes have to be boxes? Instead, you could use this idea where they put a shelf on their balcony.

From there, they used colorful rain boots as planters and filled them with a variety of beautiful flowers. It is a unique look.

2. Galvanized Window Box


If you have an old galvanized tub hanging around your house, you could attach it to your window.

Granted, it would take quite a bit of soil to fill the tub up, but what a unique and gorgeous look it would add to your home.

3. Window Toolbox


I love using what I already have around my home to get new use out of it and a unique look for my home.

In this case, if you have an old toolbox hanging around, you could fill it full of flowers and mount it under your window.

4. Decorative Planter Box


This planter box is a great way to create window boxes on a budget but still give them a style all of their own.

You’ll build a wooden window box. From there, you’ll add pieces of painted wood to give the box a finished and brighter look.

5. The Table Window Box


I love this idea. If you don’t like the idea of putting holes in your windows or home to mount a window box, you might consider adding a folding table under the window.

From there, put a large planter box to fill the table and plant taller flowers. This way, you can still add color to your home in a unique way without putting any holes in your home in the process.

6. The Wooden Planter Box Alternative


If you don’t like the idea of a traditional planter box, you’ll love this idea. Instead of using a box, you build a shelf.

However, the shelf has holes in it. This allows you to set different pots in the holes. You have to care for a few potted plants instead of a whole window box of flowers.

7. The Mini Balcony


If you want to be able to exchange flowers in your windows with each season easily, you might like this idea.

Instead of a box, you create a tiny balcony where you can slide different potted plants in and out of it with little to no fuss.

8. Window Shelf


This is one form of a window shelf I am in love with. You add a few shelf brackets under your window and place a few boards on them.

You can add different potted plants during each season. It’s less fuss and easier to change about as well.

9. The Solid Window Shelf


This is another fun idea involving a window shelf. It too has window brackets holding the shelf up. Instead of having slats, this is a solid shelf.

From there, you can add beautiful potted plants and décor to match the season.

10. Upcycled Window


I love this idea because if you love flowers and have an old building in need of decorating, this would be a great idea.

You take an old window, add a window box, fill it with flowers, and hang it on the building for a beautiful burst of color.

11. Dresser Drawer Window Boxes


I love to upcycle items around my home. If you have an old dresser you aren’t going to use anymore, consider pulling the front off the drawers.

From there, attach them to the front of your window boxes. This will give your windows a gorgeous look and use an item you’d otherwise trash.

Well, you now know how to create gorgeous flower boxes to decorate the outside of your home. You also have a few creative ideas to gussy up your window boxes as well.

But now, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you have any tips for creating gorgeous window boxes? Any methods for making your flowers pop? Any particular combination of flowers you’ve found which go well together?

We’d love to hear from you. Leave us your comments in the space provided below.

11 Unique Window Box Ideas and 8 Simple Tips to Make Them Flourish PIN

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