80 Charming DIY Pallet Furniture Tutorials and Plans

Are you needing some new furniture in your house? Have you just made a big move and am missing some important pieces for your new house? Or are you just looking for a fun weekend project? Whatever your reason, you've come to the right place!

Building your own furniture can be an incredibly rewarding experience that you get to relive every time you admire your complete project in use. However, sometimes building your own furniture can be just as expensive as buying it… Well, that's where pallet wood comes in!

Pallets are used and thrown away all the time but that doesn't mean the wood is bad! Actually, the wood is great! You can often buy pallets as cheap as 10 bucks or less! Or, if you're lucky you can find people giving them away for free. Just do your due diligence and make sure the pallet is safe to use.

So start asking around for pallets and let's get building!

1. L-shaped Sofa

pallet furniture

pallet furniture

A super easy project that looks stylish and works wonderfully. Decorate your pallet sofa with creamy white comfortable cushions or go for something bolder.

2. Pallet Clock

Don't lose track of time and waste away your day! Tackle this project and feel proud of your accomplishment.

3. Crates

You can never have too many boxes to store things in your house! So start DIYing your own crates out of old pallets.

4. Funky Loveseat

A funky loveseat that anyone can make! Just grab some pallets, turn on your creativity button, and start crafting!

5. Swing Bed

This is the dream!! Laying back, relaxing, enjoying the sun or looking at stars… So let's start building and make it a reality!

6. Moon Crib

How charming is this moon crib? Whip up this a thoughtful and stylish gift for your bohemian baby.

7. Ladder Shelf

Going for that industrial look? Well here’s a cool way to make a fabulous ladder shelf out of recycled materials.

8. Co-Sleeper

Keep your beautiful baby nearby when they're having trouble sleeping with a homemade co-sleeper. Now everyone can have sweet dreams.

9. Bench & Table

Give your yard an update with some stylish pallet benches and a matching coffee table. I really like the accent of yellow which makes the pieces feel like a complete set.

10. TV Stand

Need somewhere to put the TV? Don't go out and buy yourself a TV stand, make it!

11. Cooler Box

A rustic cooler box to display on your patio to store your water, pop, and of course the cold beer!

12. Bar Chairs

Enjoy a glass of wine while sitting on your handmade bar chairs made from recycled materials!

13. Coffee Table

Paint it white and it looks just as elegantly rustic as ever! Not to mention, it's also perfectly situated on wheels for easy transportation. This is a simple project with a wonderful result.

14. Side Table

A small side table to throw your car keys onto or maybe just another place for all your plants! I especially like the beautiful blue color they have used for a splash of fun.

15. Fold-Up Desk

This is a really interesting project! It’s a wonderful fold-up desk with lots of places for hanging stuff and personalizing it to be your own.

16. Potting Bench

A charming wooden potting bench for all your gardening supplies. This will be your new favorite place while doing all your Spring transplanting.

17. Bunk Bed

Another great way to utilize space is to lift that bed up for a cozy workplace underneath. Or, if you have more than one, you could always put another pallet bed underneath!

18. Wall Hooks

One of the simpler of projects so it can be done by anyone! Give it a try! You will never know what you were missing until you enjoy that extra hanging space by the front door.

19. Modern Bench

A modern pallet bench with a charming chevron pattern on the seat and two-toned legs.

20. Potting Bench

Give yourself a place to work and get things done in the garden by building your own potting station and painting it in fun colors!

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